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TDN Interview with Bob Edwards

August 21, 2019

So as you know we’ve actually broken our
maidens before in stakes races, but this was extra special because it was the
Breeders Cup. You know it was just kind of hard to fathom, we were in the paddock, we had the whole crew, we didn’t want to walk back down not to be cocky, we just
had a lot of you know family members that didn’t want to walk up and down the
stairs, and we felt we were better served watching it from the TV as opposed we
went up and missing part of it missing the atmosphere. And it was just it was
unbelievable once he broke away you know he just took off and you know we were
just everybody’s just kind of like in shock. Yes it is a stepping stone it’s getting
him back on the track, getting him back on the track in great company.
He’s in good form right now but you know he’s not gonna be in his best day one.
He’s coming off a nice rest. We rested him and that was the plan
after the Breeders Cup, you know Chad’s done a great job managing him. He went up the Stones Creek where they took great care of him and he and Brandon his crew you know just took very special care of when he came back down he looked unbelievable. You know a month with Chad was phenomenal. Gonna stay sound obviously you know he’s got a
brilliant career ahead of him, love to see him win you know, love to see him win
big races as everybody would, it’s great for sport, it’s great for his sire it’s
great for like I said of all the connections on the sport where there’s
so many connections. Everybody has a part it’s you know
it’s the owners, the breeders that you know, the jockeys, the trainers, the
blood stock agent, and the consignor. Everybody’s got a piece of the action or
skin in the game at some level and his win would help all these people. Absolutely, we’ll have a full full box at
the Gulfstream Park you know my mom, my wife’s parents will be there, our kids
will be, cousins. you know friends, assorted friends and family you know.
We’re probably 25 or 30 deep in the box and then stone’s creek crew is coming as
well. Unfortunately I don’t think Barbara’s gonna make it. I think she’s got some work she has to do but hopefully she can. You know all I’m doing is thinking you
know about today, I try not to think in the future because it just compounds the
stress. Fortunately have a day job or two you know that keep me busy, so it’s
just day by day by day. I try not to think you know about the Derby although
we have to plan for the Derby to get a house for the Derby and to get tickets
for the Derby and to get everybody situated for the Derby. It is a lot to
think about but I try to kind of compartmentalize all the stress and just
kind of move forward. Well we won three Breeders cups together in the last you
know two years. It’s you know he’s he’s a student of the game you know obviously
he’s young he has a phenomenal staff he has great horses they’re getting better
every year. You know this year you know he’s maybe
even has better talent than last year. You know he’s a force to reckon with he
takes great care of his horses, he takes great pride in that. You know he is this
he’s a taskmaster. You know he’s a conditioned book expert,
you know everything you want from your trainer-he’s good communicator-
everything you want from a trainer you know is Chad. And we have a good
relationship both personally and as a trainer. I think she had her second breeze last
Saturday she looks great same thing you know she’s stretching out, she’s getting
bigger, she looks the part you know getting ready for Keeneland. It’s a huge surprise, you know it’s not
supposed to happen this way. I’ve been told this a lot if you know maybe it’s
just we get hooked so we can stay in longer. It’s a lot of fun, it makes
it obviously more fun to have winners, but in the same vein when we were
talking about this, it’s as exciting to win a claimer you know as it is not to
the Breeder’s Cup but but to win any race is very exciting in an order. It’s the same
energy when they come out of the gate when as when they come past the finish line, the same Adrenaline’s there. It’s so you know..yes we are winning at the highest level and it’s it’s very exciting but anytime we win is exciting.

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