Teaching a Horse to Turn for Showmanship, provided by eXtension
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Teaching a Horse to Turn for Showmanship, provided by eXtension

September 1, 2019

Good day, I’m Howard Cormier, with the LSU Ag
Center, with your Master Horseman Minute. We need to talk just a minute about one of the moves in showmanship,
and that’s to get the horse to do a 360, or 270, or basically a half turn, quarter , three quarters turn, full
turn, whatever. There is a move in 4-H now where horses will be required to do more ground work so we want our horse
listening to us and responding very easily to pressure on the lead rope. One of the things we need to get the horse to do is to
move away from us, so we talked about driving the horse away and you can do that by teaching the horse to move with rhythmic pressure.
Eventually, you will want to get the horse to do that without pressure from your hand, but only from the leadrope. So, we start walking towards our
horse, if it doesn’t move, we can tap it on the shoulder And we will continue working with this until we can just
simply hold the lead rope and walk towards the horse and get it to step around. We want this to be a smooth, cadenced movement, and we want
the horse to stay relaxed and calm throughout the whole procedure. but if you are a 4-H club member and you are working on showmanship,
this is one of the movements you will need to do you would need to get your horse good at it on both sides. This has been your master horseman minute, thanks for
watching and have a good day.

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  1. @16horses4eva — I have seen horses pivot on the front and back, and they can even learn to do the one pivot right after the other pivot. For example, pivoting clockwise in the rear, then immediately pivoting counterclockwise in the front. Kinda cool looking! I don't think your horse will be confused– at least not for long! I have never done such a thing, myself, but it can be done.

  2. My mare did that too. What I do to train her is take only 2 steps at a time and make her stop every 2 steps. Then I have her take 3 steps. Then I stop her. Just keep asking for another step each few times. I can do as many as 360 pivots as I want now and she rarely steps out of her pivot. Hope this helps!

  3. @arabianimages I'm having the same problem! My horse and I seem to be walking in a circle instead of pivoting on her hind end.. Have you figured out any solutions yet?

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