Team Sunweb’s 2019 Cervélo S5 Aero Race Bike | Joris Nieuwenhuis’ Pro Bike
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Team Sunweb’s 2019 Cervélo S5 Aero Race Bike | Joris Nieuwenhuis’ Pro Bike

October 21, 2019

– This is the new Cervelo S5
Disc of Team Sunweb Cervelo, replacing the previous
sponsor Giant for 2019 and let’s have a look at
the bike, which is probably the most strikingly
different in the complete world tour selection. (deep bass music) So the frame has actually
taken a complete redesign and overhaul compared to its predecessor, although at first look
it may not look like that and strikingly, most people
actually at first glance think that the bike looks
really high at the front end because of the upward sloping stem, but in actual fact the bike
has got longer and lower than before thanks to feedback
from professional riders. So if we look at the
down-tube of the frame, you can see there’s a cut-out
where the front wheel goes, and that’s in order to
get that front wheel just a little bit closer to the tubing, to optimize the airflow,
and while the seat tube still has that cut-out
for the rear wheel too, but it has got a little bit
slimmer, as has the actual tubing profile of it and the
seat-post therefore has got a little bit narrower too,
okay let’s move on then to the front end of the bike,
because that is radically different from the previous model. Firstly we’ve got an
external steerer tube, because normally a
forked steerer tube runs inside of the head-tube, but in this case by doing that they can actually
have a narrower head-tube, therefore more aerodynamic and also apparently it’s 13% stiffer too. Now many people out there will actually wonder how on earth you would set the headset preload tension. Well there’s actually a
rod which runs here from the back if the fork-crown
up and into the head-tube, where it actually meets the
top-tube and it’s set that way. It’s nicely hidden away actually. Now what about the
handlebar and stem then, because this is where it’s
totally different again from any other bike we are
seeing in the world tour. It’s a Y-shaped affair and it is in fact a two-piece setup which means
that customization is gonna to be a lot easier that a
one-piece integrated unit because you can have
different length stems from 90 millimeters to 130,
and also bars from 38 to 42. Now if that’s not enough
for customization you can also rotate the bars
slightly so you can have them in 0 degrees, 2 1/2
degrees and 5 degrees too, through some clever shims
and arrangements here where they mount into the
stem, and if that’s not enough for customization, why not
change your headset spacers too. So with all the refinements
in aerodynamics on this bike, including fully internally routed cables, the savings are 5 1/2 watts at
40 km/h, but at the same time they’ve also focused on stiffness too, and I’ve already mentioned
that the head tube is 13% stiffer and that bottom bracket well, that is big and chunky
and this is gonna be music to every sprinter on the team’s ears, it’s 25% stiffer than before, 25%. Now if aerodynamics are
really your thing and you don’t get that thirsty out riding, well you can actually move the
bottle cage on the down-tube to a different position,
so slightly further towards the bottom bracket,
of course yhat means you won’t be able to use
the other bottle cage but, apparently according to their tests that will make it
slightly more aerodynamic. Now the bike is actually only
available for disc-brakes, so those diehard rim brake
lovers of you, if you want one, you’re gonna to have to
make the change I’m afraid. The groupset Shimano Dura-Ace 9170 which is of course their
disc-brake groupset and is electronically controlled gears. Speaking about the gearings
then it’s the pretty much pro standard 53-39 chain
rings, 11-28 cassette, and this bike in particular
belongs to Joris Nieuwenhuis and it’s got 175 millimeter
length cranks on it. Now the power meter
that comes from Shimano and it’s the R9100P
which is dual-sided and in order for it to fit
inside the oversized BB right bottom bracket
shell, there is a rotor cup placed in position to accommodate that. The wheels come from Shimano
and fitted onto Joris’s bike right now are the C60s but
of course that can change depending on the weather
conditions and also the rider weight and their style and also just their
individual preferences. Tires, they’re Continental Pro Limited and 25 millimeters and apparently the bike can accommodate up to
30 mil, but it’s gonna to be pretty close because the
clearances aren’t that big. Now finishing touches
include Pro handlebar tape, a Sigma Rox computer which
is secured as well with a lanyard there, so in the
event of a crash you’re not gonna lose it, the Di2
junction box is really neatly inside of the handlebar end plug there, it’s one of my favorite
little bits you can do and also saddles are from
Pro and of course that’s a rider’s choice, bottle
cages they come from Elite and these ones are the
Custom Race Plus model. Now sadly I don’t actually
know Joris’s height, I haven’t been able to measure
him yet, but he does ride a size-56 centimeter bike but his saddle to center of bottom
bracket measurement, well the distance there is 78
centimeters, and tip of the saddle to the center of the bars
is a whopping 60 centimeters and his saddle to bar
drop is 11 centimeters. Right, time for the free-hub sound-check Shimano Dura-Ace 9170
hub, let’s have a listen. (wheel clicks) And the weight of it, including a couple of empty water bottles, 7.93 kilos. So there we are, the Cervelo S5 Disc of Joris Nieuwenhuis and
Team Sunweb for 2019. Let me know what you think
of it in the comments section below because I think the
external steerer tube and the Y-shaped handlebars are gonna create a bit of a debate. Don’t forget too, to
like and share this video with your friends and also
check out the GCN shop at For another great video,
click on the saddle and, well me, I’m gonna take
a sit on the saddle. All the best.

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  1. That stem will look old very quickly…and it's bloody heavy…I have no idea why people are prepared to pay a massive premium for Cervelo. My Ultegra-equipped Aeroad with 60mm wheels and larger frame is almost half a kg lighter than that…

  2. That is a bit on the portly side of aero but there's nearly a pound of water bottles and cages and the 60mm da wheels probably add another pound over a set of lighter non shimano 40mm wheels, that's still a fair chunk heavier than my Scott Foil though and mines ultegra di2 so there's gotta be excess weight around that headtube design. Overall I like it and would buy one if i was still in the market but I'd get work putting it on a diet and getting a respray. That headtube assembly once apart will most likely be a really simple affair.

  3. I have the same bike and stem length, now I'm ready to ride to work. I just had to sell my soul. It was worth it, even though I still get dropped by guys on their training bikes.

  4. Thank you to the young mechanic 👨‍🔧 @ Mike Vaughan cycles in Kenilworth Warwickshire who last night stopped my gears slipping, adjusted my seat height, adjusted my break shoes and front wheel and air pressure on my Specialized Allez 2005 model. Had a nice 12k ride home. 🚴‍♂️

  5. Love this bike. However the mechanic isn’t selling disc well with that disc brake run in the hub sound check!!!!!!!

  6. That is the bike equivalent of a butterface. Its beautiful until you get to the upward angled stem and weird y-bars. I think the upward stem is less forgivable than the y-bars, thought.

  7. So I'm actually having a hard time choosing this bike over the Bianchi Xr4 as my next bike. Can I get some opinions from the viewers? The weight seems like such a turnoff , but it looks soooo clean.

  8. The front-center of that bike looks to be fairly generous relative to other bikes, must be the overall lengthening of the bike, nice.

  9. Headset, stem and handlebars; ace.
    Downtube cutout; old news. Check 2010-2012-ish Felt aero frames. Notice something similar?

  10. Companies work out how many watts you save buy making small aero changes but no company goes to effort to tell you how much drag a bigger cycle computer adds. The old Garmin 500 still gives you all the info you need.
    Also people are forgetting that the rider causes 87% of all drag on a bike. When it comes down to it a good riding position and set up will be of more benefit than all the high tech you could ever buy.
    The issue is bikes have reached a point were they can't make them lighter because of UCI rules and groupset's are pretty light these days. Even a cheap carbon frame is very good; so companies are left with an issue, and that is how are we going to sell new stuff.
    The answer is feed people with false upgrades and people will buy them.
    Look at aero wheels by Hed back in the late 90's, they used a wide deep rim and said it was more aero. Zipp showed all the stat to say that there new skinnier rim was more aero. Now 20 years later we are all using wider rims. When you put wider tyres their is a catch, the tyres dont fit the frame! Oh no we need to buy a new frame. So we did that and then a few years later disc brakes come out. Now we need thru axles to run disc brakes. Oh no we need another frame to fit the new disc brakes!
    Now we are going through the aero frame phase so every one buys a new frame again.
    Give it i say about 1 or 2 years and we will see companies going back to light weight componants so we all start over again.
    This bike is top of the line 2019 and weights 7.93kg my 2010 Orbea Orca weighs in at 5.8kg, 2 kg lighter. Every thing on my bike is at least 8 years old except for the Sram red etap.
    The point I'm making is compamies are doing a very very good job at convincing people to buy new.

  11. Eeuh…how comes Nieuwenhuis' bike to the Tour Down Under? I mean that lad is still crossing in Flanders/Netherlands…or is it because of that that they use his bike for marketing as he doesn't need it yet?
    Btw you pronounced his names pretty good!

  12. Freehub soundcheck is not a thing, it will never be a thing, stop doing it it's just stupid. There was also the computer head unit adding to the weight, and it must weigh around 500g to explain that that whopping 7,93kg haha

  13. Thanks, Jon, not a fan of that front-end right now but perhaps in time. And for fans of freehub noise, it'd be nice if you could record a variety of it and press it onto vinyl and create a new audio genre, buzz metal.

  14. 7.9kg! I am utterly horrified! I have the previous model S5 weighing in at 6.820kg without bottles (I can get it even lower than this by throwing more money into it). Where does the 1.1KG go? How much does the computer weigh? Disc brakes that much heavier??

  15. I love my Cervélo bikes.. love this one too.. stiff and fast. best looker and probably the most Aero bike in the PP.. thanks JC

  16. So bike weight as shown.
    Computer weight: 125 grams.
    Water Bottles: 54 grams each, 108 grams total
    Bike weight as uci weighed- 7.70 kg.

  17. Cervelo is the worst company who tries everything to deny consumers out of their warranty. I went with a Pinarello f10 for my next bike.

  18. Looking at min 2:30 I do not see any magnet on the frame for the FC-R9100-P shimano power meter. Do I need to wear glasses or is really missing? If it's not there… is the power meter working also without the magnet? I thought it was essential for the Power meter functionality… #askGCNTech

  19. I like the handle bars but could they make a computer mount where your computer would sit some how inside the triangle of the handle bars?

  20. Too heavy. Compared to trek madone, scott foil or the new venge they are lagging behind. I guess Dumoulin will have to go with the climbing bike in hilly stages. No biggy, that's what all the GC guys seem to be doing. It would be the ultimate win for an aero bike if someone were to win a GC on it. Unfortunately, with the switch to discs, that's probably still a long ways away.

  21. S5 looks great !!!!!
    How come there are not much of a reviews or comments on the New cervelo S3 2019? I know it's not the top of the line, but I'm no pro and geometrically should suits better on more comfortable S3. Would love to see the reviews.

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