That Time Supergirl Dated A HORSE!
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That Time Supergirl Dated A HORSE!

August 22, 2019

The Silver Age of comic books was weird. Like… really REALLY weird, but did you know
that Supergirl once dated a freaking horse?! Well she did… Because comics. Hello and welcome to Because Comics, the show
where we take a look at all of the crazy, weird, and straight up bizarre things that
make comic books comic books. I’m your host, Drake McWhorter! Comet the Super-Horse is one of several members
of the Legion of Super-Pets, the only noteworthy remainder of which these days being Krypto
the Super-Dog, but who IS Comet and how could he possibly date Supergirl? Well for that, let’s bring in some history! Okay so after seeing a western with her foster
parents, Linda Danvers (A.K.A. the Earth-One Supergirl back in the Silver Age) started
dreaming about encountering a solid white stallion with super strength and the ability
to fly. This horse also had a shooting star cutie
mark I MEAN birthmark which is why Linda named this super horse Comet. So no big deal, we all have weird dreams sometimes
and this is all relatively harmless despite this uh… strange pose and expression that
Linda wakes up in. Well Linda keeps on having dream after dream
about Comet. In fact, these thoughts kept on consuming
her brain to the point of daydreams so when given the opportunity to visit a ranch while
on vacation, well Linda jumped at it! This was the Supergirl Dude Ranch, which was
named after her when Supergirl once rescued the owner’s livestock during a flood and
it was here that Linda encountered none other than Comet, the super-horse of her dreams
right down to the shooting star mark. This stallion was wild and could not be tamed
by any of the ranch hands, but as soon as Linda approached, he calmed down instantly. Well Linda and Comet went for several rides
where it’s revealed… that the horse has telepathy. Oh and he’s also not actually a horse, but
rather a centaur. You see in ancient Greece, Comet was a centaur
named Biron who fell in love with Circe, a sorceress who would go on to become one of
Wonder Woman’s greatest villains. Well Biron managed to save Circe from being
killed by a dark wizard and in return, she promised to turn him into a human being. Circe brewed two potions, one that would turn
Biron into a full man and one that would turn him into a full horse… For some reason. Anyway, the potions got mixed up and Biron
fully transformed into a horse… of course. To make up for this, Circe gave this new horsey
Biron a second elixir that granted him the might of Jove, the speed of Mercury, the wisdom
of Athena, the telepathic powers of Neptune, and the immortality of all of them which I
guess makes him like a horse version of Shazam? What would that be? JMAN? J-Man? Whatever. If all of that wasn’t already enough though,
do you remember that dark wizard that tried to kill Circe? Well he got revenge on Biron by banishing
him to an asteroid inside of the constellation Sagittarius and after centuries of just hanging
around, Biron was freed when his prison was hit by Supergirl’s rocket as she was being
sent to Earth. As a way of saying thanks, Biron flew to Earth
as well to assist Linda as she took on the role of Supergirl and was actually the one
putting the dreams in her head with his telepathic powers which made this meeting possible in
the first place. So with all of that backstory out of the way,
Biron began his career as Comet the Super-Horse and helped Supergirl fight off an alien invasion
and since then, he’d help out on adventures from time to time. One of these was when Comet helped a magic
space wizard prince keep his throne and in return, the prince cast a spell on Comet that
would turn him into a human, albeit temporarily. From then on, every time that a comet passes
by Earth, Comet would turn into a human, but lose his powers. When in this human form, Comet took up the
name “Bronco” Bill Starr whom Supergirl quickly fell in love with and I’m talking
the kind of head over heels carving names in trees and predicting marriage kind of love. Needless to say, they’ve made out… several
times… Oh and if that wasn’t enough, Comet also
once made out with Lois Lane while in human form. So yeah, Comet the freaking super-horse could
have almost made Supergirl and Lois Lane eskimo sisters which is almost as weird as the several
scenarios of Superman either kissing or marrying Supergirl in multiple continuities, but I
feel like that’s another video for another day. Now it’s worth noting that Comet’s human
form was almost never seen after this and also, this universe kind of doesn’t exist
anymore. See, all of these stories took place on Earth-One
which was destroyed in the famous event Crisis on Infinite Earths and it also served as the
basis for New Earth which is the main DC Comics continuity until the 2011 Flashpoint event. This New Earth didn’t have a Comet, Biron,
and/or a “Bronco” Bill Starr, at least not in the way you’d expect. Oh there’s a Comet all right, but they’re
somehow even more complicated and a LOT more 90s. So there was once a jockey named Andrew Jones
that fell and was trampled by horses during a race. He was carted off and experimented on which
led to him being genetically spliced with a horse, turning him not into a centaur, but
rather a man-horse thing. When escaping, Andrew stole a suit of armor
that allowed him to fly and managed to save the life of a suicidal risk taker named Andrea
Martinez. After saving Andrea’s life, Andrew’s genetically
engineered body began to break down and actually FUSED with Andrea, so now their two minds
were melded together and they could change between both forms. This new… person… took up the name Andy
Jones and became a stand-up comedian, but it also turns out… they’re an angel. An angel of love. Yeah, there was a period when Supergirl was
a “Earth-Born Angel” and there were a lot of shenanigans involving that, but again,
that might need to be saved for another episode. So how’s this for a love triangle? Comet fell in love with Supergirl who at this
time is a NEW version of Linda Danvers, but Linda was only interested in Comet’s man-horse
form and not their usual female Andy Jones form. That’s all fine and dandy until Comet is
kidnapped and tortured by another angel named Blithe and after close to ten issues of not
being seen, Supergirl finally rescues Comet where it’s revealed… that they are a centaur
with angel wings made out of ice now… like a freaking Yu-Gi-Oh monster. You see, after being tortured by Blithe, Comet
began to see things her way and fell in love with her kind of like Stockholm Syndrome. The issue lies in the fact that Blithe was
working for I kid you not, the first vampire of the world who was trying to take control
of Heaven from The Presence who is the god of the DC Comics multiverse. Eventually though, Comet and Blithe do see
the light, help Supergirl take down the vampire, save Heaven, and pretty much vanished entirely
from comics outside of like a couple of brief cameos and team-ups. It’s pretty anti-climatic, I know. As far as I know, there hasn’t been a Comet
or any incarnation of him in the modern, post-Flashpoint era of DC Comics and… that honestly might
not be a bad thing. Not everything needs to make a comeback and
sometimes, some of the crazy stuff that happened in the past… well should probably just stay
in the past. But if you liked this video then why not consider
subscribing or even watching another episode of Because Comics? This is the first one I’ve done in quite
a while so the older episodes have me with green hair. It’s uh… yeah… But anyway, I hope you enjoyed this video
and maybe I’ll see you next time!

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  1. well Comet was a shapeshifted centaur, who off and on shape shifted to human form and dated Supergirl, somewhere in the late sixties it ended, I dont remember why.

  2. Supergirl took advantage of a horse after getting him drunk. He couldn't stop her. He said Nay means Nay!

  3. Wait if comet was turned into a full horse by a elixir created by a evil wizard, why didn't super girl go to Wonder woman for help? I mean seeing how all religions are true in DC I'm sure that she could've found someone to help him out. Even if none of Greek gods could help because I don't know they're dealing with Kratos or something, she should be able to ask the other pantheons. I'm sure someone had a way to turn comet human.

  4. Why didn't Circe just give him the other potion? I mean, it could work…. Maybe a double dose, since now he has 2 halves to turn human?

  5. If you think about it, supergirl might have been the only female on earth that could handle a horse lol

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  8. ho im happy that this shit stay in the past sorry but the crazy undead deamon horse rape scene in Breserk with farnese was to much and engough disturbing human horse realitionship for me to see for life time and by that i mean eew god just no!

  9. I thought supercat was still a thing…

    Also… Heck, so Supergirl is like Loki now?

    Also, did anyone else thought on Big Mouth? No? Anyone? Darn…

  10. And people call me crazy for having ideas about surgery involving the attaching of eyes to one's butt, BUTT EYES, but come on she is Kara Zor of the House of El not Loki Odinson of Asgard,

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