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THE ADDAMS FAMILY | Official Trailer | MGM

August 15, 2019

What a lovely morning! Time to wake the children. Alright, I’m awake. Darling, is that really as tight as you can make it? Hello. Wednesday, what do you have there? I’m not sure. There’s usually a murderous clown attached to the other end of these. Grrrr! Thank you, old boy! Lead the way! It’s all so different. Pugsley, don’t drink it all. This gentleman wants some too. Ahhh! What a nervous man. Welcome to the neighborhood! What an interesting home. Fire in the hole! -You sunk my battleship!
-Yes! These people are monsters. They’ll ruin the neighborhood! Hey, neighbors! What’d I do? Deep down, we’re all the same. Let’s show
them what it means to be an Addams. This is gonna be lit! Ahhh! Choke on this! I’ve got candy! Oh, yes! Yuck. I’ve done this thousands of times. Give my creature life! Live, I tell you, live! Ribbit! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, get them off me! Totally awesome. Cousin! You made it! **indecipherable gibberish**

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  1. Why? Just why? Here we go ruining another otherwise great franchise. Cousin It…like 6 inches tall? The choice of music is as unrelated as you can get. You guys are starting to act like Sony, ruining the classics.

  2. The 2010s, we made animated films live action.
    Going into 2020s? We are making live action into animations.
    This is it folks.
    We ran out of new stories.
    (This looks good btw – it's just an observation that there is no new content anymore)

  3. Sick of reboot and remakes, generally just sick of Hollywood being creatively bankrupt. The previous live action versions were good enough, not going to waste money watching a cartoon version.

  4. The fact that this film is happening is the most amazing thing that could ever happen!… since years i longed for a film adaptation of The Addams Family… (P.S.: only 90s kids will understand what this film means to us!)😁❤😬

  5. Wow. This is so much worse than the international trailer:
    Enough with the rubbish/inappropriate music in animated trailers already.

  6. The song at the beginning is for another Family altogether!!! Poor David Cassidy must be spinning in his grave over this!

  7. this remake would actually benefit from being live action. i know they already made one but seeing as there are so many live action movies nowadays anyway

  8. It's getting my support simply because it's The Addam's Family property! But these trailers are doing nothing for me whatsoever. Why couldn't they have done a live action version with Oscar Isaac and Eva Green!

  9. Wednesdays head looks like a mint tictac also fester looks like maka paka from in the night garden

  10. Music seems… wrong.. Gomez seems a bit too.. round. Style is decent, reminds me of the old comic. Don't fully like the look for Lurch. I will wait for this on Netflix or something… Maybe.


  11. I just love the designs, weird-looking and cartoony. Also I love the addams family so might go watch it! Favorite characters will always be Gomez, Morticia and Wednesday

  12. i can't even BEGIN to express how excited i am for this movie. the OG addams films from the 90s were my ALL TIME FAVORITE growing up!! and i love how they chose to animate in the style of the original comics!!! i couldn't be more pleased w/this omg

  13. I love the ADDAMS and it had a great cast and animation, but …… not to be rude, I kinda dont like the 2nd Remake of The Addams Family

  14. There's a serious design flaw when the "normal girl" looks much more grotesque than Wednesday or the rest of the family

  15. The designs for the family are amazing.
    Other than that, this looks more like a 2008 film, the "normal" city looks so uninteresting and generic, the rap songs are unnecessary in the trailer.

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