The beast within | breyer serie | Episode 1

August 24, 2019

what do you want, Race? Your brother is waiting for you since one hour and you know that! He is NOT my brother and you are not my mother! You refuse to understand but I am aware that my family is dead and that my brother was killed in right front of me excuse me, Spy is waiting for me It’s getting worse I still have hope You never give up your hope But do you know what he is training for? He just trains! I’ve watched him many times. he is really eager, thats true but is it safe to train someone we can’t assess? Do we even know who he is? Only because he won’t accept us as his family? It is an indication of his true intentions If you distrust him he’ll notice. Everything will get worse! But if you are sure then do something. I will stay out of this. I’ll ask Spy for help, he knows Kehan best Spy? Good evening. Do you have time for our training? I have to disappoint you. I have to lead a training mission tonight. Alright. Can I count on you tomorrow? Of course. I will wait on the yard. good. I found him. What about the deal? Nothing changed. Do it soon, I’ve waited far too long.

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