The Coolest Custom Fixed Gear Bikes From The Rad Race
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The Coolest Custom Fixed Gear Bikes From The Rad Race

November 1, 2019

– So we’ve made it to the rad race, a race I’m gonna be competing in, but we thought it’d be a really good idea to come and take a look
at some of the bikes. There’s gonna be some high risers, some flat bars, some short cranks, and some crazy paint jobs. So I reckon we just go and take a look. (upbeat electronic music) I managed to get my hands on one of the CANYON RAD PACK team bikes. This is actually the
test bike of the V-RAD. And he’s got some mountain bike bars, they’re 700 width. He’s gone for Shimano
SPD mountain bike pedals, 165 cranks, a 48 gear, Vittoria 25 width tires on DT Swiss rims, and is aluminum. I mean, I guess that’s for the crashes. But yeah, it looks super cool, I’m loving the paint job, but is this the winning bike? And he’s actually in my heat so, I hope not. Now one really cool feature is this custom Selle Marco saddle, it’s got RAD RACE on it. Look at that! That’s sick. This bike looks seriously familiar because it’s one of the
Look ProTeam race bikes. This is the 464p aluminum frame, and he’s got also some riser bars, they’re the 64 width riser bars
with a really short stem on, and it’s good for the
agileness of this racing. He’s got some Michelin tires, 28’s on the front and the rear, Corima rims, carbon rims, 170 cranks with also some Look pedals, and they’re the more silent ones which is quite interesting. And also, I should probably mention, he’s also gone for a 48 gear. It looks like a nice
set up, that, actually. Managed to find this, this
is a carbon bamboo frame, which is actually a size
54, which is perfect for me. But look at that, that
is simply beautiful. And it’s accompanied by carbon forks. I mean that is just incredible, and the chap that actually
made it is racing tonight. I have to say, I don’t know if it belongs on a race track or in a museum, but that is truly spectacular. I might actually take it for a spin. And I would say, look at that number. Dan’s gonna love that. This bike really stood out for me. Look at that custom paint
job on this 8bar track bike. You got a Brooks custom saddle in the same look, similar paint job. You’ve also got the DT Swiss carbon rims with the matching decals. I mean, I have to say, that looks pretty cool. Phwooh. (upbeat electronic music) So you might have noticed
it’s got a bit dark, and that’s because we’ve got late into the rounds of the RAD RACE, but I’ve managed to pick up this bike. This is a bike from space. This is a Standert, it’s got some really
cool custom bits to it. It’s got rockets out on the back, you’ve got the galaxy in the decal on that front of the frame. Now I would say though, there’s a cool story about the
rear wheel being different, and that’s because the rider of this bike had a rip in his tire
after the first round so had to swap it out with a mate’s bike. I guess that’s what mates are for. So keeping with that space feel, we’ve gone for a saddle that
is a holographic Power one, which, yeah, really gives it a nice pop when you’ve got a light on it. But I love that bit, the planets, mmm. Just picked this up before
I go to the quarter finals. Look at that, a Supernova
Fixie alloy frame with that amazing blue
and orange decal look. I mean, look at that. It’s also gone for those
decals on those carbon rims, and a tan-walled tire on the rear, but unfortunately, it
doesn’t have it on the front. But that looks pretty cool, I have to say. Right, I’ve got my hands on
this olive green Dosnoventa. Really cool looking frame actually, he’s gone for some gravel
bars, drop handlebars, which is quite unusual
for a fixed-gear bike, and you might be wondering
what that is in the middle, and that’s to stop the frame from cracking when the bars come round. Unfortunately, the guy’s actually
crashed in the last round, so he’s not racing it into the qualies, but it’s a really cool looking bike and I’m glad I got my hands on it. One thing I am gonna mention though, is he’s got that integrated seat post so you have to get that cut down to size, so there’s no changing but I have to say, it looks really cool and that keeps it nice and
stiff when you’re riding it. Look pedals, and a nice short crank for this fixed-gear racing. Now last thing I’ll mention, is that the chap’s actually told me, there’s only three bikes
of this color in the world. That’s pretty cool. Managed to get my hands on this, which was only built yesterday, on Friday, and the chap’s racing it tonight. But this is a Kingdom, made
from a small company in Dubai, where, as you can tell, it’s got that Dubai feel with the gold, and then that gold handlebar tape. Nice and matt black, with
also a polished black feel. Speedplay pedals. That’s a really nice setup. So, I’ve been having a really good look at some of the fixies
that we have been racing here at the RAD RACE Last Man Standing. If you did like this video,
then give it a big thumbs up. And if you’d like to see
how I got on on the race, then why don’t you click dow here. What happened to you mate? (laughs)

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