THE DONKEY DAB | Mario Kart 8 Deluxe #2
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THE DONKEY DAB | Mario Kart 8 Deluxe #2

November 17, 2019

[Wappush] Top o’ the morning to ya laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to the most badass menu music the world has ever heard or seen or anything which is, mario kart 8 deluxe, so I’ve gone away I’ve simmered down a small bit had a little bit of a break had a little bit of a kit-kat had had a little bit of a snickers because I’m not I wasn’t me when I was hungry still hungry I’m always hungry. I always want to eat, but we’re back in it. I’m going to do better this time I have a feeling [and] my controllers weren’t dying last time I thought that they were I thought they were low on juice (EXCUSES!) But it was the fact that they were de-syncing which has been an issue kind of with then this Nintendo switch for a while, that or they just weren’t registering my hits something was going on there was some bs Behind the scenes where I was pressing this to jump and it wasn’t jumping it should have but right- look at peach look at Peach just sitting there and being like: “I’m gonna throw this bomb at you, and it’s gonna mess up your whole world” “I’m going to just fuck your shit up” “But I’m just going to look normal”, Mario’s ready to fucking brofist, Bowser knows shit’s going down Bowser is the only one here who knows that Peach is about a wreck house Ok splatoon squid kid is making fun of Mario’s hat even though Mario is like: [mario impression] “fuck you bitch!” “I throw at your face! Why you wear beats by Dr.Dre” and toads up in space just like: “HEY! WHY AM I IN SPACE?! HOW AM I BREATHING?!!11” [ok] whatever There’s enough fucking jokes made for the first two minutes of this episode already I was going to say we’d do a battle this time. I still want to do a battle But I kind of want to do another race again because they were so much fun. I wanted 150CC again, NOT doing 200CC Because I lose We get my man Donker in *jack wtf* I think it’s time to get donkasaurus in here (Jack stares at the bike in awe of its glory) Look at that fucking thing loads of speed, loads of weight, but a shit handling and grip Handling and grip are what I kind of like [because] said that’s good way. What’s the bike I normally use?…yeah see this is really good Hmm. We give you a different one this time. We’ll give you Bowser *le gasp* No, no, not Bowser. Wings of an airplane! You can be a glider That’s gonna be amazing right. What are we doing [not one with rainbow Road, please?] We’re doing the crossing cup I’ve never done this one ever this my first time seeing it is one from the gamecube whoa that’s what GCN means right…? BABY PARK! right never played this level before in my life We’re already starting off with the back to the [future] wheels. That’s a good sign Wait is this one’s just like nascar Do we really [just] go in circles Okay, it’s not really like Nascar cuz we’re going the opposite direction. This is turn right simulator. Where’s Nascar’s turn left emulator Hit that bastard WE HAVE SEVEN FUCKING LAPS? I guess we have one done already so that’s fine Come here you bastards. (X2) I’m gonna hit my fucking self with this. jesus christ FUCK damn it. Okay. I’m in third We’re lapping some people, hahaha Fuck yeah eat my bananas bitch But now I don’t know who are the people in second and first that I have to pass. Ok I guess it was those Watch this! It is fun. oh God see it’s not registering my jump I was jumping let me dash! I’m a beautiful peacock. You gotta let me fly Fuck’s sake hit those motherfuckers. Who’s– AH NO who am I even fightin against–CMON! [ok] [ok] [ok] [ok] [I] see how [it] is I see how it fucking is these sons of bitches Who is it bowser it is fucking Bowser I’m trying to pass–JUMP! Oh My God, I’m gonna have to hold the controllers up here or something. They’re being blocked Here we go here we go here we go. I fuckin got this I got this watch me do fuck I missed it Okay, it’s alright. I just got one WHOOSH! Who the best? Donker Boy Why aren’t you registering my hit this little button right here this little piece of shit Supposed to be jumping but it’s not jumping I’m gonna move my switch, so it has antenna reception OK, you better register now. You good. It’s good donkey Kong Bowser [Lemmy], ha Lemmy kick your ass in this race more like it Good joke best joke let’s see [if] we can get donkey kong to Dab Wow Got him Goody Here we go. Oh, oh Again, never played these tracks, so I’m going to be fuckin’ awful at them. It’s all cheese. I love cheese! Is it Manchego? Little bit of Mozzarella It’s some good cheeses. None of that cheddar shit REAL fucking cheese Okay, he didn’t get the dab on there. We’ll get it though. Fuck! Who did that was that you? Yeah, fuck you! HE FUCKING DABBED HE DID IT! Donker! Donker! The fucking man the Dab King! We should call you Dab-key Kong. Donkey Dab! I like that Donkey Dab. That’s a good one! Okay, okay. Owwwww! Motherfuckers! I’m in fuckin’ sixth! It’s okay, I got sick dabs! Here we go. Here we go. Yes! Get that speed boost. Get that speed boost. Bounce over everyone’s ass! Fuckin’ last lap, baby! Get some speed back! Get some speed back! Yea its your fuckin’ scrambler going again! Fuck you, Wario! Ha ha ha ha! He just stopped down beside me and looked me right in the face! What a douche nozzle! Ha! Fuckin’ hit ’em with da dab Donk! Oh fuck! NO! NO!!!!! FUCK! OH! I CAME THIRD! WHERE THAT MOTHERFUCKER COME OUT OF! NO! I have to dab at least of Yeah. Keep fuckin’ clapping it up cymbal monkey! Bowser’s ahead of ya! What are you gonna do about that you motherfucker. Look at that sweet butt tho. Didn’t have my head in the game. That’s the problem. You gotta wise up. You gotta be strategic. Here we fucking go great start. Wario. I swear to God you look at me cross-eyed once more. I’m a fuck your shit up, bro. Oh sick flips! Get that Lemmy motherfucker. Okay already in first. Great start! HIT ‘EM WITH THE DAB DONK! That’s my boy! My fucking dabbing king! The dab ain’t dead! Its just been hiding out in Mario Kart all this time! Donkey Kong’s got that shit down! Okay across the lily pad. FUCK YES! This level’s fucking crazy, I love it! Okay, one lap down. 400 to go. Dude! I am fuckin’ hitin’ me stride now! Dude! I am fuckin’ hitin’ me stride now! Dude! I am fuckin’ hitin’ me stride now! Fuck yes, Donker! Donker’s my BOY! Donker’s my thick daddy! Feelin’ a burst of adrenaline. I’m a get hit with a fucking blue shell now tho, watch. Nope. Nope. Not today ye motherfuckers. Sons of bitches! Its Wario behind me. I’m not even getting any of the shortcuts in these races. There so many shortcuts going on and I have no idea where any of them are. Oh God the controls are really weird when you’re tiny. Heh Woah! Aww we didn’t get the dab off, Donk. Donker, what are we going to do? What did I just get hit by? Was that shame? Did I just get hit my shame for not doing the sick dab? There it is! Fuckin’ Dab King Donkasaurus! YES! Watch this shit hold on to your bananas. That’s not a euphemism literally hold to your bananas. SUCK MY DONKEY DICK! Now I’m all covered in tar! Ooo Animal Crossing! I don’t normally play Animal Crossing myself, but I can kick motherfuckers asses in the course? No problem. See you later Bowser. You think you’re gonna stay ahead for long? Look all you got was a coin. Fuck! Guys? I’m not gonna lie This is fucking delightful. Oh sick dab! Hehe fuck sake. I can’t believe he dabs! Did you really make him dab for the game Nintendo? I mean that one’s like that ones like typical ol’ fuckin’ Donker. Aw man I love the Animal Crossing logo. Even though I’ve never played Animal Crossing games. Even though I’ve never played Animal Crossing games. Even though I’ve never played Animal Crossing games. FUCKIN’ SICK DAB DONK! You got to live it up every single time. Move outta da way you damn pigeons! Motherfucker! Who was that? Is that Lemmy! I’m about to kick- FUCK SAKE! Where’s everyone comin out of? I’m ’bout ta kick some fuckin’ Nintend-ass right now! COME ON DUDES! Stop passing me! Stop passing me! I was in the lead for so long! WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING! WHERE ALL THESE SONS OF BITCHES COME OUT OF? SUCK MY ASS MOTHERFUCKERS! SECOND! SECOND!!! Fuckin’ non stop! One after another! They’re all after Donkey Kong’s ass! They know he’s the best one! That’s why! Doesn’t matter Still won bitches! How does that fart taste? I like to take a moment to apologize to everybody out there who thinks that Mario Kart is a game for kids and fun and parties, but shits real man. When you get into it Chaos ensues. This has been a word from our sponsors. AAAAND THE WINNER IS BY NOT SO LARGE A MARGIN that he probably should have won, but didn’t because THIS GAME IS BULLSHIT ITS DONKEY TEETH KING OF THE DABS. LOOK AT HIM GO! Dabbing through the air at the speed of sound. That’s Lemmy. I don’t give a fuck about him. One, three, one, two. Fuck’s sake. Doesn’t matter. The trophy’s mine! That music’s for me! fucking love it professional turn raising distinguished driver Thanks game really feeling the love right now already know that that’s done. It’s time to Battle motherfuckers, and I am coming back With my bro the biggest the one the big old Papa stop he knows After I have to it needs to happen those are some sick tires those are some sick Rims, bro Yo check out my whip [I] think we’re gonna have to go with this for this one That’s a car such a man’s attention [let’s] the character says I’m going to fuck you [up] And if I don’t you’re going to feel bad enough about yourself that it’s going to happen anyway [good] Have my boss in here [Mister] bowser kite don’t need it for the battles Actually all that much balloon battle renegade roundup. I Don’t know what these are bob on blast. I think that’s where you just have bombs Coin Runners, I don’t want to collect coin or kill people shine thief It is a kill confirmed You killed someone who needs to pick up their star to win? Hmm, right we’re doing a renegade roundup [I] think that’s where I just bite people on the ass because that sounded like the funnest one out of all of them whoa town I Mean it’s hard not to go for the sweet sweet Kingdom or the dragon palace [whoo] I’m sorry, whoo-hoo town. I was going to go 400 For a dragon [palace] just sounds like somewhere where I’d want to live that’s my house. I live in Dragon [Hub] lets [me]. Oh It’s like cops and robbers Is it I don’t know what’s happening We have to fight the bad guys Or go what I don’t even know it’s happening. [I] don’t know [any] planning [I] Got it. I got a key maybe [Luigi] [call] wendy fuck I’m not touching anyone. I can’t even see anyone cat peach 10 pigs. I’m coming for you fuck Maybe no easy [got] her [oh] Oh, I’m so bad at these come here Larry C’mere, Larry motherfucker Clear got him got that son of a bitch Did I do it? What happened what the fuck is this game what I got one. baby Luigi got four? holy mother of Jehoshaphat Am I am a loos? That’s right, baby. Luigi is a small [and] [spry] one um [yeah], it’s cause They picked dragon palace who picked Dragon palace said that was a good idea It’s not not me. I didn’t pick dragon [palace] was stupid rewind see it’s fucking baby Luigi picked eggs He knew he was on his turf [imma] do it this time now that I actually know [what] I’m doing Can I catch more than one at a time Dodge the law [oh] Hey, it’s is where I make my fucking money back, and I can spring out my [friends] Okay, okay just stay alive All I have to do, that’s all I have to do is stay alive. Oh, oh, oh fuck off fuck off Go away, did I hit him? Hahaha Wendy caught Baby Luigi Fuck’s sake Baby Luigi what are you doing? Is somebody already caught where am I. ok I need to go over there to catch, or to free someone Let’s spring out my bros Fuck Son of a Bitch Man, I’m in jail. [I] don’t want to be in jail. Let me I didn’t never catch me alive coppers Save me He’s so dead. He’s so fucking dead. Come on somebody let out Waluigi. Here they come, come on Link attaboy Fuck yeah Fuck. Can Somebody let out Jack Can someone let me out, please Fuck yes, Jack back in town bitches. I have a feeling okay, there’s a small bit of a girl inkling that Because that’s the name of the character, that i’m not doing the best Hey, fuck. I had a star No, I was just about to come save you friends Um can I see the scoreboard? No that’s I see some yeah, baby Really not doing the best, not getting any sort of score at all fine. It’s fine I guess wait. Oh, it’s there Know I see it, go friends! Got him, okay all the way down here. Here we go. here we go. No one’s fucking chasing me. fuck off and boom… what?! There we go saved them, fuck off fuck off Sons of Bitches I’m gonna save all my dudes. Let’s save all my bros Two to go what oh God whole bunch of them just got captured fuck oh No, it’s chasing me fuck you guys I Got you. I got you friends ha ha yes now. I get the game now. I’m the best Inkling girl yeah see that was the name of the game [oh] No, oh no. Oh no. Oh, no. I got captured Ha [suck] [on] [these] Luigi ball Fuck fuck off boost away, oh oh God, I got your friends. I got two friends. I got you homie They’re scary. I don’t like [dings] Damn, it ok guys good hustle good hustle [how] much do they get how much do they win they win? I mean, I think I would I think I did the best 11 In fingers [attend] oh, oh That’s bad Clay just run away from cops all the time. That’s way more fun, [okay]? I think this one’s this should be a bit easier catch the renegades [got] it Go bitches here. We fucking go here We fucking go who wants [to] go immediately who wants to go immediately who is get captured there? We go there. We go fucking – Where where’s the thing? Where’s the president? Was in the middle what [oh]? Look I Can’t put them in yet. Come on it – and my belly I’m ready – Jelly fuck do I actually I don’t even have to in me anymore. [I] don’t fucking understand it Oh as the capturer you don’t actually have to bring them He just [tapped] for them. I should have known [that] for me do it [for] me being captured last time Come here. Come here. You [bastards]. I see you playing around there. Come here dunker. Wait. You’re [on] my team Hey, baby, peach got him Fucks are getting this someone’s escaping them all 2908 We need some of the guard come here fuck a hot dog. I had that baby peach is coming. She’s coming. [I’ma] fuck her up Where she go? Clever Girl Let me just hang around this all day bitch was driving circles about to win then right? See that shit, baby peach is not here Who let you out here larry fucking baby peach. I almost saw inkling girl as well There we go fuckers both let y’all out Who’s left I have to see who’s left each time baby beach and Beach Or can spring in those bastards? Come here larry ha ha ha ha larry [to] left is baby Beach and meet every fucking time Just hang out here. [I] know here and it’ll happen oh Oh, you don’t get a thing when you’re close shit, oh That’s clever. I guess you can’t just hang around it then shit Okay, I’ve caught up unto them all I care about I’m Gonna win Fuck you. Larry. It’s only larry. Let’s get him. We’ll forgive me very powerless Adam No, it’s a passive Larry my mortal nemesis Okay Okay, that’s fine. The only one left baby peach. Oh, yes, oh Yes, [I] think Someone named Jack is going to win wait, or is this just a one? Is this just fucking round by round so I lost the first one I’m only winning these ones or is it going to add up at the end better right off at the end? For that actually the addition at the end. I’m confused and I’m tired and I want a pizza. I got caught immediately This sucks, I’m stuck with Isabelle and Link.. Just hang me out to dry man. Come on dunker. Yes donkey my man the Dab King himself Came to a look unlock the cell and let us all out. I might have to free my dudes I don’t even know where the fuck they are Okay down here, there we go, there we go, dodged it Haha, catch me now bitches Ain’t nobody catching the star man, okay it wore off I was cool for two seconds though you guys saw. Don’t worry friends, there I let you out, when you guys kick it in court anyway. It’s easy to avoid them. You just go around the middle Or not. Only five seconds left everybody So many is caught, three people caught in the jail cell Well you guys will be stuck in the jail cell forever. I win, sucks to be you Do-do I win? Do I win? View results I think won, I think I won. Ohh, our team won, holy mother of God I destroyed 50 and the closest behind me with 27 It’s okay guys. That’s the power of Waluigi Okay, well that does in this episode of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe the switch edition not the one that’s on the other ones It’s a bit of a mouthful, I know, Nintendo really should Hunker down the name of the game and really figure that shit out Super fun, my God I can only imagine what it’s like to have a whole room Full of your friends, and you’re all playing together on your switches, or they’re in the same place Must be an absolute blast. I wouldn’t know, I have no friends 🙁 But if I’m ever around friends oh man convention time is gonna be so fun with this kind of shit Oh, so good, anyway. Thank you guys so much watching this episode if you liked it punch that like button in the face! LIKE A BOSS!!! And high fives all around. Thanks you guys and I will see you dudes, in the next video! “I’m everywhere by TeknoAXE” Man in member of our king, fuckin donkey saurus

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  1. The button you hit to jump is the trigger not the bumper, just some friendly advise 😁 also when you collect coins it increases you max speed

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  3. Jack. Sweet Sweet Kingdom isn't sweet at all.
    It's Bitter and Rage Kingdom. Trust me, I have seen people go through that.

  4. Mayt evriywon hiyur iz sow dum

    It was so annoying with the thing correcting me for every word

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