The Elder Scrolls: Empire 1 Redoran Standoff 【skyrim machinima】
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The Elder Scrolls: Empire 1 Redoran Standoff 【skyrim machinima】

October 22, 2019

He’s here. You Need something? You! The Justiciars know your face. And we elves have long memories. This little adventure of yours has cost me a good bit of coin. Now! Move… slowly. Excuse me… nord beast, I’m not going to warn you again. Surrender immediately, blades agent! Whats the matter with you? That’s it, guards! Kill him! No… NO! Ha, you’ll need to do better than that! Kill him, kill him! Good enough. This ends now! What? No, no stay away from me! Come on, come on! Uh… I’m getting out of here! Son of a… You! How can you be here? No… Your dead… I killed you myself! What manner of creature are you? Well now, that’s something to think about. I hope I didn’t scare ya. Hm… no matter. I’ve heard you mentioned, in hushed tones. I knew one day you would return! That is why I brought my friend along. Vekel you bastard! We used to be friends… Your working with the Thalmor? That’s madness friend. You were given a great honor! Hahaha, I’ve been avoiding that all my life mate! This is for glory… and for money. Glory is meaningless if they have no home to return to! Then just money… They won’t stop until we’re all overrun! You just gonna stand there and take it? Fight back! Why would I? She pays very well. Tell you what? You go and find us some paying work and we’ll happily go about it! That doesn’t change anything… Aint nothing for it, they’re still in charge! Either way it’s over, you didn’t really think I would trust the likes of you for very long! Hm, you were always the smart one… Captain Madius this, Captain Madius that! You’d think he was Saint Nerevar they way they talk about him! What’s wrong, my skill with a blade making you look bad? You do the old man one little favor and suddenly your his best friend. Now it’s my turn! Kill him! Don’t let her get away with this! I told you nord… I would win! Remember? Nord!!! Steady! Time to finish this! Take him on the flank… (Sir! There’s too many of them!) (We must hold the city) (We have to fall back!) (Here they come!) (…Couldn’t hold the defenses…) I’m warning you… back off! Nord!

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  1. Epic, impressive, incredible. Several times I asked myself: how did he do this.

    I can't wait to see the sequel

  2. I was so blown away with this, I hit that like button and subscribed instantly. I can't wait to see the next one.

  3. Excellent work. Good storywriting and production.  Look forward to the next instalment.  btw, whats the armour the 5 soldiers are wearing outside dead man's drink, looks illuminated???

  4. Amazing… please keep up the great work. I've been a huge fan since Morrowind when I was eleven in 2001. I personally consider your machinima, and the rest to follow, canon. Once again…. Great Work!

  5. that was really great machinima!. Nice to see good content like this still being created with this amazing game, even after almost 4 years of it being out.

  6. The beginning song sounds like something from "Wizard One Zero One". Sorry the numbers on my keyboard don't work anymore so I had to use words.

  7. Loved the video. Keep up the great work, it would be awesome if you could check out our channel and possibly subscribe.

  8. Hi everyone, just so you know Empire 2 is in it's final stage of editing and will be released in no more than a week or two! If you havent already, you should join the facebook page where you can see sneak preview screenshots of the next episode. Again thank you all for your support, I really hope you like the second episode, see you soon! 🙂

    【FACEBOOK GROUP】Character profiles and updates!

  9. Empire 2 is up and in full HD! Check it out here and thanks for all your support!

  10. very good, but frankly, a wizard robes(Arch Mage moreover) in a warrior…
    I never liked the Thieves Guild but their robes would fit better for someone that is a Blade fugitive, or a winter is coming cloak, something like that.
    the better stuff I though was the Arena OST at the intro, it shivered the hair of my arms at hearing it, hehehehe.

  11. I really, really enjoyed this being the Elder Scrolls fanatic I am. Thank you for creating this amazing video. I very much enjoyed this 🙂

  12. these videos are really good 😀 if you are interested in collabing with other people who make machinimas such as me and Lokil join this group 😀

  13. The main reason why I can't never join the legion, is because of the Thalmor. Elvenkind in general seem alright, but the Thalmor. I can't stand them. I make a point to kill thalmor agents whenever I see them walking around Skyrim, especially when they have a prisoner.

    I don't agree with everything that Ulfric Stormcloak believes, but I do agree that the Thalmor need to be stopped.

  14. Why, why didn`t he just stab her while she was casting?!

    But maybe that`s the matter the Blades were destroyed.

  15. gay and corny. with wildcat. ACTUALLY realisticly. would be a fast and easy slaughter for the elves. but good editing and stuff

  16. that burnt lady holding her crispy ass child after the zio-, i mean , uh, Thalmor torched the place got what she deserved having a baby at a skyrim fucking bar at 12 midnight.

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