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September 2, 2019

– I mean it’s unbelievable to me
to watch my friends get 83 good comments and one person says
they’re fat or they’re dumb or it’s stupid and they
dwell and they dwell on this. And this is why I keep getting
back to this thought of how do you get insular and know
what you’re doing for yourself, for yourself. You know Ivan Drago,
right, last scene, like he loses and he’s like,
he’s saying I did this for myself not for
the fucking Premier, not for the Soviet Union. I was in the ring for
myself and it’s a funny scene. I was born in Russia. I love the Rocky movies, I love
America way more than the Soviet Union so maybe it sticks
with me but there’s something about that scene, right,
everybody knows Drago for the famous scene like,
“I’ll break you.” For me, it was when
he was in the ring and was like for myself. (“Unstoppable” by This Is Wolff) (“Future Lost” by FVREWELLMUSIC) – [Gary] What I’m worried
about is there’s a lot of people listening right now and saying, “Okay, easy for you guys to
say,” and what I always tell these kids is
you don’t understand that’s how we got to that place. – [Aubrey] Yeah. – You know like
everyone’s like, “Easy for you.
Easy for you.” I just, I’m just fascinated
by people’s lack of patience. And I know we live in a social
media world and everybody’s gettin’ all these things
flashed at them but it’s crazy. I’ll never forget
when I started working full time in the liquor store. Was 22 and I remember
saying to myself literally, literally the first day like
I’ve been working in the store for eight years, since
I was 14, but this is it. I’m done with college. I actually worked a little, few
hours I drove home from college my last day, but the
next day was the first day. It was so weird. I hated school my
whole life and that was it. I walked into the liquor store and I never had to
go to school again. It was like crazy. It was the best day of my life. And I’ll never
forget I remember saying, “Okay, I’m not gonna say
a word for the next decade. “I’m not gonna talk to
my friends,” this is real. And I did it. My high school and
college friends are very weirded out by me. I like just went in a cocoon and
I just worked every minute and I didn’t even think about
popping out until I was 32. Not a word, not a peep,
not a party, nothing. And now, I’ve got
kids emailing me like, “Gary, thank you so much.
I love your videos. “You inspire me
when I’m super down. “I almost gave up last week. “Yeah, I’ve been doing my new
business for about four months “and I hit a real wall.” I’m like what’s the
fuckin’ matter with you? (group laughter)
Four months? You didn’t hit a wall, you haven’t even
gotten out the gate. You’re not even in the car. You’re still like
sleepin’ in your bed. I just really want to push
patience and the long game. All this relationship
talk you and I’ve been doing, squirrel, bear, all that shit,
it’s all long game. – [Aubrey] Yeah. – [Gary] You’re either playing
for life or your playing for the few minutes ahead of you. And again, this keeps going back
over and over in my mind to what other people think. It’s gonna be a good one. I see exactly
where I want to do it. Right here. Because the only thing that’s
holding you back is you’re worried about what
other people have to say. You give up on that shit and
you’re clean and you can go. And all of a sudden, it’s not
how much money you have or how much time you have, you
just see that you can do it. Money ain’t time ain’t shit of
holding you back compared to your worry about
other peoples’ opinions. Leave that shit in high
school, it’s time to go. (claps hands)
(DRock laughs) Too many people right now, I mean social media has become
the place where everybody is a PR agent of themselves. Let’s call it what it is, right? I just said there’s a
bunch of dudes in here, that’s the first big head nod. Everybody’s head nod. You’re PR’ing yourself. And I get it. You know, I get
people want, you know, to hook up and to have fun. I get everything. I get it. But it is creating ungodly
short-term behavior which is not allowing people to
really win the game. Yo, there’s a day
where you have a team dinner, my team and then another… Yeah, on the same day, right? So maybe we can
do my team dinner because everybody’s around. We can do that Wednesday, yeah. Somethin’ to think about. Yeah, but maybe he can do it. So hit him up.
See if he’s willing to do it. That’s number one. Number two, what’s the
Friday in L.A. on the 28th? What’s that all about? But you’re not sure right now. Yo, Jon Toth with an “e”. I’d never noticed
that before. To-eth. – [Jalen] How you livin’?
– [Gary] Real good, man. How you feelin’? – [Jalen] I flew from New York.
– [Gary] Yep. How long have you
had dreads on? How long? – Like six years. – [Gary] Really?
– Yeah. – [Brian] If you go back
on YouTube you can see where they just started. It was high school when
he was coming to the opening. – Let me just
bang out this call. When are we leavin’? Yo, that dog next
door is fuckin’ scary as shit. I was like trying to do a call. You see it? Fuckin’ crazy. Scared, you were pretty
calm or you knew it was there. – [DRock] No, I didn’t know.
– [Gary] I was impressed. Danny, you’re
literally out of a sitcom. You’re literally
out of a sitcom. You’re like Boner
from Growing Pains. (laughs)
Literally, out of a sitcom. DRock, you’re being
reassigned to Double D. It’s gonna be the
best show on YouTube. It’s so crazy not to be
in control of where you go. – [Jon] I know. – To me that’s just crazy.
Where was I going? Oh, so one of the things I’m
really thinking about is I got to go through
this with you guys. It may even take me another
full year but I want to do an off-season regimen
like that’s real legit. Like real classes,
real meetings, real just getting
kids, if they want it, really prepared for
life after football. Super well.
– Good. – How are you? – Good to see you.
– Good to see you. Jon. – [Jon] Jon Toth.
– Aubrey, nice to meet you. – [Jon] Nice to meet you.
– Good to meet you, man. – Jaylen.
– What’s going on? How you doin’, Jalen?
– [Jalen] Nice to meet you. – Good to meet you. – You know DRock.
– [Aubrey] ‘Sup? How you doin’? – How are you, man?
Real pleasure. ‘Sup gang?
‘Sup man? Smells nice. I love it. I love it. Oh, you’ve got
the hockey bubble. You know how
unstoppable I am at this game? – [Aubrey] Does
anyone have quarters? – Does it work? – Oh. – [Gary] Who wants some? Oh! There we go. Ooh, nice shot. – [Aubrey] Rip. (Aubrey and Gary laugh) Oh.
– Ooh. Oh! – [Aubrey] You
always go far side. – Oh shit! – [Aubrey] Oh yeah.
Ah, dammit. – Guys, that’s just sick. – [Aubrey] (inaudible)
That was fun. – [Gary] This calms you down? – [Aubrey] It does. I like it. 18th Century Spanish calvary
and this dude took a musket ball right in the chest so he’s
just riding around in his horse, bang. Took a musket ball,
survived presumably. – It’s nice. Just want to play
more bubble hockey. None of you can
beat me in bubble hockey. There’s not one
person watching this that can beat me
in bubble hockey. Nobody from
Edmonton or anywhere else. Nice office.
How long you been in this? – [Aubrey] About four years. – You guys sell a
lot of these kettlebells? I see ’em everywhere. – [Aubrey] Yeah, this is one of
our signature fitness product. That and then the Marvel stuff. We have these Captain America
plates and Iron Man kettlebells. – So you do a lot
of licensing stuff? Is there any
coconut based beverage? – [Man] We have a recover. It’s a coconut water with a
little bit of salt and MCT oil. – Let’s do it. – [Man] You’ll do that one.
– Thank you. I like coconuts. DRock, you’re
always doin’ your thing. – [DRock] I am. – [Gary] I’m proud of you.
– [DRock] I’m proud of you, too. – [Gary] Thanks, DRock. – Do you take the MCT?
– Nuh-uh. – You should
start adding that, man. – [Gary] Jon, you’re
so pumped right now. – [Jon] I know.
Dream come true. – [Gary] You love stuff.
You love shopping. I know but just the
way you look at stuff. I don’t even notice stuff. You’re like… – Really though, when
I shop by myself like– – [Gary] You really get in a zone? – I really don’t
believe in full price. (Gary laughs) – [Gary] Thank you, man.
Real pleasure to meet you. – [Man 2] Thank you
for everything you do. – [Gary] Thank you, brother. – [Man 2] Inspired me the past, since I moved to
Austin in September. – Where you from? – Connecticut.
– Nice. – Yeah. – What are you doing down here? – I’m a filmmaker. – Good for you. – [Man 2] So I’m
just trying to plug away. Doing my thing. Actually starting up a
media marketing business. – Good for you. – [Man 2] So, I’m still in
the beginning stages but doing everything that I can.
– That’s awesome, man. Real pleasure to meet you.
Yeah, man. Thanks for the kind words.
– [Man 2] Yeah, of course. – Maybe. That’s amazing. This kid can play.
This kid can play. None of my stuff is predicated
on things that go away. – Yeah. – Like I become more
guru as I get older, you know? – Yeah. – Like businessman
never goes out of style. It’s so great. Like when you grow up,
you want to be an athlete. – Right. – Until you realize like that
game’s over when you’re 30. You know? Everybody wants
to get in it, right? – Yeah. – Everybody wants to make money
taking a picture with a product. – [Aubrey] Yeah. – For you, it’s just gonna
bring out more competition. But if you’re
better, you’re better. That’s where
people are confused. I remember people
back in the day said to me, “Gary, if social media gets big
aren’t there going to be a lot “of people that are going
to try to be you of that?” I’m like, “Yeah.” It’s like anything else. It’s like athletes.
– [Aubrey] Yeah. – Right, like if you’re
the best in the world, you’re the best in the world
but it’s hard to maintain. – [Aubrey] Yeah. – Especially after you win a
championship like the next year you might not
just be hungry enough. – [Aubrey] Right. – [Gary] I always
wonder about when I’m in my most prime of
my business career. That won’t be captured forever. That’ll be like
this great deal I did. Like nobody was
there was I was like oh, I’m gonna invest in Twitter. It’s not like,
you know what I mean? You don’t have that but
pros and cons to everything. I mean entrepreneurship
is getting so crazy. It’s so crazy to
me how much fame an entrepreneur can achieve now.
– [Aubrey] Mhmmm. – [Gary] That’s been weird
and fun and interesting and… Like scratch the itch.
– Definitely. Definitely. That’s what it felt like. – You never could
doubt like what if. – Ever, ever, ever, ever, ever. – A lot of kids don’t do,
I think a lot about that. – Yeah. – That what if,
regret is poison. Regret is poison.
– Yeah. – I tell every kid, I was
like just give it and so you can just feel good.
– 100, at 100. – You know what
I feel good about? Alright, what’s the league?
1600? I maybe wasn’t
1600 in U.S. good, but I was 3000 in U.S. good. – You know what’s so funny? So we were just
talking about entrepreneurship. – [Man 3] Yeah. – I’ve been
telling a lot of kids, so I have a lot of 15-year-olds
who follow me on Instagram and I tell them on DM
or when they hit me up, I’ll be like if you’re the 3000,
I literally use that analogy. I use basketball sometimes ’cause it’s an
even smaller number. – [Man 3] Yeah. – I’m like if you’re not one
of the 500 best players in the world, you’re making $30,000.
– [Man 3] Yep. – Doing what you, you’re the
600th best in the world at. If you’re the 600th or 3000th
best entrepreneur in the world, you’re worth hundred
of millions of dollars. – You have a plane. – [Aubrey] It’s been beautiful
rapping with you brother. – This is fun, man. – [Aubrey] I’m looking forward
to a lot of cool things we’re gonna create in the future.
– I can’t wait. Wish everybody good health. See ya.
– [Aubrey] Indeed. Much love. Beautiful.
– That was fun. – [Aubrey] Yeah, man. – We’re just yellin’ at people. (group laughter) Five, ten thousand
dollar books because to me I think that
is forever, right? Like my
four-year-old son, Xander, this is why it happened. My four-year-old son,
Xander’s like all about it. He doesn’t give a fuck about
Ken Griffey Jr. or Cal Ripken. Right? – [Man 4] But Wolverine’s
not going away. – Bingo. – [Man 5] I mean,
he did just die. (group laughter) – [Man 6] Damn, spoiler alert. – [Gary] I’m so grateful. That’s like, I just wish
people could be grateful. – [Aubrey] That hoop
needs some work, man. – [Gary] Looks
like Shaq came through. – [Aubrey] Jumped off the
loading dock and dunked on it. – [Gary] I mean
this is at home now. This is Wine Library for me.
– [Aubrey] Yeah. – [Gary] You know?
– [Aubrey] Yep. – [Gary] ‘Sup guys? – [Aubrey] Packing pallets.
– [Gary] Hello. Now do you guys do
all direct to consumer? – [Aubrey] No,
we’re about 90% though. – That’s cool.
– Yeah. – [Gary] That’s neat. – [Aubrey] We got
relegated to this spot? – 400 trillion to 1. When you understand that math
how can’t you live your life? That’s how rare it
is to be a human being. Please squeeze the
shit out of your one life. (laughs) – [Aubrey] Fire. Fire. – [Gary] I’m like pumped.
– [Aubrey] Fucking fire. – Because the only thing that’s
keeping you back is the other people that are judging you
and who gives a fuck about them. (laughs) – [Aubrey] We’re done. – Awesome. It just manifests. Honestly, I swear to God
this is what pisses me off. I really wish that I could rap. Because that’s the
same, it is but I can’t. How was it?
– [Jalen] Legit. – Lot of flexibility
and all that stuff? – I’m a better
man because of it. – [Gary] Was it good?
– Yeah. – [Gary] Nice to meet you.
Good luck to you, my man. Real pleasure.
– [Man 7] You too. – Yeah. Good to
see you again, man. – Huge fan. Been following you
since early Wine Library days. – Thank you, brother.
I really appreciate that. Really appreciate that. – Lot of inspiration, man.
– Thank you, man. Thank you so much. – [Aubrey] My brother.
– My man. I’ll see you soon. – [Aubrey] Yeah. – [Gary] We’ll
come through again. – [Aubrey] Cool.
– Alright. – [Aubrey] Looking
forward to it. – What’s going on? To me it’s just have leverage
and I’m not crippled by is that where I’m headed, is this where. It’s just bring value,
get a lot of attention, and then you can
always trade on it. – Authentic relationships, yeah?
– 100%. – Yeah.
– 100%. Never get ahead of
yourself, you know? – Absolutely, yeah. – Real pleasure, man.
Take care. Alright, my man.
Good to meet you, bro. Real pleasure.
– [Man 9] Quick photo? – [Gary] Yeah. I will, I will. Let me throw something at you. I’d love to get
your guys’ reaction. Think about what a lot of people
are doing well right now that I care about and
what I care about what I’m doing is we’re
hacking culture. Right? You’re penetrating attention. So, to me, it’s the kind of
thing that business leaders and 15-year-old girls
would both go to. That’s where I’m going
with the high-low, right? Right, and, that’s right. That’s it. I mean, look… Guess what?
I lived that world. I was part of the
early phase of this, right? I started a YouTube show four
months after YouTube came out. There was nobody there. There was no social media. There was MySpace
but if you remember, people went to your wall. Right, it was a different loop. So, yeah man, so I had
just like one comment. Like, weird. (group laughter) You know, there was, you know. Now it’s happening is not only
are we addicted to the feedback but we’re crippled. I mean it’s unbelievable to me
to watch my friends get 83 good comments and one person says
they’re fat or they’re dumb or it’s stupid and they
dwell and they dwell on this. And this is why I keep getting
back to this thought of how do you get insular and know
what you’re doing for yourself, for yourself. You know Ivan Drago,
right, last scene, like he loses and he’s like,
he’s saying I did this for myself not for
the fucking Premier, not for the Soviet Union. I was in the ring for
myself and it’s a funny scene. I was born in Russia. I love the Rocky movies, I love
America way more than the Soviet Union so maybe it sticks
with me but there’s something about that scene, right,
everybody knows Drago for the famous scene
like, “I’ll break you.” For me, it was when
he was in the ring and was like for myself. 11 P.M. Texas time.
Midnight back home. It’s been a long day. Gonna land at 3 A.M.
and start it back up at 8. That’s it, DRock.
Let’s get some rest. And that’s how I feel. Like, I just don’t give
a fuck what anybody thinks. And I mean, not my kids,
not my parents, not my wife. Now, I equally care so
much of how they view me and what they think of me. It’s pulling from
opposite directions. But you got to start with
yourself because when your actually allowing
other people to get in, you’re vulnerable. (“Future Lost” by FVREWELLMUSIC)

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  1. I feel this so much, I feel I got a heart of stone and a heart full of love. This paradoxe is, i believe, I strength that I'm learning to tame. Thank you Gary. You are part of my journey.

  2. #clipit 13.11 – 13.45 being in the top 3000 in business is massive where as being the top 3000 athletes nobody . just better percentages

  3. Gary, watching you have some downtime with your friends playing bubble hockey was freakin' awesome brother. People think that you are just this machine that pumps #hustle iron 24 hours a day but they don't realize that we are real people who enjoy real life. What they don't realize is that even when you are enjoying your downtime, you are #PumpingHustleIron (I'm coining that one bro) by documenting, talking, watching those around you, learning, asking questions, giving advice, and helping others. You are an inspiration brother. I've been in real estate for a VERY LONG TIME. I'm 44 and I've been at this game since 1990, first as a property manager and then going into sales. I want you to know, I went into sales when the market crashed and everyone was running away from it. Damn real! I saw an opportunity. I love it but after all this time, it is NOW that I'm finding that AHA moment that is starting to separate me from the others in the game. It took a lot of patience. A lot of it has to do with the people I'm starting to listen to and the people I'm just not giving a fuck about. Your videos have helped me in this last 2 year journey. By the way, I just had the worst year of my career and perhaps my life last year. Divorce, dead deals, Dad's cancer, Mom's health, a bad car accident, an unfair lawsuit that I didn't lose because it was wrong, but which still cost me a lot of money to prove, and just when I thought the struggle could not get worse, one of my best friends takes his own life. I almost lost my sanity. But as hard as this was, it didn't deter me. I think at 44 I am at peace with myself and I am confident enough in my abilities that I know I can make it through anything. I am already having a phenomenal year and it is only going to get better from here. I'm preparing to venture out on my own, with my own team. I am pitching a very unique concept to investors who are already starting to believe in MY vision. I own this renewed hustle to a lot of what YOU are doing. I think you are just getting started bro. Seriously. There's so much more for you to do and so many more people for you to touch. Keep going and don't let anything or anyone stop you. Don't stop hustling and building tours until DRock needs his own DRock to document his greatness while documenting yours. PUT THAT IN A RAP SONG DAMN IT! Thank you bro. Keep kicking ass!

    George L. Rosario
    NYC's Hometown Realtor
    Coldwell Banker Kueber
    DESK: 347-671-SOLD
    #glrosario #CBBigApple

  4. You are really growing on me not in this video I love what you said go with your strengths and fuck what you suck at! Spoken to me directly thank yiu

  5. Gary is right about one thing. He is the counter culture to the university bred liberal snowflake millennial that has no desire to operate in the real world, where opposing views and harsh competition exists. Gary is leading a near-movement of counter cultural milenials that want to be their own individual and build the future of self-reliance, wealth, creativity.

  6. I laugh so hard when I notice that someone dislikes me. It almost makes me happy to the point that I just cant stop laughing. The fact that someone takes HIS time out of HIS day to talk to others about not like me just amazes me. You have roughly 80 years to live and if you even spend 1 single minute worrying about people disliking you, than you are doing something wrong in your life. Big fucking middlefinger to all of 'em. Imma live my life like i want and don't care what others think. PEACE!

  7. great video one of the best episodes so far for me ( i havent watched all of them, but still) May God bless you Gary. Im seeing myself change .ive joined twitter in order to find people eith same interests as me , as well as to follow you .im beggining to see things that im good at and the things im not ,and now i'm just ready to Just GOOOoO no brakes. Make it all about MEEEE.. squeeze my life because we are lucky to be here like you said .love you

  8. Through interviews, podcasts, guest mixes, and social media content we give talented artists a platform to show their stuff. So hit us up if you've got an interest, and check our last guest mix ft. Serbian DJ/Producer Tonbe on Livingroom Dancefloor Radio.

  9. For who? For myself. That should always be the answer. If we are doing for someone else, we just need to get away from that position.

    But when you say we get vulnerable, when other people get in, I would say we become fragile. Being vulnerable does not mean we are in a bad position. It may tell us we are human. And that's just great.

    My stoic practice helps me to understand I need to move on, and that what's happen inside my day is just what's happening inside my day. I need to understand how to move on and how to get it done. And for sure, when I'm doing because it is important to me, no one needs to tell me nothing about it.

  10. So crazy how this Aubrey guy can't look Gary in the eye for more than 3 seconds. I could totally be reading into this too much but my intuition has a gut feeling this guy is a trustfund baby that's scared Gary is going to find out the truth on him so he avoids being vulnerable.

  11. You know what, Gary?? ALL these years down the line, I always wondered what exactly Drago said before the 15th. Funny thing, I always got that feeling that he was saying something similar to what you said in the video. "I did this for ME." I didn't know the exact language translation, but I knew, just from being an athlete in a similar situation, that's what he was saying.
    And I liked it. I didn't necessarily LIKE Drago then, but it made him a little more admirable, a little more fallible, and much more human. And he did it right when it mattered most — right at the climax of the movie. Brilliant writing by Stallone, and believe it or not, brilliant delivery and emotion by Lundgren.

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