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The Feed Bin: Tacos

August 15, 2019

Rubicon: Hello, everybody! welcome to The Feed Bin I’m your host, Rubicon And I’m Aviator today we’re going to make tacoooooooooooooos yes we’re actually using the taco sauce
to make tacos and we have taco shells we got the stand-up kind so that they
don’t fall over because we don’t have hands it’s very hard to hold taco shells we also have beans, and we have tomatoes…to-ma-toes? tomato, to-mah-to, potato, po-tah-to let’s call the whole thing red wait, Red’s not here! Rubicon got distracted, so I’ll finish we have cheese I love cheese I love cheese so much Oh, now I’m distracted! um and lettuce, which I also love! oh, lettuce okay so we need a plate oops almost forgot the meat we have meat! we have to use this meat we’re vegetarians, so it’s kind of weird, we always forget the meat but, humans are not vegetarians usually, some of them are. But, ours are not will this do (loud dings) yep that plate will do ok I just put the meat in to defrost and Aviator has some taco shells out now we wait I’m a taco! shouldn’t we cut these up first while we’re waiting? good idea! (evil cackling) yes (yelling) well that was terrifying now I shall do the same to the meat (more yelling) okay you’re never getting a knife
again because we have hooves, and it’s really hard to keep everything in the
tacos we like to mix everything together first yes so we’re going to put the meat into
the beans yep alright, here goes you want to keep it a good adhesion to
the beans now my favorite part the CHEESE you probably shouldn’t eat cheese I don’t care IT’S GOOD (cheese falling sounds) we moved the strange-looking mixture
into a more microwave friendly container and now we’re going to add the TOMATOES Yes, go in tomatoes! Go, go go! We need some taco sauce to add a little bit of spice time to heat it all up! not eat it all up, heat! Heat it all up! yeah, we’ll eat it later go go go, go little taco food go! go go go go goooo! look here we have a taco casserole we take take it and fork it into each
taco shell they don’t look like tacos we’re not done yet put on some lettuce a little bit of cheese and if you have any olives those would make it pretty – but there
you have tacos oh yeah much better Thank you for coming to our Feed Bin! we hope you enjoy it!

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  1. I love you videos so much and I watch them every day even if I've already seen them. They make me laugh and rubicon (sorry if I spelled that wrong) is so cute and funny , you inspired me to start making videos of my own so I just wanted to thank you so much.

  2. I have another question for you………… do you play with your breyers's.its okay. if you do your not the only one f you do.

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