The Goblins Expansion for the Labyrinth Boardgames
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The Goblins Expansion for the Labyrinth Boardgames

August 10, 2019

Goblin expansion! Johnny from tabletop
Troubadour here and we are all getting excited about this we got this pamphlet
in the base game of Labyrinth the board game and since Tabletop Troubadour
posted the video of unboxing this game we gave you a sneak peek of the Goblin
and without heaps of positive feedback and excitement over that so we’re doing
a giveaway to keep that excitement up I’ve drawn a kind of a one-off
illustration of the expansion itself and the same style is all the artwork and
that I did for the board game and all you’ve got to do is share the video and
then a couple weeks from now we’re going to randomly select someone who’s shared
and this could be in your gaming room until then let’s take a look at the
Goblins for the expansion of the Labyrinth board game. So it was never the
original plan to actually have an expansion it was hoped for by River
Horse but they wanted to keep the price down with the core box for the fans and
have the five main favorite characters in there while I was waiting
for some feedback and stuff I sculpted this guy because I was having so much
fun sculpting these characters and once they got to be in the five I didn’t want
to stop and I thought was this guy and then I sculpted this guy and initially
they were really just for me and my gaming table and I sent them some photos
to River horse and they got really excited and they had discussions within
the company and they got back to me and said okay let’s do five. Let’s do five
Goblins for the Goblin expansion and I was thrilled because for me so you can’t have Labyrinth without the Goblins. These two I picked out initially since I was just doing it for me as my favorite characters these guys personally showcased the wide
range of what Brian Froud designed for that movie. “Did she say it?” and this is the “That doesn’t even start with I wish, where did she learn that rubbish?” It’s was exciting to
hear they wanted a cavalry unit because Alessio Cavatore who designed this game
also designed the Lord of the Rings Games Workshop game.
I’ve been collecting and painting that since I was about 14, 15 years old and so
you know I designed these with wargaming in mind in the same thing you’ve got the
brute which is the big guy you’ve got just a little kind of pawn infantry unit
which is the small guy you’ve got sort of like a lengthy spear or kind of a
double based range weapon which is the nipper-stick that guy. You’ve got the ranged
weapon, crossbow bow or artillery which is the artillery Goblin,
and then you’ve got the cavalry. When I went on to do the cavalry guy… this was
the most trouble which is the same thing as saying the most fun that I’ve had and
having to make a sculpture that will come out in one mold that’s not going to
cost a lot more money down the line of having to assemble in at the factory or to
get the customer themselves to assemble it because some people just want to take the
miniature out of the box and play. I enjoy model making the miniatures myself
but sometimes it’s just nice to pull the guy of the box like you can off the
Labyrinth game and play and that’s done because I worked every pose and to being
able to come out of one mold but the cavalry guy who’s got a thin lance,
thin arms and thin legs and lots of hair and pointy bits sticking in all sorts of
directions. I mean if you hold this up to an image of the film you can see where I’ve
cheated proportion where I can and cheated under cuts where I can with
fleshy bits and sandals and elbows and hair and a droopy flag and stuff like
that. I was always sculpting to what the
miniature was going to look like not what the three-up was going to look like.
The only character that I was told to do as opposed to the ones that I was able
to choose because River Horse and Henson’s are just so open on the
creative side of this game which is just such a blessing as a sculpter and illustrator, they asked for this guy. They wanted artillery and I can see why because as you play the board
game you’ll notice you’ve got to get through different levels of goblins to
get to Jareth in his castle and they wanted to keep escalating like the
film does, oh man, it just gets worse and worse and worse and so you get like
machine gun dude here and there’s no images of the back of them so I had to
interpret what I thought the back of him would look like so I kind of kept
it simple I’m not here to redesign anything Brain Froud and the team behind
Jim Henson’s Labyrinth have already done the single greatest job in cinema
history of designing this world. I just feel very privileged to have a chance to
do my best to try and capture that for things this big. So like all sculptures
in the Labyrinth board game, these characters were done in three-ups which
is this big because they get three times smaller and a firm plasticine that I
use as a sculptor monsters and stuff at Weta Workshop where I work and it’s
something that I’m familiar with and you see plasticine unlike clay or other products
it never hardens or dries so you can work into it for months and I means you have to mold it which is an expensive process but it’s what grants you the detail that
you can get in a sculpture. I could build up a form and twist his head that way,
move his arm that way you know I kind of built him up an almost a sausage stick
figure and then I repositioned them and for the Calvary unit that was so
important to have that flexibility because it was a real puzzle making this
guy work as one piece and hiding where you’d expect undercuts and gaps to be. So plasticine was a real bonus there. As you can see as the eyeballs are just little plastic molds of what we’re
steel ball bearings and ball bearings as you can see from a lot of these guys
are an important part of the sculpting process because what you’ve got to
remember again is that these are relatively crude sculptures that capture
the shapes to be miniaturised. so rather than spinning each time on
every little bolt and stuff like that I’ve just got a whole different series
of shapes and sizes not shapes they’re all around but sizes of ball bearings
and I’ve made a little nook and I’ve pushed the ball bearings in and you can
see when it comes out you know it’s not really a ball bearing anymore it’s a
little it’s a little rivet which adds some sharpness to what otherwise quite a
soft sculpture. You see these guys are falling to pieces and because they’ve
been pulled out of the mold and once sculpts come out of the mold they’re
quite useless but it doesn’t matter because that enables you to produce
multiples of it like that but it also means you’ve got to make
sure that River Horse and Henson’s have locked off the design because you’re
going to start again otherwise after the mold they say we want to change but they
were great with that they didn’t want any changes after the fact. You can
see here where his foots come off but I’ve just used florist wire as an
armature and see how that you can easily Bend that and so I made a little stick
figure of this guy put them into a pose I thought was good. Then we’ve got this guy who was always my favorite character my
favorite Goblin anyway as a kid watching this film and if you read some of the
sketches of Brian Froud original concept sketch of this guy and in the book
compilation of goblins that he wrote with with Terry Jones there’s some fun
little side notes about how this guy is actually the mayor of Goblin City and I
certainly think that every time I watch the film. It’s funny because he’s
betrayed as really the dimmest of the goblins in the movie
but he also seems quite lovely and he’s also in Sarah’s room dancing at the end
of the movie which just makes them even sweeter. I’d vote for him. That is the
Goblin expansion the Labyrinth board game. I hope that got everyone more
excited about it. Thanks for watching be sure to share the video and get in for a
chance to win this for your gaming room and until then, happy gaming, stay of the oubliette, and mind your step.

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  1. of course I'd share it without a prize, but that would be awesome inspiration for me and my children when it comes to drawing and our sculpting. awesome work. shared done and done. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for being that amazing and inspirational! I painted the original figures from the core game for a friend but now I just want all of them including the expansion! Amazing. Big fan Love Weta, great work fantastic job

  3. Great job I bought original and the expansion but it needs the giant gate keeper though bit of a bummer not having him in the set and having to use a card cut out is lame. Update we need guy with talking bird hat, baby Toby, nah im just a worm, twin door guards lol

  4. Does anyone know when the large specil editions are coming out. The gold ones that are larger. I am hunting online but everything seems to be preorder.

  5. Instead of plasticine why didn't you use supersculpy? Supersculpy stays workable until you put it in the oven. Also do you use dental tools?

  6. 4:30 of this video … the making of labyrinth there is a shot of the guy getting in the suit and you can see the back of it go to the 53min 40Sec mark

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