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The Grossest Part Of Owning Horses… Sheath Cleaning! // Versatile Horsemanship

August 29, 2019

I’m keepin it real here folks this is
the grossest part about owning horses this is one of those videos where I’m
going to go ahead and put this little disclaimer out there parental discretion
is advised with this video this video is something that I feel is very important
for all horse owners regardless of age to watch but everybody’s a little bit
different so something that I’m comfortable with my kids watching might
be something that someone else is not comfortable with their kids watching so
parents please please be advised and watch this video before allowing your
kids to watch in this video I’m gonna show you all about sheath cleaning and
if you have a gelding unfortunately it’s something that has to be done so this is
bare bears gelding and bear needs a sheath cleaned every year I’m going to
tell you a little story about my experience with geldings and why it’s
important to clean their sheets so several years ago I was actually
pregnant at the time I had a horse named akka ho Donahoe started limping and we
could not figure out why he was limping and I actually had the vet out to do we
did lameness exam we did x-rays on everything that could potentially have
been the issue and at the end bears getting a little
this is really good training right now because bear wants to leave and I’m like
no we’re just gonna sit here so he just finished eating this grain and he’s
being a little impatient while the vet was going over the x-rays
he was not finding anything that could potentially be causing the sliminess and
I remembered a story that a friend told me years ago about how her horse was
mysteriously lame they couldn’t figure it out and they cleaned his sheath and
found a very large beam well so while the vet was here being that I was
pregnant cleaning his sheets was not something
that I was willing to partake in and so it hadn’t been done but we do him we do
him once a year at least anyway depending on the horse the vet did a
thorough examination of this horse’s sheath and everything that goes along
with that and found a being about the size of a quarter
now for those of you who know what a bean is and where it comes from
understand that the size of the whole of where it’s at is not that big so this
bean was the size of a quarter and the vet had to break it up into four or five
pieces to actually even get it out and so you know magically the next day
suddenly the horse isn’t limping anymore so here I spent all this time and energy
and money on getting this horse checked out and all it was was a beam causing
this problem so I learned my I learned my lesson and no two with geldings if
there’s anything that seems you know sore in that general area and hind end
of the horse I immediately go for checking for a beam so really important
and today we have dr. Rebecca Vollrath with us
copper country’s engineering and what about sheep Oh chief cleanings are nice
to do every year for them because they get awfully dirty and beams are very
uncomfortable and can even cause falling if they’re large enough and obstructing
their ability to urinate and cleaning them out is often difficult without
sedation so it’s often done at the same time as their flow so for viewing
purposes can you show me exactly where to look for a beam so the urethra is
right here and there’s the urethral prop faucet here this holes part where I’m
putting my fingers in and they can store a beam anywhere in that whole area so
you have to kind of dig around and there’s some stuff I just talked about
it yeah goo okay they don’t always appreciate it they’ll also be safe smegma just kind of crusty stuff that
I’m peeling out and all that it concrete’s together and get stuck in
that fossa and makes a beam I have to break it into pieces so smelly he’s crusty for sure in relations or anything Cuffy sheath is super swollen from all
the mud that we’ve had horses haven’t been moving around very much so he’s
just gonna get this checked out a little bit while it gets cleaned but that
should go away as soon as he starts moving around more a big bead hmm so tired
eat toffee he has like no sheets compared to that big gelding oh yeah going after me mechanic you see lips is
to break into small pieces I won’t include you sniffing it yeah and
horses we worry about squamous cell with them okay I don’t feel anything deep
down in there or to see anything on the outside here but if he ever does drop
nice for you I’ll try to get it down you can kind of always try to keep an eye on
it if you notice any major crusts okay come on that’s okay important I don’t see anything on here here’s the beam that just came out of
Diego having geldings as gross as it is it is something that
we must do is force owners I’m feeling pretty lucky that I only own two
geldings a lot of people ask me they’re like well you know do you prefer
marriage over geldings no I don’t prefer either I just happen to have a lot of
Marisa my heard I have 14 horses and only two of them are geldings and
they’re both ponies bear is one of them and then Lucky’s yet a gal Dean that I
own but still with that being said I make sure to check them out real good
and a good time to do it is when the dentist comes the vet comes to do dental
work on the horses because they’re sedated and it makes it so you can get
in there and do what you need to do if you’re not comfortable cleaning your
horses sheath you can definitely ask your vet to take care of that for you
well that’s a wrap I hope you found this video helpful maybe a little bit
interesting maybe a little bit disgusting maybe you don’t ever want to
own a gelding again I don’t know but anyway I hope that it did help you in
some way if you enjoyed this video please be sure to hit the subscribe
button and ding that little bell then you’ll receive all notifications when a
new video is uploaded to the versatile horsemanship YouTube channel I really
appreciate it thanks so much for watching

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  1. What do you think is the grossest thing about horses? Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear your response!

    Watch next ➡️

  2. It is really important. A bean will also affect a horse under saddle. Doing it at the same time you're floating is good advice, my guy doesn't like to drop when he needs to.

  3. Holy shit, I'm suddenly extremely grateful for circumcision.😶😶 I was going to say something about making good money in TJ with that routine but goddamn.

  4. I started out with castile soap to clean sheaths. Eventually I got to just cleaning with baby oil. It worked. No rinsing, no drying.

  5. I knew a man who loved his horse but never cleaned the sheath. Got a new girlfriend who said gotta clean sheath. Whathey dound was a squamus cell carcinoma ringing the penis. Death sentence. Man was devastated.

  6. I grew up ranching and farming, and I would rather ride a dirt bike or snowmobile, than ride a horse…anyday…lol. You park the dirt bike, and it doesn't keep needing to be fed, and if it gets injured, you don't have to blow its head off…hehehe. THAT, is what I think is the grossest part of owning horses.

  7. It's not so bad. It sure is a cure for nail biting.
    BTW I was a trooper in the Household Cavalry (Lifeguards) for 3yrs and regularly sheath cleaned geldings.
    Picking out a horses hind hoof and having the horse open its bowels on your head is nothing short of hilarious to a seasoned horsey type.

  8. Having owned horses or worked with horses for 50 years, including stallions and geldings this is tosh. In that time I have only known one horse get an infection of his privates and one mare who got mastitis. My stallions were checked before running with the mares. All that is generally needed is for a horses privates to be washed with warm water, they never need sedating. What is happening here is far too invasive and unnecessary. Way too much intervention here.

  9. Here is a great tip for everyone who is attempting to do this: When my equine dentist comes to work on my horses's mouth he sedates them for the entire procedure. When he sedates them, a stallion will often 'drop' naturally. I make the most of the situation and don my gloves and get my cleaning solution out,, and I have MORE than enough time to do all the cleaning. A sedated horse is far less likely to kick or be rowdy during the cleaning process so I get more bank for my buck by doing the cleaning when my farrier is doing his thing.

  10. My horse had a bean and it was big enough to obstruct his urethra (pee tube). He ended up with residual urine in his bladder that couldn’t pass because the bean pressed against the urethra and caused an obstruction. He ended up with a bladder infection requiring antibiotics. I knew there was something wrong because he kept adopting the preposition but nothing happened. He did this several times during one ride. I called the vet and he removed the bean. I can clean the sheath myself now. I wear gloves cos it’s a bit smelly. It’s no big deal. It’s important it’s done so thankyou for this video and highlighting the problem. Kate

  11. Gotta laugh!😩😂😂😂😂 good ol' smegma… AGH!! Bless you for being so honest and BRAVE!!! Any horse person knows this stuff!!! LOL!!!'

  12. we were VERY fortunate! I've been around horses all my life & never heard of that cleaning process OR BEANS! WHEW!

  13. Very good video. Surprised by all the owners that didn't know this was necessary. I'd read all about it when I was pre teen. Spent a lot of time on family farm/ranch so learned early how bulls become steers, how to clean fish, dress a deer, etc. Was a nurse/medic, so not much bothers me, except the "feel" of some things & smell. I've taken crap for it over the years but I have to wear gloves for fish & other stinky, slimy things!

  14. I was just wondering about the Lady doing the cleaning on the horse, do you have to go to college to learn that horse care?

  15. Why isn't she wearing gloves???? that "goo" is getting under her fingernails etc…..not very hygienic to say the least.

  16. The proper use of Nytrile disposable gloves might be a good idea to prevent sharing bacteria or other organisms between geldings, or deposits on the hands or nails to the geldings. Ith process will be even more smelly gross if all the geldings pick up infections from each other.

  17. Some of the comments have made me laugh. Maybe I'm strange but would much rather clean a sheath than change a baby diaper! Baby poop will make me gag every time!

  18. Wow never heard about this before just imagined they would clean themselves like a cat or dog. I wonder what happens to the wild horses then

  19. I've never understood why sheath-cleaning is supposed to be so horrible. To me, its infinitely more pleasant that cleaning a shitty baby's bottom. As long as the horse isn't prone to trying to kick your head off, its no big deal. There is absolutely no need to use any fancy detergents. All you need is a small bucket of nice warm water with a dash of the plainest shampoo, a sponge and another bucket of warm water for rinsing, and if you've got one, a big syringe, the sort you use for penicillin injections. It will get the rinsing water right up into every nook and cranny. As long as you do the job regularly, beans and stinky smegma shouldn't be any problem. Be gentle with the horse and most will let you get on with the job. I once cleaned up a friends's gelding because she was leery about it, and every time he saw me after that, he would let down, whether I was going to clean him or not.

  20. That's why people need to get educated when getting an animal regardless of what kind of animal it is if you really want to take care of it the right way you need to know the ins-and-outs and you'll save a ton of money.

  21. I'm not a horse owner but I find horses extremely fascinating. My question is, what do wild horses do for this? And secondly, are there any more wild horses left?

  22. It's kind of ironic that the advertisement I got before this is for cheese I'm certain it's not smegma cheese but still cheese LOL

  23. The worst part of owning a horse (in my opinion) is that you can't spend every single second with them!!!!

  24. You are a very nice looking farmer, young lady 😉
    Sorry, I couldn't watch the rest of your video… (I'm a 79-year-old city kid!)

  25. I have 2 geldings, 1 gets beans a lot, so I clean him monthly, just rub his tummy for a minute, he drops, he will have smegma all up/down his sheath, so I use an empty yogurt container filled w/ warm tap water, dunk it in & wash off all that stuff, then dig out any beans, he will have a few … he knows it brings relief so cooperates. When he first went lame, I couldn't figure out what was going on until a good cowboy explained it to me. My other gelding is a little tougher, but he will drop, just takes a bit longer. I do not find it any more gross than changing my kids diapers when they were small, just a part of life, & something I wish vets would educate everyone on

  26. My father-in-law was actually in the army when they had horses. Later he owned several for trail riding. He felt this should be done weekly. One of the geldings he had was so sore when he bought him, it took a month to be able to finally cleaned the sheath. Never had further trouble.

  27. I used to work with a welder building mostly barns on ranches I once witnessed this and wondered wth was going on.

  28. For a while when I was a kid I wanted to be a vet- and specialize in horses. Pretty sure that this would have turned me off that idea…

  29. Not gross and any good CNA, nurse, or doc knows u gotta clean there on males. On humans that foreskin has to be pushed back an the area cleaned with daily bath and then returned to normal position. If not it builds up an u got a stinky penis and possible infection. At least with horses it's big enough that you can get it done without a microscope on some.

  30. Smegma…..the same thing that occurs in human uncircumcised males who cannot retract the foreskin back past the glans to clean behind the rim. Even with males who can retract, a day without a shower sees build up and some smell. But yet the argument against circumcision continues.

  31. Before i clicked the video just reading apart of the topic i thought , well, for me it was cleaning my geldings sheath. Then i click on video and read the full topic lmao it is gross but nessesary.

  32. I never have been on a farm. It doesn't offend me or anything. It's something that I did not know. And now I do. Knowledge is power and power and knowledge is good. Thank you.

  33. I'm shocked that you use the words 'gross', disgusting when it comes to the care and good health of your horses. Very immature!

  34. Why does this buildup happen in domestic horses? Nobody's going around "cleaning" mustangs… Or is it just somehow because they're geldings? Do stallions have this problem, too?

  35. Yup,I Learnt this,beforehand.
    Its Not Fun,But for the Gelding,sooo very necessary!!

    Buckets of smeg,after cleaning,where NO ONE had Gone before!
    This is a routine job,not pleasant,but,IT MUST BE DONE!

    Thank You for uploading this,because it is unbelievable how Few Owners Actually Know.😳🙄

  36. Very informative. I've heard my cousin say she had to clean her geldings sheaths. I really never knew what that was for sure. Thank you for making this video. Helped me understand a lot…Yes I sure can see why sheath cleaning in very important!

  37. I took care of a gelding that had been on the track. He urinated on command (a toneles whistle) I could clean his sheath immediately after with no problem other than my embarrassment as it was a busy boarding stable. He wasn’t even my horse, but I had needed a vet encause I thought he had a bee sting. Must have been a bean. The vet told me I had to do this weekly! Once a year would have been preferable! Btw I never thought about sedating him. He didn’t mind at all.

  38. Learn something new every day. I would not want to do semen collecting from a stallion for breeding and inseminating mares. I saw it done once years ago at a farm. This sheath cleaning not gross to watch but I would not want to do it. Let the vet do it. Thank you for posting

  39. Oh my goodness, I had no idea that you had to do that to a horse. I was not grossed out at all. I expected to be but I found it to be very educational and just another step in being a good steward of animals we own. Personally I would let the vet do it, tho!!

  40. Not my favorite but has to be done! My herd dynamics changed dramatically when retired from breading! Lol now mostly geldings with 1 Clyde biggg girl. Guess as I got older I decided not to deal with that mare 'tude some seem to have badly. Only 1 stallion left and he's my pride and joy. Will never have my arabian gelded cuz he is the only breeder left. I just love horses if any breed!!!

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