The History and Origins of Donkey Kong’s Colors in Smash Bros.
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The History and Origins of Donkey Kong’s Colors in Smash Bros.

February 28, 2020

Smash Bros. really goes deep and is full of
countless references you will probably miss unless you are specifically looking for them
and know each character extremely well. In this Crazy Connections miniseries I will cover
all of the Smash Bros. fighters’ costumes so far. Please note, when I say secondary
I am referring to Brawl’s order of costumes if applicable. Dk’s default is the design Donkey Kong the
third has always had since appearing in Donkey Kong Country. Trademarks of this donkey kong
like the meticulously sculpted cowlick, tie and athletic build identify this incarnation
Donkey Kong as the one joining the fight. Donkey kong’s second color references the
in game color scheme of the second Donkey Kong and his dark fur. In Brawl, the tie color
changes to finally reference the 2nd player recolor from Donkey Kong Country.
Dk’s third color references the colors of the first Donkey Kong who originally had bright
orangey red fur and extra pale skin before he became Cranky Kong.
Dk’s fourth color references one of his recolors in Kong Battle from Dk64. It is similar to
a recolor from Mario Golf, which possibly inspired the recolor in Dk64.
Donkey Kong’s fifth color could represent K. Rool with the green tones and red tie corresponding
to his red cape. These colors also correspond perfectly to Squawks, the Squawk who has always
appeared alongside the third DK in all his non-spinoff games.
Donkey Kong’s sixth color matches the description of a yeti and what he presumably would look
like after obtaining a fire flower judging by Mario Vs. Donkey Kong March of the minis.
Incidentally this color inspired the design of Super Kong.

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  1. Since you had DK64 footage at the end of the Bowser video, I took it as a hint that this one was next.

    Also, 1:03 this is an interesting theory you pulled up here!

  2. Donkey kong the 1st: donkey kong arcade (became cranky Kong)
    Donkey kong the 2nd: donkey kong JR
    Donkey kong the 3rd: the one we know today

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