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The horse tamer – Enigma

August 13, 2019

Colombia is home for a future
Paso Fino champion. Enigma, a Criollo horse full of attributes. A very nice horse to look at,
with excellent attributes of a Paso Fino. But also, the owner of a ferocity
that makes him untamable. He started getting very nervous,
we couldn’t control him. Eleven riders were left on the road,
and all the horses fear him. Martin faces a double challenge: to get Enigma into
the populous Flower Festival in Medellín, and to have the horse participate
in a Paso Fino exhibition again. What they want is
too much in too little time. It’s a really difficult moment. The tamer must teach Enigma’s owners
how to deal with his violence. I’ve always liked horses; I spent days and nights
determined to train them, but one day, I stopped to listen to them. My taming is based on trust and communication, I live with them, dedicate myself,
and I wait for a signal to start transmitting, giving what I have; It’s a moment of openness and lucidity. Every time I manage to tame a horse,
something in the universe changes. In eastern Antioquia, Colombia,
40 kilometers from Medellín, is San Sebastian ranch,
owned by the Molina family. Its owners, Jorge and Hernán Molina,
inherited their love for horses from their ancestors. Four years ago,
a promise arrived at the hacienda, a Criollo specimen named Enigma. His conditions made him unique. What I loved most about him was his race,
color and movements, and how he developed the Paso Fino gait. On the farm, they expected Enigma to become
a great Paso Fino champion… He has a very harmonious gait, with excellent attributes of a Paso Fino. … but it never happened. He started getting very nervous;
no one wanted to ride him anymore, nor did anyone want him at all. He began to show a terrible indocility; We couldn’t handle him anymore. Enigma became a threat to everyone. One day, he cornered me in a stall passage
and bit my knee, he pulled me off the saddle with his teeth, and when I fell down on the ground,
the horse chased me with his hooves; I had to roll out of the stall
so that the horse wouldn’t hit me. If you put him in a stall
where he has contact with the others, he’ll try to attack them immediately. He reacts very badly.
He is very aggressive: he wants to kick and bite them
all the time. Few dare to ride him. He began to attack the riders: Ten or eleven riders
are not enough to control him. Today, Enigma is making
the Molina family split. I’ve been meaning to take Enigma out of the farm… The rest of the family doesn’t want Enigma
to continue in the stables or the farm. …but my son won’t let me,
he has loved him more. The only friend of the horse is me. Jorge has two dreams: that Enigma participates in the parade
of the Flowers Festival in Medellín, and that he manages to compete
in a Paso Fino show. It’s going to be complicated
because he can explode and misbehave. One week from
the parade of the Flowers Festival, Jorge knows that he still has a chance. Martin is the last hope to have the horse
in good condition and get him tamed. Martin Ochoteco, it’s nice to meet you,
I’m Jorge Molina. How are you doing, Jorge? I’ve been told that
you were working nearby, and I’d like you to check out
a horse that I have, if possible. Do you have some time? Yeah, sure, I follow you. I’ve met Jorge, and I see a horse enthusiast
who has a tendency to nonviolence, It’s the first horse I’ve met that
doesn’t get along with the other animals, he doesn’t like other horses, he doesn’t like mares. He is very nervous all day, right? Very, very nervous:
he tries to knock down the feeders, he tries to knock down the water troughs,
kicks all the walls, he climbs up to hit the walls
with his hooves. The place where Enigma lives
is worse than a jail: it’s enclosed,
two very small windows, he can’t see his partners on the sides, I mean, no contact with anything. The horse has a lot of energy,
and also a lot of anger, a lot of madness. If he gets too nervous, and
he’s also taken out, he might break a wall. He has attacked or bitten other horses
many times. He is always upset. He looks kind of nervous, doesn’t he? He gets very nervous and crazy. The horse has moments of despair, and he tries to take everything
he has around him and kick it until he has destroyed it all. He has an unnatural life,
he is a time bomb; he definitely needs freedom. Martin proposes to move Enigma
to an open stall, but first, he must reinforce it so that it can withstand
the violent reactions of the animal. The modifications I would do are: First, putting a railing here,
in case he plans to jump. Aha. I’d remove that grill because it may be
dangerous if he puts his foreleg in, I’d make a padded rubber, in case
he kicks the wall, it won’t hurt him. Do you think we can do that? Yeah, we could do it. Isolation can be one of
the worst punishments for a horse. Jorge and Oscar take Enigma
to a large farmyard so that Martin can see
how the horse reacts when being mounted. It’s striking how someone bears with a horse
for so long having no idea how. Easy, horse. Easy. Easy. Easy. I see a horse enthusiast
who does have an idea about some things, and who’s still learning about some others. Easy… Easy… Easy. I see an indomitable horse. Martin, this is my dad. Martin, how are you doing?
I’m Hernan Molina. How are you? Pleased to meet you. What do you think aboout the horse? We don’t know if we should sell the horse
or what to do about him; my family really can’t manage him. So far, we haven’t been able to ride him. Enigma is totally unmanageable
to be ridden. They get on him,
but they don’t try to sooth him at all, so he kicks, stomps, and shakes his head. You can see he tries to take him off,
to bite him. Yeah. Yeah. He’s trying to… … to bite him, and take him off. Yeah. Yeah. Martin thinks he can explain
Enigma’s violent bahaviour. When they get on him, he gets out of
control because his body aches; his mouth, his whole back
and his legs ache, So it’s a way to fight them off. Jorge, do you think
we can have him checked by the vet? Do you think he has some
physical discomfort or something…? He might also be grumbling… Let’s not demand more from him,
let’s just have him checked After striving with all the riding, Enigma is free to do what he likes most:
running. He tries to jump to get to those stalls
over there to boher the other animals. Enigma is untamable as he is intelligent;
when sees the opportunity, he escapes. It’s a very dangerous moment because Enigma goes to the surrounding forests
to attack the other horses, and if I don’t react quickly,
anything could happen. Enigma is upset and nervous, I must calm him down so
he won’t hurt someone nor himself. I see a horse asking for help. It’s only five days to the
Flowers Festival parade, and one week to the exhibition. Martin starts his work… I’m going to need some time alone; I’ll let him be himself for a while… The horse seems very upset,
and he’s acting weird; his behavior isn’t like a horse’s. I can’t decide on what to do, it’s confusing because as I watch him,
he gives me mixed signals, after some observation,
I go in and play to see his reaction. He didn’t attack me, didn’t try to bite me
or kick me, I realise the horse likes to play He’s starting to see that I can be his friend,
so he starts to trust. I Know he may have an unexpected reaction not because he’s mean,
but because he’s traumatized All right. Martin knows he can’t afford losing
the bond he’s built with Enigma, he must find the way for
the horse not to keep feeling angry. I propose running again,
and Enigma agrees. He’s letting me guide him, he likes it… By playing, I could get closer to Enigma, I advanced a lot today,
but we still have a long way to go. Four days before the Flowers Festival opening,
Enigma meets the vet. I’d like you to check him
because when he’s being mounted, he tries to bite the rider, and
that’s very typical when their back hurts. I think the strikes against the stall
have affected his health because such leg movements so strong
against a wall cause pain to the horse. It hurts there, too? There’s a noticeable sensitivity here. There, too, right? That whole area. If the horse is fine, when you put
some preassure on the abdomen, his back is supposed to go up a little
as the muscles tighten, but it’s not raising much. He’s more sore than I thought. I strongly believe that there are
muscular pains that might be related to the disconfort
he feels when he has the rider on his back. It’s an unexpected surprise; not only is the horse
very hurt psychologically, he’s also very sore physically…
that’s too much. I recommend that the horse get
an injection on the back. And would it be appropriate to have him
recovered before riding him? I think we’ll need to consider it
in 72 hours after the injection. I’d start my work by calming him down,
and we’ll see how he’s doing in 72 hours That’s perfect, I totally agree, Martin. I think their expectations are too high,
in too little time, and with an injured horse. Under the vet’s instructions,
Enigma can’t be mounted for three days, as time is pressing, Martin has started
the smooth job with the horse. What’s natural to a horse is
living free, with his herd… What I do is I show him the life he likes. Horses are raised in freedom,
because of their instinct, they like to run a lot, and big spaces… He’s running as he’s enjoying the space,
the freedom, not like it was before when
he was desperate to scape. All right. I just keep trying; I repeat what works
and discard what doesn’t… The horse is too enclosed, and he is a horse
that needs to go out every day. Hi. Hello, Martin. How are you? What’s up? How’s it going, Martin? We’re doing all right.
He looks more quiet, doesn’t he? Very much, really. I like that he’s getting along with you, I’ve noticed that he’s not giving
so much trouble anymore. I find Martin’s work very interesting;
becoming friends with the horses, having such close contact,
the man with the horse… it’s not very common for us to see
that kind of taming. Martin, do you think you’ll make
it with Enigma? I think I can, but, honestly,
he’s one of the strangest horses I’ve met, this is the first one with
this kind of behaviour, so weird, when he’s free… Martin, how possible do you think
it is for me to ride him again? Listen, I don’t think it’s a very good idea
right after the 72 hours, right? Let’s wait a little longer to be sure
and try him little by little. Martin makes the necessary adjustments
to the stall to turn it into Enigma’s new home. I’m adjusting the stall, and what I do here
is to lower the risks, that means to adjust things
so that he can’t get hurt, give him more access to his neighbour… no risks, no sharp ends,
nothing, a drastic change. Martin, are you done? Almost done, Jorge… the last strokes,
let me show you Sure. Look, I took out all the edges, right? The trough, which was what he kicked most
and he hurt himself, the water trough… I mean,
I took out everything he could kick. I put this ball to entertain him
in case he wants to kick or bite, The rubber, if he kicks it,
it cushions… a little, right? it’s not the same as kicking cement. It lowers the impact a lot, of course. I t lowers the impact, he won’t get
hurt with the edge of the trough, and, well, these railings will prevent him from jumping out and attacking
the other horses, he’s going to have contact so
his attacking is not a concern anymore. The horse managing to live with
the other animals is a great idea, but it won’t work. Having so much contact with them will,
sooner or later, make him crazy again. Well, let’s see how he reacts. As he finds his mare neighbour, which
he didn’t have because he was enclosed, I see he smells her, and it’s different,
there’s some good vibe, right? He’s not kicking, he’s not pouncing,
what do you think, Jorge? Much more relaxed. Is it the first time you see him relaxed
when surrounded by mares? Yeah. That kind of stall ensures that
the horse won’t get hurt as it was designed adequately for him. The good relationship
the horse has initiated with his mare neighbour inspires Martin to try a new plan. The mare is in heat,
and it makes me think that the horse may mount her, right? All right. There. Let him smell her… Let me get this… There it is. I think it’s a bit dangerous for both of them to leave him alone with the mare in a stall. I’ll take him facing her, introduce them,
and I’m grabbing him just in case. It’s an ideal mare because
he feels calm around her. Do you know what he used to do? He would turn around
as if he were to attack. Now, look at him… You mean, whenever he had the opportunity,
he would start fighting. Yeah. He’s in a very good mood to breed,
to be relaxed and sharing with the mare. This is a horse’s natural life. Living in a stall, enclosed and
not seeing other horses is unnatural. The progress is huge; from the agressive horse he used to be,
even with the mares, to his current behaviour. I think there’s love in the air. 36 more hours left for
Enigma to be ridden again, but Martin works out the way
to continue the training I’ll take him to the yard, and I want to see how he’d take
the pressure of a leg by using my arm so he won’t get much weight in his back. I try to imitate the pressure
with my hand as if it were a leg. Of course, it’s much less weight, right? All right. I think he’s improving physically,
he’s looser… …with less pain. Is he giving me some Paso Fino gait? He’s walking. Uh? When you hug him, he only walks. He walks. They get collected when they feel the reins. I’m going to collect him with
the reins up there… Let’s see. Come on. Let’s see. Come on. We’ve gained some docility
and some calm for him, but we haven’t seen
the Fino traits so far. Usually, the Paso Fino works between
the withers and lower part of the neck. Yeah. So there’s where he’s feeling tight. The Paso Fino is new and
totally different for me. Today, we’ll have a last ride,
to see his response, and then, we’ll let him rest. Perfect. You see?
It’s that spot where you take him… Okay, stop. … he starts the Fino gait right away. Let him move, and then, you collect him There’s where you’d have to tighten
that part. There’s where he starts setting the gait. There you go. Well, he seems confortable. Yeah, he is. In just one day,
we can see great progress in Enigma. Let’s have him run here
for a couple more days, for his back to get stronger,
and then, we’ll try again. I’d love to see the horse making
his Fino gait and getting back the spirit he had before. Paso Fino is a discipline
Martin is not familiar with. We want Martin to learn a little about
the natural horse movement in Paso Fino. If you could show me how to… I’ll sure show you, it’s my pleasure. The Paso Fino is a very smooth, even gait. So, look, Martin, the reins must be even;
not letting them too loose, but not pulling them much, either. A bit tense but not pulling. The sensation is different on the horse
because it’s a unique gait, right? It’s those movements what makes
the Paso Fino so desired, so famous… because of its confort,
its beauty, its speed. The horse is well suited now. Very well suited The Paso Fino horse is very forceful because he has to perform that gait
which is very quick. And why is there wood here, Mario? In the horse competitions,
the tracks are like this, made of resounding wood. Ah, they’re made in wood. And who wins? Whoever sounds best, and is the fastest, wins. I learnt some techniques, I may have some information
that could work a lot with Enigma Would you like to ride him, Martin? I’d like to… Very well. The sensation on the Paso Fino is different,
as if you were riding on wheels. He rides him very well, doesn’t he? Yeah, he rides him pretty well
to be his first time on a Paso Fino horse. So, what do you guys think? Good job. You did very well, congrats. Great, thanks a lot. Enigma needs to be soothed first
so he won’t try to take the rider off, after that, we’ll see his progress, but I think becoming a Paso Fino
is not very likely yet. It’s been 72 hours after
the treatment instructed by the vet. In a few minutes, we’ll find out
if the pain will let Enigma be ridden. Well, I’ve been taking care of his back,
you see, he’s getting better. I wanted to ask you to mount on him, but
I think we both might be a bit too heavy for the beginning of the recovery
of a horse’s back, so let’s start with Oscar, if he’d like to. Let’s go over there,
right where Jorge is. Good… don’t let him bite. Very well. Very well, Oscar, eh? Relaxed, no tightening. Very well. Oscar is more confident. It’s a little risky, but I really don’t think
something will go wrong in that moment. He’s starting to get angry… Should we stop him? Slow him down a bit more
and caress him between the ears. That’s the signal I get
when Enigma is going to go mad: he lowers his head a little,
and then, there’s the bitting, the pulling back, the revolting,
he defies you. Okay… Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. All right, let’s go walking. We didn’t try to get the Fino gait
to finish smooth; we stopped there. How do you feel him? By lowering his head, he was
letting us know that he was ready to finish. He started to lower his ears,
that’s why I stopped him. We’re going to stop him
when we see he’s going upset, But well, now we know the signals:
we’re going to do the same and ask for a little more each time, but little by little,
we don’t want to exhaust him. There it is. All right, Enigma. He’s coming more quiet than the mare. Nice. Nice, Oscar, nice. He’s more relaxed now. He’s more relaxed,
and he doesn’t have that “I’m about to do something” face anymore. He’s more and more calmed
every time we give another round. Let’s unsaddle him now, until tomorrow. He’s going to sleep here today. There’s progress;
he walked with a person on him, but it’s actually a very short step
to achieve what they want, right? Two days to the Flowers Festival parade
in Medellín, and four to the Paso Fino show. Martin is resolved to make up for the time lost because of
the injury on the horse’s back. Get on, Make him stay still;
go smooth from the beggining. When I’m going to get on him,
the horse won’t try to bite me. Try to get the Fino gait on that side, Stop pressing with your heel
when he’s doing fine, don’t bother him more. There you go. All right, stop him. Let’s see. Let me give it a try. I’m getting on him for a while
to see how his back is… There it is. Okay, release him. Very well, Enigma. He’s doing all right, a little nervous
but it’s normal. He isn’t doing anything weird. He’s getting tired. No! No! No! No! No! Well, I supposed he would make a mess,
I didn’t think he wouldn’t do anything. All right. Whoa. He has to end doing something right. I won’t ask for more
or something will happen. What Martin does is really different because he takes into account
what the horse thinks and wants. Maybe his back hurt,
maybe I pushed him a bit too much, I couldn’t let him go
while doing something wrong, anyway, because he’d get used to that. I demand a little more, he does it right,
and that’s it. In order for Enigma to socialize
with the other horses, Martin came up with a labyrinth of yards; three small adjacent spaces
separated by round cane fences, Enigma is located in the middle, and several horses will walk on the sides. Two days away from the
Flowers Festival parade, Enigma is facing one of
his worst challenges; being surounded by other horses
and not attacking them. To help him overcome the trauma
and hate against the other horses, I make a “getting closer” yard, right? It consists of a small one for him,
surrounded by other yards, the mare will be to the side, and in at least three different places ,
there will be horses I’m taking him here,
I’m introducing it to him, Please, close it here. Okay. Okay. The moment we get the horses
next to Enigma is stressful because I’m concerned about his safety,
and my other horses’, too. What’s up? If they get close, and he wants to fight, he wants to jump out the yard, he’s very nervous. Just a little bit closer… A bit more… Okay. Okay. Okay. All right. All right. I’m a bit worried about the security,
about horses or people being attacked, it could be Martin, or Oscar, or me. Oscar, bring another one. When he goes mad, take him away. Let him smell him a little. All right… let him… now, take him a bit further… there… What’s wrong? He goes crazy, he wants to attack them
and jump over the canes. Get him near, and when he goes mad
take him away. Aha! Take the… Take him over there, take him away. Okay. Okay. Take him away now. Come on. Come on. Take him out of the yard. If all the horses start kicking and pulling
the yard Martin made at the same time, I think it could end up in a tragedy. Bring him out back, that’s it… there he is… No! No! No! Going back! Going back! He’s going to kick me in the face, Going back! In a second, there can be an accident. It’s a really difficult moment,
I didn’t like it much. All right, Enigma, one more step forward, and we take him out, if they can touch their noses a bit more,
a bit more, let there be some contact,
and then, take him out… … so he can’t bite him Do you see he’s less and less mad? There you go, Enigma. Okay. Okay. I’m trying to calm the horse down. First, by getting closer,
so he sees I’m here to help him. Let him smell this one a little, each one a little. Very well. Very well. Now this one… and that one… There it is. Take him out now, There’s a moment of peace after that… Well, what really matters, now, is for him to let go all that anger he feels
when he sees the other horses. He seems calmed,
we can’t trust him yet, though. but nothing compared to
how he was at the beginning. It’s only a few hours left for Enigma
to participate together with thousands of other horses
in the Flowers Festival. Martin spends the night in the stall
in order to try and calm him down, if he can’t make it, Enigma’s future will be
far from Jorge and the Paso Fino… The night before the Flowers Festival,
I joined him with other horses, I saw how he reacted; he wants to attack at first,
he’s very nervous… Martin keeps going with the adaptation
exercise for Enigma all night long. I think he’s really on the way. It was too little time; very few days, one way or another he’s improving,
that’s what matters. A crowd takes part in the great parade
which usually has thousands of horses. He’s too nervous,
it can be really dangerous… How many horses are there, Oscar? About three thousand. That’s a lot. I can’t hold him,
he attacks his partner, and then, when he recognizes her,
he stops atutomatically, but there you can see how much
he hates other horses. You go, hop up. There it is, stay there. To ease the pressure Enigma is suffering,
Martin decides to ride him Go on. Go on. Go on. Don’t stop, There’s the Paso Fino. There it is. Very well. There you go. Stop. Martin, do you think we could
approach the crowd? We’d have to try it with the crowd, We’d have to ask some guys to come with us
and get him in. Martin attempts to get Enigma into a crowd
that’s participating in the great parade. All right. Easy! Easy! Slow… He goes straight to bite or kick. He could hit a horse as well as
a rider’s knee. Go on! Go on! Don’t you stop unless I tell you to,
go on. He reacts in such a way that
he seems possessed. Martin improvises an exercise
to calm Enigma down right in the middle of the parade. We’ll go there in a minute. Ride in circles around him All right. All right. Very well. Very well. Farther. Farther. Okay. Okay. Very well. Very well. Very well. Okay. There he goes, he’s going well. Everybody still. Enigma is calmer. Martin rides him to join the group. I’m following you. Perfect. Keep walking over there. Over there. There you go. Very well. I rode him and he did very well. He did a great job. The first out of two purposes was achieved. Now, there’s only two days left for
the Paso Fino exhibition. Yesterday, when we took him to the parade,
it was very demanding, that’s why today I’ll let him relax;
I’ll vary the gait, I’ll have him walk. He really is an intelligent horse, and such intelligence is making him
realize that the other way is better. As he performed well the Fino
at the parade, I won’t ride him again,
to take care of his back. He improved so much that you can ride him,
and he won’t bite you, and I think that being able to participate
will give him a lot of confidence. The expected day arrived, and the tracks of the Fizebad Country Club are ready for the exhibition to begin. He really is on the right track. It was too little time
to achieve the goal. Now, we have to do our best. Martin, gets Enigma ready
for the competition. He’s quiet, he’s calm, really. He looks fine. Today is the day,
how are you doing? Fine. What do you think about the horse? He’s fine, Martin. We’d agreed that I’d ride him… Yeah… I think that as you’ve done
a really good job, you should ride him. Sure, Oscar, I’ll ride him today,
and after that, you ride him… Oscar wants me to take his place
in the competence. I’ll do it because I know him better. Do you feel like riding him, Jorge? I think so… Huh? It’s your call… I’m riding him for the moment. That’s fine. I’m going to ride him a little,
and see how he’s doing… to see whether he pulls out
the Fino or not. I see the horse much calmer, I’m a bit concerned because
he may be too relaxed, and the Paso Fino needs
a spirit somewhat explosive in order to perform the gait
with a good beat and speed. Enigma goes to the show. The last time he faced
a similar situation, it became a very bitter memory. The last time Enigma participated
in a competence was very complicated because he started attacking
the horses he was going in with, and he was kicked out of the competence
because of that. While Martin awaits, the other participants
start their performances; It’s a high level competion. It’s Enigma’s turn. It’s time to find out if
all this work was worth doing. I feel very pleased about
Enigma going in a competition again. I feel very excited to see Enigma
back in a competition; he hasn’t been in one in over four years. In order to compete, Enigma has to bear the pressure of
dealing with unknown horses. When the other horses came in, he went crazy, it was very difficult
for me to control him at some point; he really does go mad, uncontrollable. Martin manages to control
and get on Enigma. There it is. Just like that. Just like that. There you go. That’s it. Enigma was doing great in the competence; performing his Paso Fino
very much like the way he used to do it in the past
when he would do it amazingly. He’s doing a great Paso Fino. He went through the two rounds
much more upset, but facing forward, not bitting the rider which was my
main concern. I’m very satisfied because Enigma made his Paso Fino
in a very good way, I’m very happy and pleased. Enigma wins the third place. It’s great that he got the third place, and well, I’m happy because
he could participate. I’ve changed my mind a lot
because he’s not a threat anymore, because he’s behaving much better now. Martin turned him into the horse
he was supposed to be. The recovery process of Enigma
is interesting; he has shared with the other animals
in a peaceful way, he hasn’t gotten uncontrollable
as he was before. How would you like trying him before I go? I’m grateful to have had this opportunity to have Martin with us,
we learnt so much from him. We’ve changed several aspects in the
taming technique we’d been applying. and I think it was a wondeful experience. I was very happy to see my son riding Enigma
because I could see the change. I learnt a lot from Enigma
because he’s like a challenge, and it makes you grow as a tamer,
I mean, you can see new things. …because he’s like a challenge,
and it makes you grow as a tamer, I mean, you can see new things.

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  4. It blows my mind how small these horses are. Each time a man got on one of the horses, the horse was in pain. Way too big for these horses.

  5. It was so pleasing to see the trainer immediately recognize the horse's back pain. Hardly anyone takes time to address physical problems first.

  6. It just infuriates me how pushy and inconsiderate people are towards animals. What part of "not ready" is so hard to understand, I wonder? Like they got no other horses to show at this stupid festival? Why can't the horse be given more time? Another year to fully heal, integrate, relax and get accustomed to what it is required of him? What's the bloody rush? The owners are ignorant morons!

  7. Why would you ride him if they told you he's in pain! No festival is that important! Martin knows what he's doing! He even said so himself, they are asking too much of him!

  8. How about the riders loose some weight, if you are going to be asking do much of them!
    I'm not an expert in horses… But man I can easily see the strain the horses go through.

  9. The horse needs time to heal mentally and physically, by making him perform in such a cramped space with other horses and people screaming and yelling and probably loud music it’s just wrong. You can clearly tell that the horse was traumatized in some way… so why risk him being traumatized again.

  10. They should just ride around the ranch and trails ,he should be free to run around the paddocks and watch over his mares .

  11. Horses aren't aggressive. Ever. Its the humans who told him "ah well you do it and it makes us afraid so we get away and you think you dominate us and if we do something you don't want you make us move and be afraid." so it's the humans fault

  12. If he likes them so much then why is he doing bad things to trian them what if I did that to him he wouldn't like it he needs to think about their position and not just about himself

  13. It's so strange because this horse is aggressive but it seems to not be out of fear, but out of confusion? sometimes out of pain when riding maybe but he seems to have no social skills and if he's been isolated and I mean comon he's clearly a stallion then the best thing for this horse is play, space and friends, I at first had huge reservations watching this video but after watching a minute of it I'm seeing loads of interesting things that I may actually try out with my own horse. Really interseting as this horse lets people do a lot of handling with him and even allows others to catch him once escaped and near another horse when worked up- that shows there's a lot of control and intelligence in this horse that he could be a really obedient animal

  14. If thay were trying to train them then train it in the water it helps a lot because thay cant buck or kick because of the water pressure

  15. Poor Enigma, his back seems to hurt a lot, understandably, as it is enormously arched and doesn't seem to have enough muscles. I (female, 64 kilos) would never ride a horse with a back arched like his, and I can't understand how a "horse tamer" with probably more than 85 kilos does it. The gait "paso fino" does seem very tense and unnatural to me, too, and could also contribute to Enigmas pain. Normally, a horse only starts to act as crazy as he does, when there is a LOT of pain involved. 😢 Too bad still too many "horse people" don't understand the most basic stuff about their own horses! 😢 😢 😢

  16. People who don´t have a bit of clue how to keep a horse in a species appropiate environment are wondering why a horse is aggressive.  Is this the Machismo of South America –  very very sad very abusive to animals I hope they will learn something from the Trainer who approached a milder and more subtle form of Training . Maybe they shall start with BasicTraining books for equine behaviour , but I know they did this for Generations and it worked out well. I know violence and cruel traditions  are hard to overcome .

  17. The owner has no interest in the horse but what the horse can do for him. (Un buen paso fino).
    How unfortunate for the horse.

  18. Thers only one problem with this horse , its english speaking , not colombian. eg,. stop not it out…….

  19. DO NOT listen to this guy who like pyhishicly to big for this horse I mean look at the bite he is putting in this horses mouth no wonder the horse acting up becouse of "body aces" well he might abuse this horse grow up.

  20. Poor fitting saddle, painful bit, stalled a majority of the time, never allowed contact with horses, terrible riders, terrible handlers (doing weird confusing signals where at points I couldn’t figure out what he was asking) never really exercised ever so he has tons of pent up energy, the people think fixing his “stall” is the right thing, never shown a little bit of a tough hand nor a gentle guiding one, people think he’s “acting weird” when clearly the horse is just nervous as hell, oh I could go on about how obvious all this stuff was and how clear that this horse is going to be this way after all that.

    Also. Is he a stallion? I have high suspicion he is and god damn it just geld him already. Okay just saw they were breeding him. GOD DAMN PEOPLE GELD YOUR ANIMALS.

    Edit: really, really awful riders. Poor position, HEAVY hands. Someone said “don’t pull to hard but keep the reins in contact” YOUR HORSES CHIN IS LITERALLY TOUCHING THE CHEST AT POINTS. that’s NOT light contact.
    Never mind control, these guys basically saw a horse and a cowboy movie and that’s all the training they got.

    Maybe if you let the horse actually meet other horses, he could get his piss and vinegar out. But no that would be too smart.

  21. PORQUE??? WHY did he become aggressive? Was he in physical pain? Was he in emotional pain? Was he displaying symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from some known or unknown trauma? Animals & people do NOT become aggressive with out a cause – what caused Enigma's behavior or "wanting to hurt others before he was hurt?" Animals are NOT tamed they either develop trust or they are "spiritually broken" by ignorant people. The EGO of the owner almost destroyed the natural free spirit of the horse who does NOT live in a stall but on the open field. Using Kinesology to question various possibilities that have a yes or no answer a trained person can immediately understand Enigma's problem using the horse's own Innate Wisdom. Acupuncture can open blocked energy channels & relieve any physical pain. Acknowledging the spirit of the horse will show him the respect he deserves. Like Anna Breytenbach who communicated with an angry panther to learn his problem – see youtube. THE EGO of the owners is disrespectful of him as a being. They see him as an extension of their "position" or their "wealth" but not as a living, breathing being that is due respect. Enigma is being RE-TRAUMATIZED with the introduction of other horses but because of the trust he developed with Martin & his gentle, not demanding ways gave Enigma confidence he was not in danger & to deal with his fears less aggressively until he had a new experience that was not traumatic. Good job. I still would like the world to stop treating animals like inanimate objects.

  22. Stupid humans always quick to blame the horse for the problems they have created and in the meanwhile the poor horse is confused and fearful because he doesn't understand what the humans want of him. People who know horses can see that Enigma is trying to communicate and giving them clear signs it just that the ignorant humans don't understand what he is trying to tell them . Poor aEnigma such a gorgeous horse and the sad truth is that their are manyother horses out there suffering from human ignorance also .
    Just remember the horse is ALWAYS a reflection of its rider ..

  23. Can i please kill this fucking moron. The horse is obviously scared and is trying to get away, why not try to build trust with the horse first u fucking wanka

  24. Mir wird schlecht ! Wann wachen Menschen endlich auf und sehen dass Pferde Wesen mit eigenen lebenswichtigen, für Ihre Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden essentiellen Grundbedürfnissen sind : Herdentrieb , Bewegungstrieb , Fresstrieb, Fluchttrieb… wie soll ein armes sensibles Geschöpf wie diese gezeigten Tiere ausgeglichen und zufrieden , angstfrei sein ? Eingesperrt ohne Herde scharf gezäumt !! Raus auf die Weiden, in die Herde , wenn reiten dann ohne Gebiss ! Wie unfähig und gefallen ist der Mensch ! Eine Schande

  25. Affligent… Maltraitance physique, maltraitance émotionnelle. Il n'y a aucun respect dans les actes de ces "dresseurs". Ces gens n'ont d'éthologique que le licol qu'il mettent à leur chevaux. Tout est dans la force et la contrainte. On sent en arrière plan une bonne dose de machisme. Ce besoin de vouloir tout contrôler par la force les rendent ridicules, cf: quand le gars est à pieds avec son cheval, il se fait littéralement promener. Etre un homme ce n'est pas ça. La virilité ce n'est pas ça. Ces hommes se sont enfermés dans une définition défaillante/déviante de la masculinité. Ils ont besoin de se prouver qu'ils sont des hommes d'une manière inappropriée, le problème c'est que leur crise identitaire fait souffrir des chevaux. Ces hommes auraient tellement à apprendre…

  26. I hate to see the bit and head tied down. Horses need to be in a pasture with other horses, they are herd animals and it is in their nature. Enigma is beautiful.

  27. Horses were never intended to be kept in boxes … the frustration and anger he shows in his stall is ample evidence of too much energy, boredom … he's lived a solitary horse life for so long he has shut off the rest of the world. Good luck.

  28. The horse is beautiful, the horseman is good, but much too big and heavy for such a small petite horse. that runs away from his own weight.

  29. LMFAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOOAOAOAOAOAOA I CANT 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 THE WAY THE horses feet move when they see each other kills me😭. And the fact that goes like that everywhere

  30. Yes, all too fast, pushing an agenda of human-time onto horse-time…vastly different. Loved how Martin knew to begin with playing….how I healed my Friesian gelding, with play and allowing him to be a horse again. Didn't ride him for two years, lots of bodywork and emotional healing work, and LOTS of ground work! Do it on the ground before in the saddle! Trauma to a horse requires confidence building and that takes time….Enigma, what a fitting careful how you name your horses…be safe folks and listen to the horse's behavior as his best attempts to communicate!

  31. Am I wrong – is the front part of his hoof a little bit too long? Is Enigma's hoof shaped the right way for the demands of the Fino gait? As I was watching him walk I saw the front part of his hooves hit 1st on the dirt (at least on the front 2, which was all I could see) I was too busy reading English subtitles to notice his hooves' steps during video!

  32. I don't understand these people. They have an extremely aggressive, uncontrollable horse and they want him to be ready for a competition in a week. I train dogs, when they bring me an uncontrollable dog I won't start thinking about how to compete with him in a week, I give several months for the behavior to improve and than maybe I start preparing for a competition.

  33. Lay off the hands a little and leave him outside then get him used to other horses then leave those horses outside with him then start to visit him outside with carrots treats apple ect then try a BITLESS Bridle as his mouth seems tense for over use of bit I also really like what that guy did told theses people they were doing REALLY BAD at taking care of their horse

  34. Just imagine how well he would have done if they had gotten help a month or so earlier…the horse would be more comfortable maybe got 1st place.

  35. The first thing I notice is the halter is very low on Enigma’s nose in a area very sensitive, can cause a lot of discomfort. I don’t believe they have him enough time to recover from physical discomforts, they also force the horse push him to progress. Interesting watching how other people work with horses.

  36. I'm sry but the gait of these horses is very very unnatural n inhumane! This can cause irreparable damage to ur horse. Horses r not meant to do this! I HATE when ppl put chains on the harness so the horse cannot elongate it's neck of very painful to the horse n.the gait it's extremely damaging to the ligaments n muscles in their legs! Yes it looks pretty yes it's a much less bumpier ride but if u truly love and respect these beautiful animals y on earth would u want to possible cause them harm that could make them go lame!

  37. I hope Martin Ochotico understands horses as well as he professes on this video and it’s not just for the video.

  38. I loved this video. Martins work with this lovely horse could, and. I am sure will, change the lives of many other horses who are locked up. This is the sort of video which makes people "think" about the better way to treat the beloved horse. Thank u for sharing Enigma's journey

  39. Estos vídeos son súper interesantes. Se puede ver muy bien la adaptación paulatina del caballo a la comunicación con Martín.
    En este caso, de todas maneras, me pregunto a santo de qué tanta urgencia en presionar al caballo para participar en la exhibición. ¿Para venderlo? Todo bien, pero marche preso.

  40. Lastimosa mente dios leda dientes aqien no puede mascar esa gente notiene ni idea delos cavallos el solo tiene mucha gana para travajar ieste pastudo serote qesela yeva esqe de vaqero qe oror

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