The Horse’s Mouth: Episode 34
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The Horse’s Mouth: Episode 34

August 21, 2019

From Studio three at buzz TV it’s the
horse’s mouth with Tom McManus all right welcome into another edition
of the horse’s mouth here at Tommy Max and I’m buzz TV hope you’re doing well
out there Jack’s will having a great great time and during this awesome
holiday season your Jacksonville Jaguars got back on track and the seven-game
skid thank the Lord for the night time on that one they get it done with
defense not so much on offense we’ll take the ugly win better than a pretty
loss a all you you’ve Georgia Bulldog fans got to be very proud of ya going
against Alabama this past weekend it’s unfortunate they don’t have more teams
to fit into that top four I think this year especially shows the college
football playoff has got to be extended to eight teams hopefully that happens in
the very near future we had a great show lined up for you today
Adam Polish is here former jag punter played eight years in the NFL looking
forward to catching up with him Kurt town for the Kurt town band they’ve got
a great event happening at the beginning of the new year and Frank Casteel
co-president of north feeding Northeast Florida a great up-close-and-personal
headed your way all this week on the horse’s mouth is
we’re live from Tommy Max and we’re right here on buzz TV all right welcome back to the horse’s
mouth here on buzz TV of course we’re live at Tommy Mac’s as promised my
celebrity guests this week former jag Baron Steeler punter 8 year NFL veteran
out of the University of Maryland it’s Adam Polish Adam welcome great to have
you on the show man you’re my first punter I believe that I’ve had on this
show so cheers to that it’s an honor brother no doubt about it
first of all congrats on a great career man 8 years in the NFL is is a tough
tough hill to climb no doubt about it so congrats thank you thank I appreciate
it’s a good ride when you look back what do you what comes to mind first and
foremost we look back at that 8 years you know you know the game days were
pretty fun but really it’s you know the people I met the teammates yes you know
you know you meet some pretty interesting people
yeah and you create you create a lot of great bonds you know yeah you know those
things last forever forever no doubt about it you know when you think about
the punt the punter position you don’t realize the high-pressure job that it is
we were talking offline where you know look you you know with linebackers for
say there’s five or six on every team maybe seven when you’re looking at
punters there’s one on every team so if you don’t get it done that’s one job out
of another 30 31 right so it’s pressure pack you better either get them out of
trouble with a big leg or be able to pin them in deep to get them that great
field position yeah I mean there’s no backup so I mean granted you know like I
told you I’m not cracking my skull and a bunch of other guys every play like you
guys did but at the same time you know there’s no backups there’s 32 jobs and
on top of that we really only have you know maybe three or four plays a game
that show what we do so if you have you know if I have one bad punt that’s a
quarter of my game that’s right punting I’m looking for another job yeah you got
the pink slip at the end a lot you know it happens so what what’s the toughest
part coming from you know a seasoned partner like yourself is he getting the
team excuse me out of the red zone or is it you know pin and pin in the
opposition deep in their own endzone you know situationally I would say it’s it’s
the backed up on if you’re you know on an away game you
got people right behind you screen right here here right I’ve had that a couple
times the last time the one that comes to mind right now is you know when I was
playing for the Bears we played at New Orleans and yeah that place rocks right
place rocks and my mother back to Papa when your heels are right on the end
line right not the goal line the end line cuz we step out it’s a safety yeah
cannot take a step back that seems extremely challenging yeah and for me
even more so because the way that I pointed I would actually take a little
bit of a back step when I receive the ball right and you would see me if
you’ve ever seen me backed up to the end line you’d see me take those steps back
like eight times and make sure all right I’m not touching the end lines last
thing you want to do you know get ready to partake its safety accidentally
that’s never happened to me but it’s happened to other people unfortunately
you have to make sure you watch head coaches in half know that when that good
guys later get a pink slip hey you know you notice a lot in today’s game a
punters are almost punting like a rugby style with the ball like to point down
it seems anyway and then they’re kicking it was that going on when you were
playing or is that something a new technique what what actually does that
do yeah that actually just started getting popular right around the time
that I got in I got drafted so like 2007 was when he started seeing a lot of guys
do it I started implementing it personally around 2008 I learned how to
do it but really the reason why you do it is you know what people used to do is
that coffin corner punt to get inside the 20 and now we realize you know if
you can just get a fair catch at the 10 yard line if you can do it consistently
like a wedge shot if you play golf and Justin okay you know that’s a win every
time and then you know that that type of punt is so controllable right you can
you can put that wherever you want so instead of having to get it inside the
10 on the sidelines right when they that’s what they used to do now you can
put it in the middle and not have to worry about you know where did it go out
on the sidelines yeah that is that exactly you just hang it up a little bit
fair catch it and then a lot of times did they let it go look it’s time that’s
great yeah let it go it can backtrack to you see sometimes you just pull the
string and they back up those pawns have you ever made a big tackle on
you know pond of coverage breaks down it’s between you and the return man yeah
you ever make a big stick at all you know so I you know I was a linebacker in
high school so I kind of had a little better grade don’t like you obviously
I’ve had a couple hits I want to say the one my claim to fame is I have a
registered tackle on Sean Rodgers do you really Wow
so in 2009 we played against I think was I was at Cincinnati okay he was playing
the Lions d are you talking to D tackle Sean right yeah oh yeah so he’s with the
Lions for a while was he with the bangles too let’s just
say it was with one of them so we played it was that it was at home 2009 when I
was playing with the Jags and we’ve had a blocked field goal okay ball goes
backwards and there’s me run in there and Scobie was in front of me right what
people don’t know is that Scobie had just broken his wrist and he’s he’s like
what am I gonna do am I gonna pick up this ball French ah the Josh literally
just runs over the ball runs runs past it yep
Sean Rogers jumps on the ball oh boy this he’s when he blocked the kick
blocked however many yeah he did a liar and you jumped I jumped on him like a
fly on a child that’s how you get against a defensive tackle that’s cool
man that’s cool learning the inside stories of the punting positions always
any position really you know that I didn’t play is always kind of fast a
hanging then we’re gonna get into what you’re doing now and everything you’re
here in Jacksonville like a lot of us are Adam polish here on the horse’s
mouth live from Tommy Max and I’m buzz TV we’ll be right back
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teaches teamwork it teaches leadership I’ve urged parents to explore the
program and to hopefully people choose it for their children sign your child up
for Scouts at via scout org today all right welcome back to the horse’s mouth
here on buzz TV of course we’re at Tommy Mac’s as we always are at a polished
continue to join me at the bar Adam you’re you’re a financial advisor with
Merrill Lynch and have been for some time now how did that transition from
the NFL into that world how did that all come about yeah you know I was a
business major in college I had a little bit of a finance background I’ve been
around small business owners for quite some time in my family and I kind of
always knew that that was you know the route I was going to go is just a matter
of wait until the NFL told me I wasn’t good enough is right you know happened
it ends first ability whatever the case may be it yeah so yeah so that was just
it was a natural transition for me really how does it how fill in the void
I know how I feel I I mean I haven’t gone out I would played forever right
and there’s still a void right you know you’re like because you can’t it’s hard
to replace playing in the NFL do you feel that at all with with your
life with this you know at this point in your life I will say you know time kind
of fills the void a little bit in finding a purpose right you know really
there are a few things that it’s really tough it’s really tough to equal yeah
you know I always tell people you know that rush of on game day having such a
tough task and accomplishing it right you’re just having that you know like we
did it yeah I’m sure it’s glorious hours were that after you got home because I’m
so amped up from a game yeah that’s tough too that’s tough to kind of fill
in all honesty yeah other than that I mean you know III love what I do and
that’s kind of filled my purpose right you know I’m with you yeah it’s more
profession it’s not personally but there is something about playing oh the
National Football League right there’s nothing nothing like what’s your
philosophy as a as an analyst and anything you took from football or
sports in general it that helps you in your day-to-day operation yeah I’d say
you know and I kind of would help some of the players in the locker room but
really you know with how volatile our Hubb was right you always have to know
you always have to think of the what if yeah you know and for that at
transitions perfectly to my line of work because you know in order to plan you
know a person’s finances in their future you have to think about the what if
because eventually something’s going to happen and if you don’t have you know
that accounted for so that really helped me transition and always kind of think
about well what if something happens that way the client doesn’t have to and
you’re in I mean you work for Merrill of course but you’re in business for
yourself you’re your own entity right you have a team probably they you work
with much like in the NFL you know by always tell people look you’re not your
preneur playing in the NFL right it’s your own business you’re the business
right and whether that’s playing on the field or doing appearances or doing a
charity whatever it may be that you are the business so it does kind of you know
correlate and in crossover absolutely from a development standpoint from you
know having you know your business it it is pretty similar because you have your
own brand right and then you have your own team who I work with a team and
essentially that’s kind of like you know Merrill Lynch I equate to like the NFL
you’ve got the Cleveland Browns you’ve got the Jacksonville Jaguars right all
these different entities yeah some cases they kind of compete and you want to
prove yourself as you know the best of what you do and that’s what our team’s
continuing to do and that’s what I’m trying to do that’s great well the
horse’s mouth is a Jacksonville show we love this city
you came back and you’re here now and this is your your hometown so why tell
the people why oh man I mean there’s a lot of reasons why one you know while my
time here I met my wife yeah my you know she’s a native Floridian she’s been
living in Jackson okay that’s a strong pool I’d say that’s a huge pool right
there you know and on top of that you know we just my time here really loved
the community I love the people I like to play golf
yep good um I’m from upstate New York so the weather’s slightly better to stand
out there just a tiny bit yeah and you know outside of any financial
reasons the cost of living is great this it is a lot of great growth I mean III
think there’s a lot of great future with this wheel’s day as well and that’s one
of the reasons why I feel like you know raising kids and settling down here’s a
good that’s great right as we wrap up we’ll
get a camera to and let people know how they could find Adam pot yeah you’d find
me like I said I’m at Merrill Lynch best bestest email Adam dot publish at ml
calm all right great stuff Adam thanks again man well yeah I’m gonna stick
around Kerr town for the curt down band is coming up next we love when people
just stop by at the bar we’re to talk a little music talk a little fun all
coming your way right here on the horse’s mouth on buzz TV as we’re live
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mouth here at Tommy banks we’re on BuzzFeed be at a Polish is here of
course and Kurt town for the Kurt town band joins us at the Barker great to see
again Manson how you doing I know you know Adam of course you got a big event
coming up the ultimate tailgate at sea just after the new year in 2019 how
exciting is that it’s a blast yeah you’re not wait hi
mommy bands I mean it looks like you got about 12 15 bands that I don’t know the
total number but it’s going to be pretty much 24/7 it won’t be totally 24/7 but
there’s a lot of people that won’t sleep so Adam as football players as athletes
we often in vision or dream about man what would it be like to be a rock star
you know someone up on stage you know playing guitar drums or singing and that
whole because we know what it’s like with our whole team being cheered but
when it’s just four or five or two whatever maybe that’s got to be the
ultimate feeling at least I think so I always wanted to be a drummer oh yeah
and if you go back to when I was a kid that you know I play like you know a
rock band yeah yeah I always man I thought that was the coolest thing no
man I envy a lot I mean people in rock band drummers in particular I thought
that yeah I’m just a week ago the drum and the bass is what makes people dance
is that true just ask them they’ll tell you yeah yeah yeah that gives you the
beat down right so what’s it like are you been in you know southern rock
pretty much your whole life what’s what’s it been like for you tell us I
played I played all kind of music I’ve been very blessed I’ve toured I’ve
recorded I’ve got to play with legends so it’s always been fun I’ve been
playing professionally since I was fifteen years old have you I grew up on
the west side of Jacksonville so you know under all those guys and you know
them pushing me to do better and yeah and all those guys you’re talking about
Skinner’s Skynyrd and hatchet you already ate
yeah the johnny van zant band when it was Johnny Van Zandt
yeah so there’s there’s a lot of bands that you know I’ve always been since
coming out with out of Jacksonville Blackfoot yeah and Blackfoot is
absolutely Ricky and the guys absolutely so what’s it like when you guys all get
together on a cruise ship playing music and partying with it’s really like a
family reunion yeah it really honestly is I’ve known
since I was a kid Wow and so it’s a lot of fun it’s it’s just really relaxed you
get to meet everybody and everybody has a common interest you know we’re out
there because we love music and we love southern rock yeah and they’re from all
over the world they come from all over the world and just have a great time and
not worry about anything except having a great time and enjoy music yeah it’s
sitting around like having breakfast with rock stars dinner lunch whatever
the case happy hour how do they do games and everybody’s interacting it’s a lot
of fun you’re good you’re leaving out of Tampa you’re gonna go to Cozumel and
what progress oh wow yeah January 6 through the 12 correct alright so let’s
talk about being on the road kids I know you have to be on the road when you’re a
musician right especially if you got an album drop and you got to get out there
promote it right one of my favorite song just turned the page by Seger and I also
like Metallica’s version as well is it does that sum it all it is exactly that
that is it well nailed it and you just have to like they move on we go to the
next one right and it’s so crazy there’s you sitting in the restaurant I mean all
those things are absolutely true yeah that’s the truth what about like so we
know it’s football players you know when you come in as a rookie you know I often
think like I didn’t make my first two teams right I think there was a plan
there like maybe I’d have gone to a little crazy
23:24 but then you mature then you realize hey this is my livelihood this
is my job I mean everyone thinks you know rock and
roll going out on the road it’s all this craziness and I’m sure there’s some but
does there come a point in your career you’re like you know what this I gotta
be smarter not smarter I got to just hold it in a little bit and still have
my phone but man I’m gonna make sure I can perform you know the thing about it
is that I’ve always been about the music it’s always been about the music
so for me I get into business mode and I take care of all the stuff that I need
to do my relaxed time the place that I feel comfortable is onstage in front of
people or on studio yeah so for me everything leading up to that is just to
get me to that stage once I hit the stage I’m completely comfortable and
doesn’t matter if there’s ten twenty thousand people or ten or 20 people
although the 10 or 20 people is a lot harder to play for yeah it’s just it’s a
blast it’s a great time and that’s what you work for so when you’re on that
stage and you get that opportunity then you pour your heart soul into how do you
keep the voice fresh like I’m struggling today so how do you keep the voice fresh
and ready to roll every time it’s the the irony is is you try not to talk a
lot that’s the hardest part Wow and I love talking with people I
love meeting with people yeah me too so you got to have a little bit of time
before you go onstage just to kind of chill out relax just to calm everything
down there I’m warm up and and go on all right check your number to the camera
let people know how they can find out about the ultimate tailgate that’s well
I’ll tell you what if you go the southern rock cruise on Facebook and
type in CTB fan it gives you a promo code and that gives you some money off
and it helps you get in there but it’s a blast you can look it up on all the
different social medias Kat they’re playing them on the radio station promos
at low vision promos it’s a lot of fun if you’ve never been on a cruise and I
never cared to be on the cruise yeah but once you get on a cruise like this
you can’t wait for the next event there’s so much fun Molly Hatchet
Marshall Tucker blackberry smoke just to name a few of oh yeah scarab you can’t
forget later skater and their Skynyrd make an appearance yeah they’re the hood
it’s gonna be fun hey thanks for coming on the show oh it’s Adam thanks for
hanging out brother great to have you on the show
likewise all right we’re gonna wrap it up when we come back but first we’ll get
into a little up close and personal right here on the horse’s mouth live
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an Eagle Scout rank is equal in weight probably to a college degree when it
comes to job opportunities I was extremely proud of putting Eagle Scout
on my college application the same is true when it comes to applying for a job
it puts you in a different category those that have their kids and Boy
Scouts or Girl Scouts keep them there and understand the values of the lessons
that they’re learning sign your child up for Scouts at via Scout org today all
right time now for up close and personal here on the horse’s mouth as we are live
from Tommy Mac’s on buzz TV Frank Castillo is the CEO and
president of feeding Northeast Florida a fantastic organization joining me now
here at the bar Frank great to have you appreciated thanks for thanks for coming
on the show this is uh this is a big deal here in Northeast fort and we’re
just talking Northeast Florida today about feet getting people fed getting
people out of poverty getting people back to work it’s a big time prob
getting them off the opioid drugs that have infiltrated our communities this
has become and has been a big time problem just here in Jacksonville in
Northeast Florida yeah there’s no doubt about it look if we look at what food
insecurity looked like in Northeast Florida then over 280,000 people that
are food insecure well of that that’s in there are eight county region one
hundred and eighty thousand are in Duval County alone Wow and then you know
within Duval County we have eighty thousand children there are food
insecure right so all of these things have ramifications in our community and
well and in what it means for us economically
I would I would respectfully submit that we cannot have the type of economy or
the type of community that we all want right when that many people are
struggling to even put food on their table and you’re taught least here in
Jacksonville you’re talking about a sector of Jacksonville that is that is
most affected by socio-economic trials and tribulations that is that correct
and say yeah there’s no doubt about it for those of people who are familiar
with in here everything from Oh dick to 100k and then five for those hip toes in
particular which are west of 95 inside the to 95 right way okay now that’s not
to say that there aren’t other areas in their community that or equally have the
need but that particular area in particular had a significant amount of
challenge and we were talking before the show about the the look I know the
importance an athlete the importance of food and not just any food not high
calcio high calories with sugar and all that but good solid food lean proteins
produce Exedra like that I know what it means to fuel the body but we’re talking
about people just getting fed so they’re not hungry and that has a big impact on
not just being hungry about everything else that goes on in their life yeah
there’s no doubt if you look at the Northwest corridor there are a lot of
different challenges that they have number one they don’t have as many
supermarkets then they need to have but even if they can’t afford the food they
don’t have anywhere to buy it and even though there are locations where you can
buy fruits and vegetables you have to be able to get there on top of that if
you’re only getting your food from convenience stores which is what happens
in that course sure here’s the little known fact
it caught 48 percent more for you to buy food and then on top of that the foods
not healthy right you don’t have the type you have empty calories right that
are cheap but they’re not good for you and yet might fill up your belly for the
time being but the the overall nutritional values is very weak which
can cause a lot of problems can cause some illnesses and you know can can
cause different things that can affect you mentally you know with your
confidence and everything that that that all entails yeah there’s no doubt
there’s the reason why when you look at the Northwest corridor you look at the
issues of diabetes heart disease and obesity and they’re significantly higher
than the rest of our community Wow a lot of people look at obesity in that
particular corridor and say well clearly they don’t have a food problem but I
would argue that that’s exactly why they have a food problem when you have that
many empty calories when do you have cheap food you have a fast-food
restaurant that will talk about a three for five dollar meal right what is that
in comparison to you know the kind of food that they should be eating
right right absolutely and then the ramification that that had on health
yeah well in Northeast Florida alone that cost all of us 900 million dollars
Frank well this has been very eye-opening for me before you go please
look at a camera do and let people know how they could find you guys how they
can help and where you’re at if you go on our website feeding an EFL org you
will find a place there to donate and I like to come and volunteer more than
anything we are so thankful for the community for being generous with your
time and with your financial support without you we can’t do what we do
alright Frank thanks so much but I really appreciate your coming on the
show we’ll hey we’ll talk offline and see if we can put something together I
know hey look we’ve got a kid a very giving community out there always have
there’s a lot of different organizations and charities obviously keeping people
Fed has got to rank up there in in the near top and we’ll do everything we can
right here on the horse’s mouth we’ll be right back
more from Tommy Mac’s right here on buzz tea brought to you by grew up in Alabama and
scouting was a big deal there I started as a Cub Scout and went all the way
through Boy Scouts and ended up earning my Eagle Scout I’m proud to say both my
boys are Eagle Scouts scouting was to me the number one thing I wanted to make
sure that they did if you see that on a resume it sort of checks the box that
this individual is goal-oriented strong character strong morals so fundamentally
I think you kind of know that you got a base to work with sign your child up for
Scouts at be a scout org today all right that’s gonna do it for us this week on
the horse’s mouth hope you enjoyed yourselves took you inside the the life
of a punter man it’s a high-pressure job and no punters don’t get a lot of the
respect these other football players do but after talking down to polish
hopefully you do as much as I do now no question about that want to thank Curt
town great event don’t forget if you’re into those cruise vacations now you can
do with a bunch of rock stars and have a fun time don’t forget to check them out
and want to thank Frank Casteel from feeding Northeast Florida what a great
organization hey hey this is a Jacksonville show right we love the
people of Jackson all people of Jacksonville if we can help anybody out
we will do so it is the season of giving so make sure you keep feeding Northeast
Florida in your mind when you think about giving this great holiday season
that’ll do it for us Jacksonville hope you have a great week hope you’re
staying cool out there and being safe and we’ll see you next time right here
on the horse’s mouth live from Tommy Max and I buzz TV

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