The Last of the French Cowboys
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The Last of the French Cowboys

October 21, 2019

(pleasant music) – [Narrator] The marshy
region in the south of France is home to herds of white Camargue horses, one of the oldest and rarest
horse breeds in the world. Since the 1500s, the people of Camargue have upheld a tradition
dedicated to caring for them. (foreign language) For centuries, there has
been unwavering respect and devotion to the Camargue horses. They appear in artwork, cave paintings, and have long been inspiration
for the people of the region. However, in recent years the population is no longer as strong as it once once. (foreign language) Every day, Marie and other guardians feed, groom, and work
their horses on the land. (foreign language) Despite all the guardians’ hard work, for them it is worth it. The Camargue horses are
unequivocally intertwined with their regional identity. To uphold the tradition
that keeps the breed alive is the genesis of their passion. (foreign language)

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  1. White horses only? Hah, not for long! Those horses need to learn about multibreedism. starts shipping horses across the Mediterranean

  2. People saying only white horses it’s kinda why they do what they do, the horses they have are rare so they breed them so there could be more of those

  3. I'm curious as to what steps they are taking to increase the breed numbers and what their breeding program looks like. I remember reading about Camerage horses as a child and it is so sad that they are endangered. I'm sure these horses have very strong feet but I can only think about how much Thrush Buster they go through, living in a marshy pasture!

  4. It's the horses fault that they're not being more productive. They need to start monetizing "being a horse" and stop being welfare leeches. Freaking horses.

  5. favorite youtube channel, wish you guys had a hq in Chicago, IL I would apply so fast! But still love the music choice, video quality and simplistic visual typography. Great work.

  6. As a kid, I loved reading about Camargue herds and looking at the pictures of these white horses splashing through the French marshes. It's sad that they are slowly decreasing in number. I had no idea…

  7. can't you edgelords just appreciate a lighthearted superficial human interest story about pretty french fields and spotty wild horses without making dumb jokes about "only white? racist horses ahahaha" that's obnoxious enough, but then you turn it into some long comment thread about "white genocide" you cry when people bring up race (even when it's actually about race) but you guys bring it up no matter what the context….

  8. Hopefully these beautifull guys will serve in the program "Rewilding Europe", a population could be separated and reintroduce the wild horse herds in the wild to ocupy the space that the tarpan left. This, along with the reintroduction of the wood bison and the many carnivours that were lost in the last years could save Europe.

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