The Last Samurai (4/4) Movie CLIP – The Last Ride (2003) HD
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The Last Samurai (4/4) Movie CLIP – The Last Ride (2003) HD

September 4, 2019

Fire! Ready! Aim! Fire! Fire at will!

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  1. The same spirit that utterly despised communism?…
    Because Japan hates (and always has, as a majority,) communism…

  2. I believe one of the reasons that they did torture was that they did not understand why massive armies would surrender, like the British did in World War 2, the largest surrender being after the Battle of Singapore. I believe that the Japanese in WW2 still had a large sense of honour, and they believed in death before surrender, any way possible. I's likely that the reason lots of them tortured because of them disliking people who would surrender dishonourably.

  3. i do respect the idea of no surrender, but in WW2 the Japanese murdered, tortured and raped women and children, that isn't the samurai honour.

  4. i don't think he claimed the samurai were present in WWII… and they still did believe in honour. every society kills rapes and tortures no matter what level of dignity they have… up until hiroshima the japanese still had no word for surrender in their language

  5. In WW2 Allies and axis raped and killed innocent people no one was good you were both evil countries only wanted to control the world this is the ultimate truth my friend

  6. rly the japanese would have most likely have continued the war were it not for the atomic bombs, and millions more would have died. Lets be honest here, america did the world a favor when they sent the bombs. Because the japanese knew they had to surrender then. Have you read too much japanese war propaganda or what?

  7. you do know that samurai were nothing like they were shown in that video? pick up a history book, there were times in medieval japan when a samurai would kill a peasant just to try out his weapon…give people power and they will abuse it, that's how it always was and how it always will be, no matter where you are.

  8. I completely agree with your opinion and i'm glad to see that there are other people capable of discerning the true human nature beyond the veil of stereotypes, myths and culture. The samurai depicted by Bushido is an ideal created by the bushi of the Edo Period… and as all ideals, while attractive they are usually very far from historical truth. Let us take an example… "loyalty" that is usually considered the basis of samurai's behaviour. And let us open an history book and read

  9. about Ashikaga Takauji who betrayed first the Hojo of Kamakura, then the Emperor Go Daigo in order to obtain his own power. Or battles like Sekigahara or the Siege of Osaka where leader of clans during the battle suddenly switched sides without a warning and attacked their former allies. Or let us take a warlord like Oda Nobunaga who killed or burned alive thousands…even women and children to extend his power.

  10. One of the critiques made by japanese movie critics about "The Last Samurai" is that, while indeed it's a bit improvement in the depiction of samurai culture compared to other older movies, they still cling to ideal stereotypes that, while awe inspiring, are far from what samurais were.

  11. the samurai where still present during WW2, though most of them had became politicians, as many samurai did after the Meiji uprising. A samurai is a man of warrior class, a solider, so if you say there where no J(Japan) samurai during the war, then america slaughtered thousands of civilians. even to this day soldiers take the 'spoils' of war, even in the middle-east, soldiers rape and murder civilians.
    and one last fact, america continue their nuclear program even though many J are against it

  12. First step to awsomenes.
    serch on hearth of courange and starte the song in the begining of the vid
    seond step to awsomenes

  13. I think you don't understand what he means. He is talking about the undying spirit of the samurai not the samurai as a war unit. In WW2 there were some dudes known as Kamikaze and that is the last influence of the samurai spirit in action. Nowadays there are still people in Japan who are interested in these ideals so yeah the bombs didn't defeat the old samurai spirit. Japan hasn't completely lost its culture for some reason. That's what I think he is trying to say.

  14. I also admire their history and culture and these ideals. I'm not going to judge any American who enjoys this movie of course. But being a European myself I can see the differences between the western culture(and capitalism which is a big part of it) and the far east culture. In this movie you can see things that all we, who follow with our eyes closed the ideas of today's civilization, have forgotten…

  15. this is my favorite scene even thought the best part is cut out. you learn a lot about japan's history by watching it.that's why it's my favorite movie.

  16. The scene is stupid. Instead of just holding the sword and running towards death they should've planned something on how to get less men killed, or get some guns and kill those people that are firing at you

  17. @chukie dannon, they weren't thinking about victory. They were aware that they were meeting their end and they seeked a good death on the battlefield. And these samurai refuse to own or use guns.

  18. @Justinian43 This movie is a work of fiction. The real life rebellion this movie was based off was very different. For the samurai did use guns. The samurai that were rebelling against the emperor at that time had modern firearms of the period. It was only after that they ran out of ammo and got surrounded were they forced to fall back their swords and spears. The result was they were all but massacred by artillery and rifle fire. Before that it turns out that the samurai had quite the effective musket units. In 1543 the Portuguese introduced the matchlock musket to Japan and it was adopted with glee. This movie operates under the delusion that the samurai never embraced advancements in technology and never used because guns because "guns are dishonorable" bullshit trope.

  19. in the real fight the samurai were anally destroyed in the ass with bullets and had absolutely no chance of winning

  20. Honestly I always perfer guns but these samurai were the most fucking brave people I would never try to fight a army with guns when I have a fucking sword I would run away

  21. The reason I prefer the imperials over the samurai both were flawed but the imperials embracing of the gun saved japan from european colonization

  22. If the Samurais didn't lose in the battle, I'm pretty sure Japan would've fallen as a European colony in 50 years or so. Look at what happened to China

  23. Tom cruise in this movie lookes like someone from middle earth : shadow of mordor shadow of war , gee who could i be thinking of.,


  25. The never trained the Imperial Japanese Army in the importance of square formation against a cavalry charge?

  26. At the beginning when Tom Cruise unsheathed his sword, that is a beautiful sound. Even though it wasn't real.

  27. Technological advancement does not always win. The Soviets lost after 10 years in Afghanistan. The Americans are only holding them at bay for 20 years. It's the men that know how to use the tools that win.

  28. this movie is worth all its money the best movie i've seen in war has action and you're not tired of a perfect movie 🙂

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