The Lion Guard | The Zebra Mastermind | Part 1 – Green Fox
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The Lion Guard | The Zebra Mastermind | Part 1 – Green Fox

November 17, 2019

Thank you very much! the lion guard the zebra mastermind you got adjustable come on oh that’s the
third one today well the conditions are perfect fair
skies no wind hot air rises and starts to rotate poni it’s headed for Cooney
woods that’s where the high rises and I got you they don’t last long but
they sure make it mess there you go little guy and I think this is yours something tells me we’re gonna be
chasing these things all day great I love catchin hyraxes I think
kion meant the dust devils right oh no keep an eye out affirmative lion guard
excuse me We Need to Talk do we have to I know what you’re thinking but we
should at least check it out is there a problem I should say there is that dust
devil must my mane and I got hit by a leaf the lion guard needs to stop those
tusks double so it doesn’t happen again I wish we could but nobody knows when it
dust devils gonna happen or where it’s gonna go then you should stay on the
alert everyone everyone another dust devil on the chikuwa plains we gotta go
now thanks for the advice lion guarding let’s move
yes that right get moving lion guard did you see that I gave the lion guard
advice and they did just when I suggest it I don’t know what the lion guard
would do if it wasn’t for me in fact I think you could say I’m the real brains
behind the lion guard the lion guard might be tough but they’re really not
that bright that’s why they talk to me I help them make things right I know so
many things like zebras are black and white to the guard always checks with me
before they go and fight

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  1. The Lion Guard | The Zebra Mastermind | Part 1 – Green Fox

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