The little humpback horse 1976 Конек Горбунок ENG subs RU animation
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The little humpback horse 1976 Конек Горбунок ENG subs RU animation

October 25, 2019

Soyuzmultfilm The Little Humpbacked Horse written by Ivan Ivanov-Vano, Anatoly Volkov
text is read by Alexei Surkov directed by Ivan Ivanov-Vano
art director Lev Milchin
Translated by Louis Zellikoff directed by Boris Butakov, camera Michael Druyan
music V. Oransky, V. Vassilyev
sound Boris Filchikov, edits and subs by N.Giroux animators Y Butyrin, R Mirenkova, V Arsentiev,
V Krumin, M Voskaniants, N Fedorov, M Rogova,
V Kushnerev, V Shevkov, O Safronov, A Panov voice artists Alexander Khanov, Anatoly Kubatsky,
Svetlana Kharlap, Alexei Gribov, V. Enutina,
George Vitsin, Maria Vinogradova artists Irina Svetlitsa, I. Troyanova
Ass. A Nikolskaya, E Propokova,
N. Orlova, N Yusupova Ass. dir. Z Kredusjinskaya, Z Plekhanova
ass art dir O Pavlova, T Goldenberg
ass. camera I Peterson executive producer Fedor Ivanov
script editor Raisa Frichinskaya
cutter Elena Tertychnaya Past the woods and mountains steep, Past the rolling waters deep, You will find a hamlet pleasant Where once dwelt an aged peasant. Of his sons-and he had three Th’eldest sharp was as could be; Second was nor dull nor bright, But the third-a fool all right. But, upon an evil day, Dire misfortune came their way- Someone, ‘twixt the dark and dawn, Took to trampling down their corn; Never had such grief before Come to visit at their door; Day and night they sat and thought How the villain could be caught, Till at last they understood Nightly guard would do them good. You, Ivan just go around Watch the field and space abound Danila and Iíll stay behind Soon the pesky thief weíll find. Stars, starsÖ one, two, threeÖ All night long, I count thee Three, four, fiveÖand sixth one too! Ainít no summing you on fingers few! “Oh, ho ho-so this is it! You’re the rogue-but wait a bit! Since you sat me, I confess I am yours now to possessÖ But if you will set me free Two brave stallions I would give thee And such handsome steeds I’d bear As have ne’er been seen, I swear. And a third I promise you, Only twelve hands high, with two Little humps upon his back- Ears-a yard long… If you wish, why, sell the two, But, Ivan, whate’er you do, Part not with the little steed, Though you be in direst need. Faithful friend to you he’ll be, Where you go, on land or sea. So, farewell, Ivan For now I will roam free… -Not in our fieldsÖhopefully!!! Log house, stoveÖ all swing around, Ainít no place for their master to lay down Where in this hangover dread Shall I hide my rowdy head ? Hey, stomp with your foot Donít you worry ëbout the boot Drunks ìknee-deepî all seas shall measure But their heads they do not treasure Lord be merciful and fair! Just you look what lovely pair Our young fool has hidden thereÖ Across the meadows and the ponds At dawnís earliest hour The rain of multicolored gems The Sun from its beard doth shower Oh, the field, the field of mine Roaming free just feels so fine! Oh, my horses black as night, With your golden manes so bright! Did not I look after you? What foul devil stole you? Who? Donít blame devils for their deeds- Your two brothers stole those steeds. Yes, your loss is great, I know- But I’ll help you in your woe. Mount my back-when I say: ‘Go’, Hold to me for all you know. Now, this is a’curious light. Look-there’s light in plenty here- But no smoke or heat-I swear And you very well may stare! That’s a Fire-Bird’s feather there! But, Ivan, for your own sake, Touch it not, for in its wake Many sorrows, many woes Follow everywhere it goes Is that what you’re telling me? Woes and sorrows-we shall see! Many sorrows, many woes Follow everywhere it goes Capital City Now, there was an old tradition That, without the Mayor’s permission, Nothing could be bought or sold, Nor for barter, nor for gold. As the church-bells called for prayer, On his palfrey rode the Mayor. Golden trumpet gaily sounding, Voice stentorian resounding: Guests and honest merchants there, Open up and sell your ware! You, my watchmen, guard their stalls Keep the order, squash the brawls! Then the merchants loudly call, As each opens up his stall: “Honest masters-come this way! See what wares we have today!î Sables, ferretsÖ different furs Pick and choose, you lovely girls! Here I have the yokes renowned Saddles and some horsewhips sound! Tawed reins! Honey cakes! Spiced brine apples! Tasty bakes! Come young maidens and young lads! Savor all my gingerbreads! -Tsarís approaching -Redhead chamberlain ëside him Heís horse keepersí chief supreme. Oh dear father! Oh dear mother! What a sight theyíre to behold Just to me, you wil be sold! My good people, who Owns these handsome chargers two? Tsar, these steeds belong to me, I’m their owner, too, you see. Will you sell them to me, say? No, I’m swapping them today. What will you be taking, then? Twice five caps of silver That I think will make it..ten? I will give you that, young man! Brothers, are you not ashamed? Though you’re clev’rer than Ivan, Still, Ivan’s an honest man. Whatcha looking at, old snake? Take the steeds, for goodness sake! Oh, good people, what a show! I could die just laughing so! Now, my grooms can’t hold those two- So, there’s nothing else to do, But to come along with me. I shall issue a decree, Make you Master of my Horse, Like a lord, you’ll live, of course What a wonder! Let it be I shall serve Your Majesty! Have I fallen from your grace ? And my job which I embrace? My displeasure, do observe! Under Ivan you shall serve! Take them, Ivan, faithful slave To my stable, steeds so brave! Just you wait, you dirty lout, Time will come, I’ll turn you out. Tsarís Stables Servant life is sloth and folly Chasing pigeons-he is jolly Steeds well-fed and clean appear Could some ghost be working here? Can it be, a goblin sprite Comes and braids their manes at night? Watch him-that’s what I shall do. And wonít stop until Iím through. In the city now is night, All around are sleeping tight But no peace will come to me Even when Iím tired, see? Iíll your silky bangs unbraid With a fine-toothed comb inlaid Brush your manes and braid’em back And admire your beauty black. Oh you, skipping horses mine You are graceful, you are fine! But the heart perceives most dear My humpback thatís always near. Oh, so thatís whatís going on With our little fiendish spawn! This shall be your bitter end, To the gallows youíll be sent. To confess, O Majesty, I have dared to come to thee! Be not angry with thy slave. Suffer me to speak, I crave. Speak without any fibs, Or the whip will count your ribs. All the Court knows it is true, That Ivan conceals from you Fire-Bird’s feather, SireÖBehold! And he boasts, as I have heard, That, did you but say the word, He could bring the Bird of Fire To your Royal Chamber, Sire. Fetch for me that foolish lad! Wonít escape my fist-too bad! By what law and what decree Have you from Our Majesty Hidden what is ours by right? Yes-the Fire-Bird’s feather bright? ëBout the feather in my hatÖ How could he discover that? I’ve no feather-and, how, pray, Could such wonders come my way? What? You dare refute thy Sire? Look, what have just acquired! Pardon me this once, please do And I’ll lie no more to you. You’ll be pardoned for the nonce, Seeing you have sinned but once You have boasted, as I’ve heard, That, did I but say the word, You could bring the Bird of Fire To the Chamber of your Sire. May the lightning strike my head If such thing I ever said! If you do not bring it to me To my Royal Chamber, now, By my Royal Beard I vow, I will find you anywhere And impale you, so take care. Off, you serf! Now you’ll shed many a tear! You rejected my advice- Now, you have to pay the price. Oh, whatever shall I do? Help me, oh my friend so true. I will say ‘twixt you and me- This is easy as can be. Service lies ahead, so please Put your mind, Ivan, at ease. But whatever shall I do? Help me, oh my friend so true. Telling you in language plain, We will need the best of grain, And two troughs; then, if you please, Wine, brought in from overseas. Really, weíve no time to waste. And at dawn we must make haste. Hereís to where the Birds so bright Flock before the dawn at night. These are hellish beings, I swear Fiery riff-raff everywhere Oh, my little humpback dear, Hurry fast,come-do you hear! -Ivanís gone long time from here -Somewhere lies he drunk, I fear. Let you down this time, I think, Broke decrees and did not blink Were he empty-handed to arrive I would have to skin the fool alive. I am twisting little rope Lovingly, kidís noose I grope Just for his, of all the heads He shall test the strength of threads. Soon, Iíll finish with my noose Insultís gone when heíll hang loose. Vile hound, snout of swine May you bow-like twist your spine! May you choke on birch bark shoe! May you fall the black earth through! What have you brought back for me? Show me! patienceís not my trait. Father Tsar, a momentís wait! Bid them first, Your Majesty, Shut the chamber casement tight, Draw the shades, keep out the light. Hey, Boyars! You should make haste need day with night replaced,
Shadows by the black embraced. Call the firemen-and quick! Water hose would do the trick! Hold him still and hold him tight Bind the rascal, bind him right Get him, catch him, grab a hold! Quickly, flee from fowl bold! Oh how lively you do leap Come enjoy your peaceful keep! Vanya, friend, I love you so, Lightened is my heart, you know. And, in token of my joy, Be my Royal Groom, my boy!
And, in token of my joy, Be my Royal Groom, my boy! You won’t always prosper so, Have such foolish luck-oh no! I’ll get you in trouble, yet! Yes, I will, my little pet! In a distant clime, my brothers, Flows an ocean, like no others; And it washes foreign shores, And it’s sailed by merchant moors Those who have sailed, and so know, Tell about a maiden fair Living on that ocean there.
She’s no common maiden, see- Daughter to the Sun is she, Moonís her brother, goes the word Scarlet dress she wears, I heard. Sails a boat-of gold it’s made, And she wields a silver oar, Steers that boat from shore to shore. Gusli in her hand, she sings As she plucks its silver strings. I’ll get you in trouble, yet! Yes, I will, my little pet! Get him, get him get him clean Front and back and in between Birch twig switch of leafy green One,two-water off duckís back is dripping Good health comes from all this whipping And will be our Father mild Rosy red like tender child From the waters boiling wild One,two-water off duckís back is dripping Good health comes from all this whipping Poor more water from the bowls Bring more heat with steaming coals! One,two-water off duckís back is dripping Good health comes from all this whipping Poor more water from the bowls Bring more heat with steaming coals! Tsar, your Vanya gaily said, Swearing by your Royal Head, That he knew this birdie-yes- So he called her, I confess. And, O Sire, it’s also true That he bragged to catch her, too. I have been informed, dear Vanya, That just now, my lad, you said,
Swearing by my Royal Head, That, did I but say the word,
You could bring another bird. For your Monarch-you did swear You could catch the Tsar-Maid Fair. Oh dear father, Iíve been hexed. By such gossip Iím perplexed. But no matter what you say You will not fool me this way! Look-If you do not bring to me That Tsar-Maid, in short weeks three, To my Chamber lovely bird, Mark Ivan my royal word, Tortures grand till your life ceases. Youíll be pulled apart in pieces. Turn your gaze ahead, at last See ñ the ocean spreading vast There it is, the whole year round, This Tsar-Maiden can be found. This Godís world is full of wonder Look at all the beauty yonder! In this lovely silky tent I my loneliness lament And for no-one my voice sings As I nod and pluck my strings Oh you wild winds, donít howl Fall asleep, you beast and fowl Slumber deep in vales and coves, Mountains steep and oak tree groves Master! Slumber quickly shirk Tis the time to fix our work Oh dear Tsar, itís time to sing Since Tsar-Maiden he wonít bring Serf has played another trick Drive him in a coffin thick. May you perish hound mean! May you croak in a ravine! May you fall into a pond, When you roam the great beyond! Peerless, beautiful princess- Be my bride! Agree-say yes! When I first saw you, desire Burned within my breast like fire! Oh! Your lovely eyes so bright- They will haunt me day and night! They will torture me by day And at nights, drive sleep away! Say but one sweet word to me Everything is ready, see- And tomorrow, oh my life, We’ll be wedded man and wife. Oh, what need is there to wed? I shall be alone instead! What to do, O Maiden Fair? Wedding dreams have made me square! If you love me truly, bring Me in three days’ time, my ring Lying in the ocean bed-
Only then can we be wed. Get Ivan without ado! Vanya-here’s a job for you- Go down to the ocean blue. From its bottom, you must bring Me the Tsar-Maid’s signet-ring. If you execute this task, I will give you all you ask. But I’ve only just got back, And my joints are fit to crack. Back to shore again so soon? Want to marry fast, buffoon! No more arguments, I say- Now, be off without delay They come out into the clearing To the ocean Ivanís steering, Where, with giant head and tail, Lies the Monster-Marvel Whale. These ten years he lies in pain, Ignorant of how to gain Pardon, to this very day. Oh, his eyes are looking sad Why this suffering and dread? He endures this punishment, For, without the Lord’s consent, Thirty ships, one day, he swallowed As their ocean course they followed. If he sets them free again God will take away his pain, May God speed you, gentles two- Whither bound, and whence are you? We’re the Tsar-Maid’s envoys, see- From the capital are we From seaís bottom please do bring Us the Tsar-Maid’s signet-ring. For what sins, can you explain? Must I bear this grief and pain? Has some sin brought all this bane? And how can I the pardon gain? I can tell you, Monster-Whale Why you suffer and you ail. If you help me get the ring Freedom my advice will bring. Certainly-for friends like you There is nothing I won’t do. Heed my words, 0 Christians true- Mark what I am telling you- If you wish to keep away From a briny grave today, Get you gone this minute, now! Wonders will take place, I vow, For the Monster Whale will turn And the sea will seethe and churn. Troubleís brewing! Troubleís coming! From the Whale we should be running!!! Youíve endured this torment Since without Lordís consent Thirty ships, one day, you swallowed As their ocean course they followed. If you set them free again God will take away your pain. O’er the billows, o’er the sea, O’er the ocean wide and free, At the bottom of the world, Fly our ships with sails unfurled. Masts are rising higher yet, Sails from foamy splashes wet, Villages and forests green, Native region can be seen. Tell me, friends, what can I do In return, or give to you? From the oceanís floor Iíll bring You the lovely Maiden’s ring. Brought no ring from underneathÖ May he rot and all his teeth. -Thank you kindly, Monster-Whale! -No, tis you, my friend, I hail! I’ll remember till I die What you’ve done for meñgood-bye! I canít lift this heavy chest Filled with fiendish hordes for jest By the wily Monster Whale. Mount my back and tightly so Hold to me for all you know. Maiden fair, hear my voice? Ring is found- do rejoice! And, forgive my boldness, do, I just want to marry you. Yes, I know, I know, my lad- Still-We can’t be wedded yet. Why?-I love you more than life! Why can you not be my wife? Of an old, old man like you? Grey haired, ugly, toothless, too? Though you think I may be old Yet Iím lively and Iím bold. Look here-you’re old and grey- I am but fifteen today- You regain your youth anew, And I’ll gladly marry you. O, dear Maiden, listen here- One can’t be reborn, I fear If you have no fear of pain, You will soon be young again. Listen-early in the morn, On the palace court-yard lawn, You must have three cauldrons ready, Two-on fires burning steady. Now, the first one must be filled To the brim, with water chilled, While the next-with water hot- Have it boiled there on the spot; Then, with milk fill up the last, Heat it, till the milk boils fast. If you want to marry me, Young and handsome wish to be, First you must your robes divest, Plunge into the milk, undressed. Next, in boiling water.Then, In the water cold-and when You emerge- Oh, Father my, Youíll be young and handsome guy. Oh, dear Father, donít get sad, Try this trick on our lad. Cauldrons’ magic he should test If it works, then be my guest. Listen, now-tomorrow morn On the palace court-yard lawn, You, Ivan, must do your best- These three cauldrons you must test- First bathe in the milk, my son, Then the waters, one by one. Chickens, pigs, and turkeys-yes-
People scald them, I confess. A cold bath-why that’s quite
Diff’rent and thatís alright. As to being boiled alive-
You can’t tempt me-don’t you strive. What? You dare talk back to me?
Put him under lock and key! Talk like this-you getting then
Bread and water regimen! First you do the cauldron bit
Then weíll talk about it. Better if we never met. Woes to you, I do regret. Tsar will be the death of me. Heíll be boiling me, you see. God bless you and do not cry- We will manage, you and I. I would sooner perish, than
Leave you in the lurch, Ivan. Say: Your Gracious Majesty! Please to send my horse to me So that I can say good-bye To my horse before I die. Now, my lad, go, say your prayers, Sleep in peace, forget your cares. Now, undress yourself, my man- Try the cauldrons best you can. Oh, allow Your Majesty, Please to send my horse to me So that I can say good-bye
To my horse, before I die. If the milk does not boil proper, Water one will be his stopper. Why are you just staying still? Waitís been long-now do my will! If you have no fear of pain, You will soon be young again. The End
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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful animated classic fairy tale. I have been looking for this thinking its title is the Firebird and the beautiful Vasilissa. So happy to see this movie again.

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