The Little Things That Matter Most – The Kids and The Royal Horses of Europe visit Wyoming Camplex
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The Little Things That Matter Most – The Kids and The Royal Horses of Europe visit Wyoming Camplex

October 18, 2019

Hi I’m Mike, Well, today turned to crap
on me. We got rained out at farmers market this morning,
I cant bale the hay that I have down because its wet and now what I had planned for today
has kinda gone down the tubes. Luckily, we cant let that ruin our day as
we adapt and overcome on our Wyoming life. Welcome back, I’m cold and wet so I’m
going to try to make this short and sweet. Yesterday, when planning todays episode of
Our Wyoming Life, I had a whole different plan. I wont bore you with the details, mostly because
I can reuse the idea down the road, but it did depend on nice weather and thanks to more
rain today, that’s not going to happen. I also hoped to finish baling this field,
where hay is in windrows and ready to go, that’s not going to happen either, cant
bale wet hay for fear of mold which can be detrimental to a cow and a her calf. What would be nice, would be to go and sit
back with a nice tall glass of milk, some of Erins carrot cake that is left, because
we got rained out and read a book, but that’s not going happen either. Weather is one thing on the ranch that we
have no control over, would I rather have had this rain back when it would have made
a difference in our hay crop, back in April and May, heck ya I would but that didn’t
happen and in reality any rain is good rain. Normally this time of year we would be deep
into our fire season, pastures all over the county would be burning up, flames shooting
into the air as volunteer firefighters fought to save grazing and hay ground. They get a little break this year, but for
us, even with the rain, there is still plenty to be done. But listen, it’s the weekend, Erin’s birthday,
and maybe this is a sign to slow down a bit and enjoy the little things. When it comes to little thing around here
that means the 3 little ones that live here, And Lincoln who is 3. Its time for him to take a nap, and with Erin’s
birthday on Sunday, its time to head out with Mackenzie and Grace and go to the store to
search for birthday presents for Mom I have
a theory, anytime kids out number adults the chances for trouble multiply by five, but
hey, I handle hundred of cows at once, this cant be that hard, so full of confidence we
head into the store. Cards come first and already I am wondering
if I might be a bit overconfident but as the kids get older they are easier to deal with
by myself. Then its on to find Mackenzie’s new vase
for her mom. Grace chooses a new coffee cup. While we are here I am also tasked with finding
the first day of school outfits for both the girls, School starts on Tuesday but when it
comes to clothes, they are much better shoppers than I am. Grace is just getting over being sick and
now Mackenzie drops her bombshell in the middle of the store. You don’t have to tell me twice, and with
that we are out the register and back to the car, down the road and the kids head in the
house to Erin, where she can deal with whoever may or may not be sick. I hope they all feel better because we have
a special surprise planned later, but first we have to take advantage of a break in the
weather and deal with a small project that I have also been avoiding for a few days. As you may or may not know we are going to
buying hay again this year, for the 3rd year in row. We will be buying around 300 tons of hay this
year at a delivered price of around 170$ per ton. I’ll let you do the math because I have
already done it every which way but sideways and to be honest I am tired of thinking about
it, but I have to. Our first load of purchased hay will be arriving
here on Monday, and that means we are going to begin paying for hay on Monday. To help pay for all that hay, we are going
to be selling some equipment around the ranch and the first to go is our horse trailer. We have stock trailers that we can use for
horses in a pinch so the best place to start trying to make the money to fill in the hay
gap is by eliminated redundancies. I remember when we got this trailer in 2012,
I was so proud of it, and that’s probably why I have been putting off getting it up
for sale, but I cant wait any longer. There is a lot of traffic on the highway,
so along with posting it for sale online we are going to park it next to the road, slap
a for sale sign on it and hope for the best. Then its down to the cows to check on them,
where it quickly becomes obvious we have a little problem. This small group of cows are trespassing. They are not supposed to be in this recently
hayed pasture and they need to be redirected to the pasture they are suppose to be in. Luckily, with haying still going on, although
not at the moment, I have both of our four wheelers scattered around the ranch and one
happens to be right here in this hay field. They know they are in trouble, they head straight
back toward the pasture they are supposed to be in. Gates are opened. And cows are ushered back home. Then gates are closed. With that is time for our surprise, On goes
a nice shirt, and a good hat and its out the door, back into the car and back to town. This time to our events center called the
camplex. The complex is pretty much the only place
anything of any size happens in our town of about 30,000 people. The fair is here, concerts are held here and
tonight it’s a show I have never seen, the dancing horses. Officially called the The Gala of the Royal
Horses, this show promises to spotlight some of the greatest horses in the world, Lipizzaner
Stallions, the Spanish Andalusian and Arabians. Favored for centuries by royalty, the riders
and this performance celebrates the tradition, athleticism and grace of these revered creatures. At least that is what the brochure says, We
really have no idea what to expect. It doesn’t take long until we are all amazed
by what these horses can do, but I cant just tell you. I have to show you. After a long day, the kids are now in bed
and its time to head out and finish up a few chores before heading that way myself. Still have to feed pigs one last time tonight
and fill up the calves water. Both things that could have been done a lot
early in the day, but taking the time today to hang out with the kids is something that
will carry me though for days to come. Sometimes it is the little things, and in
reality, most of the time it is just that, the little things. The reasons we work our tails off, or try
our hardest every single day to succeed. Why we sell of something we worked hard for
and were really proud of, just to be prouder that we did what had to be done to ensure
the future of the ranch for one more year. Their future, we can hope. Thanks go to the kids who still love hanging
out with me, even Mackenzie, who hates shopping so bad that she fakes being sick to get out
of it and knows that if she threatens to puke, I will get her out of public and to a safe
place. Shopping has made me feel sick too, but I
have never thought of just saying it to get out of it. That’s one smart kid. Thanks to you as well for hanging out with
us today, please subscribe as we continue to explore the ranch life and escape the ordinary
and meet us here on YouTube 3 days a week. With everything from every corner of the ranch,
you never know what you are going to get. Until I see you again, have a great week and
thanks for joining us in our Wyoming life.

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  1. Enjoyed the video, Nature is full of surprises, A belated Birthday wish to Erin, and I had to laugh about the kiddo who hates shopping, I used to feign that excuse when I was that age. the memories, overall, everything will come together, God Bless and keep on ranching.

  2. Always nice to get a little family time! I think I saw that family with the dancing horses down in Denver last year.

  3. Hi Mik and Erin wow that was well worth going to see the Royal horses there beautful they dance better then me Mike i have 2 left feet when it comes to dancing lovely video and your kids definitely enjoyed themselves

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Erin!! Sorry to hear that you had to put the horse trailer up for sale. I'm really glad to watch your videos as you truly show us how to live a humble life. I'm looking forward to a video of you guys riding your horses!!!

  5. Thanx thought I’d seen most but just enjoying your videos

    Thanx from the left coast near the Krapitol of California

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