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The Modern Horse Loggers of Minnesota

September 3, 2019

[sound of chains clanking] [rhythmic acoustic guitar music] I’ve always had a
real connection to… to being in the woods, and care about what’s going on
with our environment. About…oh 16, 17 years ago, our neighbors lived
on the Cedar River and a logger came through
and just tore their woods up, and I asked them if I could
take out the firewood. So I took the horses
down to the river and started pulling logs out,
and pulled them out to the road and when we got a wagon load
we’d load them up with the horses and get them out on the road
and haul them to the mill. [sound of chain saw] The issues we have here is…
we have some oak wilt issues. So we’re going to cut out the
oak wilt, or the infected trees try and do minimal damage
when we’re felling the trees and then skid the logs out. [sound of tree falling] [directing horses] Haw a little! [sound of chain saw] [directing horses] Back up! [sound of chain being wrapped] [sound of chain on metal] [directing horses] Come on! Good boys…whoa! I’m going to go get
another team of horses and we’ll put four on and
see if I can get up the hill. You know that log
probably weighs 4,000 pounds, then you’re pulling it up a hill,
you’re doubling the weight of it then you’re pulling it up a hill,
you’re doubling the weight of it so they had all they could do
to get it where they got it, I was surprised they got it there. We’ll just put more horses on…
we’ll get her. It’s like working
a jigsaw puzzle… what comes first,
what comes second, and if this don’t work
what do I do next. It’s just a constant process
of problem solving. [directing horses] Whoa…whoa! Good boys…good boy…
good boy Travis! Yeah! Good boy Travis! Look at today, it’s just
absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t ask for a better day, and then on top of that
working with the horses, they teach me something
every day so… I couldn’t get a better job!

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