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March 4, 2020

I Dewormed Manzer let’s see today is
Sunday I dewormed Manzer and Nika both on
Friday I have never in my entire life of owning horses I’m 39 years old and had
horses my whole life I have never seen worms come out of a horse after they’ve
been dewormed and I’m going to show you what I just found
okay so this is this is the area that Manzer And Nika poop in and we clean this
every day yesterday I was gone so I didn’t clean this area so I’m doing it
right now and here is look at the size oh my gosh
that is so disgusting and there is another one right there
so clearly the dewormer worked it’s right there if you can’t see it because
those are really large worms and that’s that’s very disturbing to me
I’m totally grossed out over the size of these that’s huge so what I would like
to do is have you comment below and let me know if you have ever seen worms like
that come out of your horse if you’ve ever found dead worms in their poop
after you’ve dewormed them or if you’ve ever seen live worms in their poop okay
so I just want to show you the size of these worms for comparison this manure
Fork look at the size of that compared that is so gross I usually don’t get
grossed out by things either but that that’s pretty nasty and then also this
one right over here this one definitely came out of mansur because so that one
right there that’s his poop right there so that’s that’s pretty gross super
gross can’t see yep can’t say that I’ve ever seen I’ve never seen that before so
disgusting so I did one time find worm in a pile of
poop in the past year but it was just it was a pretty small one it was only you
know a couple inches long but I do have one other situation where I had a
student here and muffin was flipping her tail back and forth back and forth and
she was just something was really bothering her and I lifted up her tail
and there was a pin worm like sticking out of her bum just kind of circling
around and that kind of grossed me out and I dewormed her right away after that
but you know it’s hard horses have worms and you can have them on a super strict
deworming plan and they’re still gonna get worms and like with with Mainzer i’m
sure this is because he’s just you know a baby and he’s been eating poop like
crazy but I not anything I’ve ever seen before so comment below let me know if
you’ve ever seen a worm that size come out of your horse today is day 2 of
trying the probiotic and now he is eating it it’s been he’s been in here
forever but he is eating it so that is that is nice I put a little bit less in
here today and he seems to be doing good with it so I’m pretty happy with that so
I’m gonna she’s gonna keep giving him this probiotic every day and eventually
he’ll just eat it all up he’s stinker there’s this little chain
hanging on the wall and I just use it to hang pay bags he’s like I feel so much better now that
those worms are out of my tummy gosh I sure hope that we got them all yucky

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  1. I had my horse on full board (they cleaned the stall) so the day after deworming they came to me to say they found worms. I didn’t see the worms but the deworming worked.

  2. Omgoodness….no never had that bad in a horse but I purchased a large puppy once and of course the breeder said she's been worked…no way…I still treated her and oh lordy I've never seen anything like that,they come out about the size which Manzer passed but were still wiggling…it turns me up still just thinking about it…..

  3. I’ve seen dead ones come out. Usually if I see them I worm them again. They get them from the ground and each other. Vets here recommend switching wormers because different wormers get certain worms. I use paste wormers.

  4. Yes, I know that very well. Once I used deworm my 4 year old gelding. The day after I inspected his droppings : you won't believe it – it looked like a plate full of spagetties – disgusting!!!! He didn't have a big belly and he didn't seem to suffer. Since that, and that was years ago, I have never seen worms again on my horses. Nothing has changed in their living conditions before and after. I' m glad it happened only once. 😌
    Lots of greetings from Germany!

  5. Amazing ! Hope Manzer feels better and his belly is not so distended. Does this mean your dogs need deworming too because they can be attracted to eat nasty things ? never saw that behavior with cats though but guess its possible.

  6. Yuck – will you worm him again right away, or wait for 3 months as per his worming schedule? Glad these disgusting things are on the ground, and not in his tummy anymore! Thanks (I think) for sharing this info.

  7. In young foals and puppies round worms are very common. You have to stay on a deworming schedule. They can really make them sick fast. From eating dirt and poop they reinvest themselves. Keeping the poop picked up and worming is the only way you can get them clear. When you have wet and damp ground the worms grow fast. I also check gum color on babies to make sure they are pink and healthy too. Severe worms can make them have abdominal bleeding too. I always check poop to make sure it's normal. Manser sure is developing into a gorgeous boy. Continued good luck with him!

  8. And it’s lunchtime thanks 🤢, 😂 I have never in my farming life seen that to be honest, so glad you worm often, I have questions though, are the worms alive? What do you do with them when they are pooped out? X

  9. That is normal after worming. The wormer flushes their systems. There are many different types of worms as well. Pinworms are most common. I've had fat short red worms flushed out of my draftie. I call those blood worms because of their color, I forget the actual name of them. This may continue for a few days, glad you got your little man feeling better :0)

  10. Those are just normal roundworms. I have seen worms that large come out of a DOG after worming and not just one or two, I have seen a bundle of worms… alive and dead… the size of a pound of spaghetti after it is cooked … You will need to reworm in a week to ten days and get the ones that hatched out in him from the worms left behind…. I would talk to the vet and see what you can SAFELY put down to kill the worm eggs where you had him after the worming. Worm eggs are impervious to the de wormer… they are in the soil and the feces that came out of him and they can be ingested if he nuzzles the ground where the eggs lie. ALSO, the eggs will be in the soil and manure you pick out of his and any other horses' feet. So you need to practice infection control or you will be worming your entire herd on a regular basis to try and eradicate them and stop the never ending cycle… Worms that large lay THOUSANDS of eggs each, so jump on this…. think quarantine for at least a week. ALSO, as a side note…. PEOPLE can get roundworms… so you are in danger of getting the eggs on your hands and then transferring them into your mouth and into the GI tract… Wash your hands frequently or use disposable gloves until you are sure the worm and egg cycle is broken… What you see in the manure is just the tip of the iceberg… Word to the wise…. kids are always putting their hands in their mouths… keep them out of the area and away from the manure pile until you are sure there are no more worms or eggs being passed….

  11. Breakfast is over!! I have seen them come from dogs and my friend has horses she has from them after deworming. But you are so right it's always kinda grossed me out even tho it's kinda nature. Just gotta get rid of em lol. Have a great day Brandy.


    Pretty common on young horses. Back in the day when we still tube wormed with much stronger products that often-produced uncomfortable digestive issues for a short time we would see this. I have seen them in large balls that looked like spaghetti some balls the size of a baseball. What’s not so common is the worms are intact when passed in this instance.

    Most de-wormers nowadays act more slowly, and the dead worms, certainly the juvenile ones usually partial to fully decompose in the gut before passing so, typically little or no evidence would be noticed. This youngster obviously had a heavy load of mature parasites and this is the result.

    There are several schools of thought on the presence of intestinal parasite on horses. Some science suggests there is a symbiotic relationship between a “normal load” of parasites and their host. However, maintaining a “normal load would be nearly impossible in a domesticated horse situation. Others favor total eradication, which of course is virtually impossible unless all other horses in the area are kept in a totally controlled environment. So, what horse caregivers are left with is a game of whack-a-mole with a variety of anthelmintics. There are three broad-spectrum anthelmintic classes that are currently available for nematode control in horses: benzimidazoles (fenbendazole, oxibendazole), tetrahydro pyrimidines (pyrantel) and macrocyclic lactones (ivermectin, moxidectin).

    These three products are typically given of a rotational basis for two reasons, 1:Some are more effective against at a specific time of the year due to the life cycle of specific parasites and 2: to attempt to avoid the development of anthelmintic resistance in the local parasite population. This latter approach may or may not be very effective since we as horseman by nature tend to think is if little works then more is better. Sadly, this is not always the best approach to providing the best animal husbandry for our charges.

    I tend to err on the side of the go slower lower approach, but that’s just my opinion based on many years of experience with many thousands of horses and I have no scientific reference material to support that argument.

    Just my observations and perhaps the seeds planted for additional thought.

  13. Yes.. Very impressive hosts. Are those spaghetti, ascaris ? Long ago, I watched some alive in my cat when she vomited them and in her stool. I also watched different ones in a dog's poo. Much smaller and numerous. They died shortly after, in the air. Dogs and cats also have to be dewormed regularly. You can find all sorts of worms depending on the specie, like white grain rice looking, large white, tapeworms or others quite dangerous for the animal health in some hot countries.

  14. I have 2horses, in their first live They had been devormed about 3 to 4 Times a year. Now at home in doing this only once a year when the temperature comes below zéro, but i never see one only worm….but my cats have a lot and i have to devoemed them more than horses …🙀👍🏻🐴

  15. For more videos about Manzer, check out this link

  16. those aren't as bad as tape worms, had 1 stallion that would get them. So glad he is wormed and you can tell my his soft eyes that he is feeling better but I would worm them both again in about 10 days. I use probios everyday for my 2 minis and it has made all the difference in the world. Thanks for sharing and I wanted to mention, love your new hair style!

  17. OMG 😩 no I've never seen that. I do periodically check her poop. But will be looking more. Could you please let me know what dewormer you use and how often. Thanks again for great info 👍PS: my mare is pasture kept and by herself. I clean up after her twice a day. I worm in the spring, summer and fall.

  18. First, just want to say how in tune you are with your horses…"Manzer looks a bit wormy", says it all. Just a bit wormy?! Lol

    Second, I am so glad I turned this vid off as soon as it started! I was sitting down to toast and would most definitely have been grossed out! Lol 🤢🤮

    Another great vid…you never fail to make even the most gruesome and gross things interesting. Sheath cleaning and Nika's afterbirth hanging from her! Yup! Mike drop!!! 😱🤢🤮 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😊😊😊😊

  19. I’ve never seen worms in horse poop before but have seen a puppy poop out a worm, it grossed me out and was told they get from the mom when nursing

  20. Last year I brought my first foal home! He had a bit of a snotty nose but I didn’t think much of it cause his vet check was clean, a few months later I found a GIANT worm in him poo!!! It was disgusting!!! He is free and clear now but it was scary

  21. I've seen them alive before deworming and dead after. I rescued 11 quarter horse yearlings from auction and when they arrived they were really wormy. I agree it's really gross.

  22. Wow thank goodness for effective wormer. I have not seen worms that size however my horses used to get lots of the little red ones in their poop after worming. They were always fat and happy never caused them problems though.

  23. Hi Brandi.
    Manzer the FECAL BOY is gross.
    That would make a large ball of yarn …. gross.
    I STILL LOVE ya little dude. It's all good🤗❤🤣

  24. That's probably why they are eating so much! I hope they feel better once they are cleaned out! No wonder why nika is a chunky monkey!

  25. I never had foals and because I worked my horses regularly I never saw any intact worms like that. But he’s never been wormed before so it’s stands to reason that after his first treatment you would see a lot of worms coming out. They must have made him weak, I would think. Poor guy.

  26. When I bought my mare and wormed her for the first time it was very clear she hadn’t been wormed in a long time, very gross 🤢

  27. I’ve never seen worms come out. But that would have grossed me out. But like you say horses have worms. Thank god they were dead. Have a great day! Worm free!

  28. Yep, my mare when I first got her had ones that long but i'm a nurse so not easily grossed out. It took me 3 mo until the stool came back clear but after that never had any trouble with her.

  29. OMG Brandy..!!!! I am terrified of worms and such. (NOT snakes, yeah I'm weird), so I first LISTENED to your video, then later summoned the courage to watch it, and its not that bad at all! Thank you for posting this..!

  30. I have never owned my own horse, so the stables I helped out at as a young girl did all the de worming and they tended to not be open for business on those days, we got a few days off if I remember correctly-now I know why🤢🤮I have had lots of cats over the years though, and de worming you really have to keep on top of it. With cats being keen hunters by nature. I had one horrific incident when a cat who had showed no signs of worms vomited up a huge ball of living ball of worms, roundworm and they were pretty lively! I was utterly horrified and my then fiancee had the lovely job of disposing of them. Seeing worms in cat poop after a de-worm was to be expected but It is the one thing I dreaded! Those look like roundworm to me. I knew when I watched your video yesterday on Manzer's de-worming, I knew it would be gross and at least they were dead but would be pretty huge, because he's a horse. I do know humans can catch roundworm, the eggs are microscopic, from cat and dog poop. People can have roundworm and never know. A heavy burden of worms they may well come out alive, and especially in poop. Occasionally they can travel up and appear in the mouth or out the nose. That utterly creeps me out! 😱🤢🤮

  31. Oh yes ,thankgod they are coming out ,. It is disgusting ,have seen out of bum too; thanks now I feel like puking again hee hee. Hope he feels better soon !!🥰

  32. Yep. Seeing worms will change your life😂. I dewormed a puppy and my mare once because they both had a pot belly and grown roundworms came out🤮🤮. I don’t get grossed out too easily either but that really was bad. I haven’t been able to eat sushi since. My steak has to be well done too. Ugh! Glad Manzer got all those nasty things out poor guy.

  33. No fun but a part of life it seems. Not a horse human but I’ve seen them in a dog. Have also seen a large one teased gently out of an adorable human toddler’s bottom. Poor parent passed out cold. I would expect Manzer will gain weight quicker now once his treatment and retreatment whatever the horse protocol is. Also the environmental protocol. Good eye on you Brandi for your assessment skills!

  34. Oh my!! I had no idea about worms (I don’t own horses, just a horse lover). Hope he’s feeling better ♥️🐴♥️

  35. I Totally Agree With You. I Don't Normally Get Grossed Out, But Yeah… That Grossed Me Out! Lol
    I Don't Own Horses, So This Is A 1st For Me Seeing & Hearing About Foals Getting Worms & 1st Time Seeing Worms In Horses Poo.
    Thank You For Sharing This Because I Was Wondering How Long It Would Take To See Results After You Dewormed Manzer! I Bet He's Feeling So Much Better!

  36. Well, the dewormer is working. So grateful that those things are exiting his precious body!
    I've not found worms in my horses' poop, but in other rescue/foster horses that my friend takes in. We deworm them. I raised my horses from babies, and can't recall ever seeing them- but I deworm and test like you do. Manzer us lucky to have Miss Brandi taking care of him & his momma! ❤

  37. I'm a horse lover but haven't been fortunate to have one. I Couldn't Look!!! LOL It's not funny but hey gotta laugh at gross stuff!!!

    OMGosh!!! Look at the video where he is standing in the doorway. He's holding his head in such a way the light is showing his bone structure. Beautiful Gorgeous and when he's grown… OMGosh!!!

  38. Wow, poor little Manzer. Glad you thought parasites might be why he had a potbelly. Never saw that on a foal as I didn't have a foal. However, I've seen it with puppies. I've been told puppies are born with them, transferred from the mama dog. According to my vet, any worm except tapes can be transferred to humans and other animals. This is gross, but when I was about 4, the cat we had had round worms and died. Because I'd played with the cat, mom had out doctor prescribe worm treatment for me. I assume she was being cautious and wanted to make sure I was okay. Another time, my 1st Doberman puppy tested positive for hook worms. Now those things are bad news. They actually cause the animal to be anemic. My vet told me to wear disposable rubber gloves and to scoop her poop every time and then spray the area with bleach. Said the hook worms could transfer to any animal or person (if barefooted) just from stepping where that (hook worm) poop had been. I'd say Stella and barn kitties need treated as well. Those old parasites are so disgusting, huh! Repeat treatment in 2 weeks so the med will kill the newly hatched eggs in his gut!

  39. Well… I bet they feel better! I never had a horse… So my cat I knew had worms. The vet I went to said no she didn't… 😑 I got worm meds for her and man she pooped and puked a pile of cat sized worms… Those are horse sized worms! 🤢

  40. I saw a rescue dog have worms so bad that it started vomiting piles of worms and explosive diarrhea with all worms in it. There are some really gross things that come out of animals but the even worse thing being in the medical field is that I’ve seen it in humans also. 🤢

  41. I have zero experience with worms in horses but one of my cats vomited up a live tapeworm on my kitchen floor once…🤮. Couldn’t bring myself to look at my screen when you showed the poop. Memories are still too fresh several years later. (But I did hit the like button in empathetic support, lol.)

  42. I've seen worms just like that that in the poop of my two and a half pound puppy!!! Really!!! Looked like spaghetti!!!!! This was thirty years ago.

  43. How often do you worm?
    Twice a year…including mare carrying foals…dose for foals different from horses…weight..
    But I bottle feed my foals..
    No sucking the mare…I seperate foal from mare soon as possible…I am the foals mother..
    The mare is right next to the foal..I start exercise routine with mare within a 2weeks after birth…labor is more, but my investment in future stock of this foal is greater…🐎🤠

  44. Spot on, Brandi! Great that you spotted that belly, got a fecal count done, (so many never do it!!) administered the proper dewormer, (Kudos that you don't call it a 'wormer'! Picky, I know, but still….) and voila! The result of staying on top of things as we horse ppl need to be. Awesome 🙂

  45. You should be thoroughly pleased you have relieved them. Would feel back on top of the world again. I really think he was saying 'Thanks.

  46. I don't own horses but I was working a litter of 14 puppies. Had to pull them from their kennel and put them in the bath tub because it was like handfulls of spaghetti crawling from there butts. YUCK

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