The Most EPIC Cycling Saves Of The 2019 Pro Racing Season So Far…
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The Most EPIC Cycling Saves Of The 2019 Pro Racing Season So Far…

October 29, 2019

– When you spend as much time on your bike as a pro rider does, you
do develop a sixth sense when something’s just going
a little bit pear shaped. Crashing, unfortunately,
is part of cycling. But every now and again, we
get those brilliant moments where we see instinct,
skill, reaction speed, and a million and one
other things combined with a whole lot of luck. These are some of our most
epic saves of the year so far. (upbeat music) For our first save, let’s cast our minds way, way, way back to the DVV Trophy on New Year’s Day in Baal. While everyone else was
sleeping off their excess of seeing in the New year, some of us were actually working. We didn’t have a huge amount
of mud for cycling last winter, and if you’re wondering
why Mathieu van der Poel is such a good bike handler,
check out this next clip. (man gasps) That was brilliant, and it’s
kind of the cycling equivalent of the hokey cokey. You’ve done everything right,
you’re on the sort of form where everything is a fluid blur, the team plays everything perfectly, and you got magic legs. You attack at exactly the right moment, the perfect distance from the finish. It’s a dream scenario. Well, it almost came
unstuck for Jakob Fuglsang in Liege-Bastogne-Liege
when this happened. – [Commentator] Next group on the road, but it almost came unstuck on the descent for Jakob Fuglsang. One of the best saves
you’re likely to see. – You want another look? Check this out. I remember seeing the commentators jump about six feet in the
air when that happened. Next up, Kasia Niewiadoma
from Canyon-SRAM. The final stage of this year’s Giro Rosa had a technical run in
with a short, sharp climb that suited Marianne Vos perfectly. Is there a finish that doesn’t
suit Marianne Vos perfectly? Not really. But after recording three
stage victories already, everyone was looking to prevent
her from a taking a fourth, and Niewiadoma was a potential favorite. Everyone was looking
for that trademark move from the Amstel Gold
winner when this happened. – [Commentator] Through here
they swing right open and in and they’re on to this
little cobblestones. Ooh, beautiful save
there, Kasia Niewiadoma. – Another slow mo this time, I think. Most of us would be on a
liquid diet after that one. In every Tour de France
there is generally one, if not multiple bare that
moments under the sense. You could spend hours recounting them. For some riders, the afternoon aroma of a saucy on the barbecue, some wine, and a freshly baked baguette are just too much for
the senses to deal with. We gest of course, but cue
CCC’s Alessandro De Marchi having his own pull the rip cord moment on Stage Eight of this
year’s Tour de France. – [Commentator] Both of
them nearly coming to grief on this corner. De Marchi just laying it down there in a very controlled fashion. – And that was really similar
to one of Tommy Voecklers on one of his epic
breakaways back in the day. Not to be outdone by his
teammate in Liege-Bastogne-Liege, Ion Izaguirre decided that he’d spend the rest of the afternoon
having a cup of tea and watching the race on T.V. He totally just had one of those, nope, this corner is
not happening moments. – [Commentator] Behind though,
Ion Izaguirre bailed out on one of the tight left handers. – There was a lot of pride
at stake for the sprinters on Stage Two of the Arctic Race in Norway. Mathieu van der Poel were
taking a long sprint victory the previous day. And he even said in the Dutch media that he didn’t understand why
some sprinters waited so long to make their move. Talk about fighting talk. So runner up on the opening day, Jumbo-Visma’s Danny van Poppel, was being brought through
for a crack out the finish. There’s only so much
road, and unfortunately, Danny ran out of it. – [Commentator] As the
sprinters jostened for position, Jumbo-Visma’s Danny van Poppel
was bounced off the road and down the bank. – So many times you see riders just tumble down the side of the road, after a bump like that. I know, great reactions. Now for one of the most recent, Mitchelton-Scott’s Mikel Nieve, Stage Two of this year’s Vuelta in Calpe. Yes, it was one of those days
where the script was torn up and set fire to. Nairo Quintana was up the
road heading for a stage win, there was a bit of a chicane
coming into the finish, and Nieve had a triple whammy of saves. – [Commentator] Reaching for the rest, he soon had daylight between
himself and the rest. – Angel Madrazo is without, one of the most loved
riders within the Peloton. His doppelganger, Kristof Mintz, plus a character in the movie Superbad, has led to a career long
nickname of McLovin’. We’re in the King of the Mountains Jersey in this year’s Vuelta, he made it into the Stage Five breakaway that eventually went all
the way to the finish and in the process netted him the biggest victory of his career. But the fact that his
sports director in the car also tried his best to present you with a big dose of
adversity to come back from, you could’ve been forgiven for
thinking it wasn’t his day. – [Commentator] Yeah, let’s
just watch the green light. Oh, the car. Madrazo has been collided
by his own team car. – Well that’s one way to get
your riders attention anyway. Beeping the horn is
normally quite a good way to do it as well. One noticeable one that we can show you, is Egan Bernal at the
final stage time trial of the Tour de Suisse. Having come back from a broken collarbone at this year’s Giro, he gave his team management a heart attack on some very twisty, narrow roads. Luckily he stayed up right, and the rest as they say, is history. Thank you for watching. If you remember any from the season that we’ve managed to miss, then feel free to leave them
in the comment section below. How about you check out
the GCN shop before you go? And if you want to find
out if Sy can still cut it when he’s got a number on, check out this video just down there.

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  1. Tj Vangardren in the tour of California, descending on a teammates bike with opposite brake setup was pretty chilling.

  2. Don't forget about MvdP bunnyhopping those bottleneck/traffic islands at the RVV.. That might be the best save this season. Too bad he crashed afterwards because his front wheel broke

  3. I understand the first two of Nieve's back wheel kick outs but can someone explain to me the 3rd? Looked like he'd got the bike in control and then the wheel slips out again seemingly for no reason.

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