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November 18, 2019

♪ Whitewoods – Beachwalk ♪ How’s it going, everyone? Bee Movie here. Before I start today’s video, I have an incredibly important announcement. If you, or anyone you know or love, such as friends or family, are a complete Bee Movie fanatic, someone has literally uploaded the entire Bee Movie, in 30 second clips, to Twitter. I’ll leave a link in the description so you guys can go and enjoy all your Bee Movie fantasies, because, that’s a timeless classic. But anyway, kids, onto today’s meme. So I’ve had a lot of you request to me to react to some, kind of like, MLP, or, brony cringe. And I don’t think I’ve actually ever reacted to one of these before. I’ve done a lot of fandoms, like, for example, Undertale. But honestly, they’re pretty easy targets, because, a lot of them are just on the bottom of the YouTube gene pool. But I had some brony cringe being posted on the subreddit, and I thought I’d just take a quick look at them. One of them really stood out. It’s actually painful to watch. Like, you know when you watch something that’s so cringy, you feel, like, actual pain in your heart. Like, what does it mean to be human and, you slightly feel yourself dying inside. Well, today’s video will have just that effect on ya. It’s a kid in his room on his phone and he’s pretending to call one of the characters from My Little Pony. It’s really REALLY bad, honestly. Like, I mean, to be fair, if this guy was like a master of editing, or he looked like some alpha male, it would still just be cringe, because, at the end of the day, he’s literally made a YouTube video pretending to call a cartoon horse, so, there’s not really any way you can make that sound good, or look good. “Hey, YoHoOTube.” Already, less than two seconds into the video, you know that this boi is an alpha male. The apex of his species, because, no other person I’ve watched on YouTube has opened the video by fohking sneezing. “HEKHEE YOUTOOB” “This is wankyraz15(?) and I’m going to make a phone call to Rarity.” “And yeah, I’m using my dad’s phone.” So he’s already established that he’s calling a cartoon horse, I mean, I’ve already explained that, and most of you can comprehend that. But, what he’s also now saying is he’s gonna use his dad’s phone to do it. Imagine how awkward the conversation would be with his dad, like, “Aw, yeah, son, uh- uh, I see that you’re trying to contact MAGICAL FICTIONAL CARTOON HORSES.” “Oh, no. Mah boi’s trying to contact cartoon horses on muh phone.” “Oh, well. Back to the insane asylum. (Dem luscious eyes tho)” “And I’ll call her right now.” (Texting yo gurl) “Oh.” (She isn’t answering wtf) “There we go.” (Got n00ds instead) (lma0 wtf is this gay music pyro I wanted quality nickelback you british bagel) (So how’s your day?) (Good? Good) (Oh, look. Pyro put stuff on the screen) (Wtf is that) (royalty-free ass xddd) (Pay attention to the video, kid) (Adjusts for dramatic effect) “How can I help y-” “Hello, Rarity.” If any of you want to stop watching the video at this point, I totally understand you, because, this is literally a kid pretending to having a conversation with a cartoon horse on his dad’s phone while poorly editing clips of a cartoon horse talking to pretend that there’s some kind of conversation going on. It’s GOD-TIER CRINGE. GOD-TIER. I don’t think we’ve ever stepped into God-tier before. So if you just want to stop watching this video and go watch PewDiePie play Five Night’s at Freddy’s or something, no one’s judging you, seriously. You can just leave if you want. “Fuk te Poodepie.” “I HATE FUKING PUDEPIE.” “Pudepie is ossos(?) beech and I hate Pudepie.” “This is Dagen (is this how you spell his name?), and, uh, I’m gonna… tell you…” “…about nothing(?) here.” “This… place…” “…heard (stop stuttering)” “…and you may have heard of it.” “It’s called… Canterlot.” Oh, boy. This is gonna be a really painful experience, isn’t it? Not only does it take him about three hours to get a sentence out, but, he keeps dropping the phone as well, like, totally ruining any kind of realism because you know, you need to keep a lot of realism in this universe where young men are in contact with cartoon horses on their dad’s phone. “What?” “CANTERLOT?????” “Yeah.” “Even though you may have heard of that place.” (Wtf Pyro I didn’t sign up for this shit) “Do you ever wanna go?” I gotta be honest. I don’t know why, but I just love this kid’s smile. It’s like, every single part of the video he’s in, he just looks naturally uncomfortable, ya know. Like, this isn’t even a real conversation. He’s literally staging a conversation with himself. And still he feels awkward and confused. Like, usually when you talk with someone on the phone, you gotta stay formal, and it feels a bit awkward sometimes. He’s not talking to anyone. He’s literally pretending to have a conversation for ten minutes. and still the awkwardness kicks in. That’s- that’s- that’s amazing. I- I gotta give credit to this kid. “D- Do you ever wanna go?” “I’ve always DREAMED of living there.” “Oh, I’m sorry.” “Wh- What did you say?” “I’ve always DREAMED of living there.” You know, I really appreciate that man. How he used the same fohking clip twice in a row. Definitely doesn’t make the meme redundant in any way whatsoever. You know, just, ask the horse again, even though it’s a made-up conversation. I mean, I think it’s reached the point where he’s lost his sanity, right? Like, he actually can’t understand what the voices in his head is telling him to do (xddd). These ponies aren’t actually real. They’re demonic voices inside this kid’s head and he’s used basic editing to portray them as My Little Pony when, in actual fact, they’re voices in his head telling him to do horrible things. “Oh, I’m sorry.” “Wh- What did you say?” (Satan orgasming to the sacrifice of this poor child’s soul) I mean, in my opinion, if I get to choose a demonic voice that talks inside my head and tells me to do bad things, I would definitely have SoFloAntonio as that demonic voice. (More Satan orgasm juice) “Cool.” “That’d be a cool place to live.” (Nervous laughter) “Yeah- Yeah it would. Trust me.” “And… I also have a pretty cool car.” “And it’s Rey (red and grey?).” “And it’s (stutter) cool. Really a classic one too.” “Yes, son. I 100% totally believe that you, at your current age, own a car.” “You drive around in your red Ferrari up and down the road getting all that pu$$y.” “Basically, Dalek (EXTERMINATE), I 100% believe that is actually true.” Remember that, kids. People who pretend phone calls with cartoon horses on their dad’s phone, they drive a Ferrari. Question how terrible your life is, that this man, is getting more girls than you. “I can’t wait to hear all about it.” “Well, good.” “It is a 1967 Volkswagen Beetle.” “It’s a really awesome car.” “HeeHEEEHheheEHEHEH” (Mmmmm, that close up) Can someone please explain to me what that noise was that he just made? Because I’m so confused right now. It’s like he’s physically trying to nay like a horse. Like, he needs to immerse himself more in this roleplay on his dad’s phone, so, talking to cartoon horses isn’t enough. He now has to nay like an actual horse. “I mean, I’m pretty much scared of…” “…loud air conditioners.” “So, what do you actually think of them?” “Because, I hope I’M not the only one.” “Seriously, what do you think about them?” “Just the humming part at the beginning.” (Me when I first found LeafyIsHere) I love how this guy’s gone from boasting about his amazing car, to now saying he has a fear of air conditioners. Honestly, this made-up conversation is just going all over the place. Like, I thought he would’ve have like a script or something, but, he’s going from a car, a nice car, to now, fears of stuff that most people don’t have a fear of. Like, obviously a lot of people think air conditioning is sexist, but, you know, it’s not scary. “There’s actually proof that this is happening.” “That, women, you know, do feel the cold more than men.” “And that the A/C in offices is normally regulated more for male temperatures than a women’s.” “What kind of a… gym?” (Idk what I was hearing) “Roogie.” (Idk about this one either) “Yup, that’s correct.” “RRRROcK AND RRRRROLLLLL.” (Tfw you’re slowly dying inside) (Orgasming) “RRRRRRROOOOOOOOCCCCCCCKKKKK AAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNDDDDDD RRRRRRRRROOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL” (Tfw you watching My Little Porn ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) mmmMMMMmm) Okay, I do have to give credit where it’s due. This kid looks like he’s having the time of his life. Like, if I could pretend to have a phone call with a cartoon horse on my dad’s phone, and have this much fun, then I’d be pretty much doing it all day. So, to be fair, it’s a pretty cringy video, but, props to this kid for somehow actually enjoying himself. “Well, I guess I’ll see you later, Rarity.” “Right? Bye.” (Whispering a prayer for the bleach gods to save him of his existence) “Well, you see all my videos, please.” “Check how many videos I have.” (I’m a lonely chode so plz plz chek me out m8s) “Talk to you later. Bye.” (Wtf I wanted my free MLP body pillow>:^( ffs) What a beautiful family-friendly experience. If they put this in the IMAX theater, I’ll take my whole family to go see it. It’s a beautiful experience of love, tragedy, pride and prejudice, a man falling and getting back up to please his pony waifu. Uh, if anything, you should go and subscribe to this guy on YouTube. Give him some support and show some love that he is this dedicated to getting his pony waifu. If I was that dedicated, I’d probably have a functioning social life and would be in my room making reaction videos. Thanks a lot for watching, guys. We got a special like offer for today. One like, and I get my dad to send you your very own phone so you can have made up conversations with cartoon characters. ♪ Whitewoods – Beachwalk ♪ (I want my fokhing paycheck, bitch)

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  1. All of these video's are funny on it's own, but if you turn on subtitles, it makes it 10 times funnier than it already was

  2. 2:47 I passed out from auto erotic asphyxiation and then woke up with autoplay stopped so I rewatched the video

  3. My friend went to bronycon (as a joke) 2019 (the last one)
    The sign that was supposed to say "Welcome to Baltimore" said "Welcome to Baltimare"

  4. I thought my phone was going off the to another plane of existence when dogsong started playing. Like I got hacked or something.

  5. Why must there always be that one person that ruins everything by being the false representation of a group? He may be a brony by the definition of one, but he will NEVER be welcome with the others.

  6. This is actually the cringiest thing I've ever seen. I literally froze in disbelief. The stereotypical bullied kid from Hallmark movies takes his dad's phone and pretends to call a magical, fictional horse.

  7. i cant watch this video without stopping every 3 minutes and just Pause for a short time holy god who let this thing excists i mean why would anyone call a f-ing animated Horse..

  8. sees video fuck this shit website im going over to twich, Im sure theres another masked man talking about fucking uhh call of duty or some shit. I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT MY LITTLE PONY AGAIN! I watched one episode of my little pony one time unironicly, and now this fucking show stalks me wherever i live i could be watching a random video and it will come up .

    Hazbro if you could burn my little pony i would appreciate that.

  9. Oh no we found the original clickbait master for calling boss baby and pennywise! He is the godfather of ExtremeGame and such

  10. You know that the YouTube browser works properly when you search "cringe kid calls pony" and the first result is the original vid (by the way, it's called "rarity phone call", don't harass him anyway)

  11. 2:29
    (Lma0 wtf is this gay music I wanted quality nickelback you British bagel)

    The captions are absolutely beautiful, my guys

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