The New BEST Horse In Star Stable Online – The Trakehner
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The New BEST Horse In Star Stable Online – The Trakehner

August 16, 2019

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  1. I thought I wanted the black and white pinto, then I changed my mind to the grey dapple…now seeing you take Autumn out for a test ride, I'm in looove ❤ 😅 I might just wait for more colors but it is so hard not to buy one straight away!!

  2. I bought the pinto because they finally made one that's bigger than the newer American Paint Horses and I don't like the looks of the newer ones at Marley's farm, they're too small. They're my all time favorite breeds because they're beautiful.

  3. My favorite is the grey, but I love the bay, too. I love everything about them, I can't wait to get one of them <3
    Also, great video, Faris! <3

  4. They’re so cute! I wanted a Lusitano, but now I might get the Trakehner! :O

    Edit: After watching this video I have decided to get the new horse!

  5. I dont understand.
    U said , They are doing theyre best on to improve their horses
    But i dont see them improving
    Most horses are a copy of another

    Hanoverian – English thouroughbred
    Trakehner – Hanoverian
    New Starter horses – Lippizaners

    This is just typical sso being lazy once again and trying to get people to pay 21 euros again
    Or dollars..or whatever u pay with..
    Its just a lot of money for one pixelated horse :C
    ( This is my opinion , You dont have to agree )

  6. My fav one is definitely the pinto one! It's so cute especially it's face >w< This breed's trot is kinda ruined but I still ADORE it! <3
    P.S. Of course I bought the pinto – RubyTear aka Ruby (girl) 😉

  7. Im not a big fan of the trot….and I find with most of the newer horses back legs look a little wonky… but I'd have to say that my fav is the bay <3 I love the grey and pinto too! I'd love to see more colours in this model tho 😍

  8. lol love the video but i cant get any, i need to save up for my club horse, but theres so much horses i want, but i can't afford them loll soo ya might take years before i get one

  9. I’m not sure which one I like yet because I have not seen them yet because I’m away they look really nice “Why is it all ways me they get good updates when I leave”

  10. I want the grey so I can name her Rachael5!! (yes I’m naming her off of Fortnite 😂)
    And you know that picture of Jimmy, Kimmy, and Timmy I’m making for you? Sorry it’s taking so long! ❤️

  11. Ahh!!! Agh!!! I was saving for the black lusitano…but now I am gonna get trakehner..the connermara and the lustiano flare their nostrils…connermara was the first to be introduced with the nose flares.

  12. I hope Star Stable re-makes the Fjord too! It's such a pretty horse… I haven't bought one yet cause I'm waiting for a updated version (Maybe SSO will release an updated Fjord when they do Icengate or Ashland?)


    Amazing video!
    I personally ADORE the bay! I would get one but my next horse is planned to be my dream horse, If it wasn't I would have gotten it! xD

    You want to know which horse that is?

    OK I'll tell you

    Location: Epona, New Hillcrest (Status: Unlocked)

    Price: 969 Star Coins

    Color: Chestnut



  14. Ok hi guys! I hv a problemo what is my profile pic plz tell me! I updated it but it didn’t seem to work

  15. I’m saving up for the pinto, but I’m gonna wait for more colours.


  16. The trakhener is literally all the new horses and models like sso ur just releasing horses every 2 months new colours every now and so often and new models too. If u add it up its so much.

    (It has the same trot as the new jorvik ponies simillar rear to the lusitano) and yeah i know its a warmblood but it just triggers me when ALL sso youtubers are saying they look nice, nobody (apart from global chat) talks about it

  17. Personally, I dont really like the new horses. I know, their pretty but seriously. Have you seen those animations? They are sooo unatural and it just doesn't look right while its walking or trotting, ooor cantering. But I am saving up for one, but still in my opinion that is far from the best horse on sso.

  18. I have the trake from fort I didn't get the one from sliver because I am too low level

  19. I want to see a buckskin and a white Trackhener (I know that was not spelled correctly but it’s okay) ooo a palomino would look nice too

  20. I loveee the gallop so much!!! It reminds me of a race horse because of its long legs and the way it’s neck moves. I think the grey one is my favorite.

  21. Wow, I just love! 💗💗💗💗💞💞💞💞 Awesome choice. I have all of them but my favorite is the grey. My grey on is named Wolf eagle, my black and white is Amethyst time, and my bay one is Autumn Angel

  22. I mean a lot of the new horses are an improvement but I feel like they could have done a better job with the arabian :V And also gallop gait of some of the newer horses could have been done better c-c

  23. The Trakehner truly is an imrepovement. (I would disagree with the "every new horse is an improvement, some horses don't turn out that well, like the arabian, the english throughbred etc)

  24. I’m getting the trakehner from the app! I’m getting it tomorrow because I love the second coats but I am not the right level to go to golden leaf. But I love the one from the app! I’m going to name it CopperCookie aka Cop. 💖😅👌

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