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The Nightmare – Episode 03 | Angry Prash

February 29, 2020

(Music) Ahhhh! Champa Died! she left me alone now who will make me do their 500 rs recharges now who will do all the shopping and empty my bank account now who will become the mother of my uncalled child, Champa! Nagu uncle why is dad crying? because you have again made your dad helpless to shake bro don’t worry, everything will be alright Majnu see this, today is my birthday after four years like every time even this year champa has delivered me a cake before delivering the cake, Champa got delivered to god, Champa! the cake is here, but this B”$!$% is not in a condition to eat the cake! aye doremon bring that cake! yes small brother champa, champa where did you go B£””^ bro why are you crying? today is your birthday one second, today is 29th feb today along with me, even my dad’s Aye Parshya! (marathi entrance music) Dad? don’t call me Dad, call me Sarkarji sorry JI Sarkar JI why are you sitting down son? Today is our birthday, come here and give me a hug! Sarkarji! (music) Aye, who’s this women? we are in a trouble! why is a flower garland on this women’s photo? This Women is your daughter in law, Sarkarji This Jeff Bezos was listening to each and everything parshya! you married a girl without even telling me and the daughter in law even died sarkarji this is not your Daughter in law, she is only my girlfriend aye fancy dress, bring me some snacks aye! whom are you calling? today we will die (cat crying) who’s kid is this? he is such a sweet kid what is your name kid? achu kuchu kuchu kuchu kuchu what is this Achu kuchu, am I a chinese? i will remove your clothes and shave you from up and down such a big insult of Sarkarji? Parshya who is this kid? this is your grandson Sarkarji Aye Alexa, what are you speaking? you don’t come when I call you, what’s happening to you now? Parshya! you gave birth to a child without marrying this girl this is not her child this means you have married another girl and given birth to a child I have not married any girl, and given birth to any child! this means you have married a boy, and given birth to a child, my son is a gayyy! Sarkarji this kid is not born from a boy, but born from a girl, but this is not my kid this is only made by my sperm did you give your D!(% on rent? Aye dialogue robber! who’s it? noone (cat crying) if your are not able to handle it, then why do you drink so much! what is with your father? if you keep friendship with such roadside people, this will only happen your father roadside Achaiaidsi ASDASd Dad leave him! who’s Prash over here? it’s me, what do you want? this is your child, take it back Parshya? where and where have you given birth to the kids? you have ruined my name Dad even this kid was born by my sperm but this is not my kid before marriage you do dum dum with girls? and when it comes to raising the kids, you will run from the responsibility you’re such a big, B”%”$% Parshya Sakarji i have not done dum dum, with any of the girls, you listen to me aye Unfamiliar listen to him atleast Bark! so all these drama happened because I donated the sperm! And remember you only thought me, A human should at least donate once in his life Very good, you still remember what I thought you! i definitely told you to donate but I never thought that you would go and donate sperm Aye Lipstick shop, take this kid from here and why have you bought this second kid here? because, when we gave you this kid back, from then Aye my lovely kid! first make this $#%$ silent you $#%$, your father $#%$, your whole family $#%$ you $#%$, your father $#%$, your whole family $#%$ kid why are you talking this way? what happened, what did he say such Aye @#%[email protected] your Father @#%[email protected] that is what I said What has happened, our kid has become so mischievous if you could have given birth to a child, this wouldn’t had happened I have told so many times we won’t talk on that topic aye mobile without network tower, one minute telling me mischievous ohhh! it happened good, anyways he was of no use Now I can’t take care of this kid, you will have to accept this kid look madam, your story was too sad, i accept it no problem, I will take care of both the kids and even you Parshya! Sorry Dad! one side your girlfriend is dead, and on the other hand you are flirting with a widow ayee ahh! Ha!”$21, I won’t leave you? Ahhh! wait now I will put garlands on everyone’s photo Ahhh! So, hey guys! how was the video? if you watch all the three episode of this nightmare series together then you will enjoy it more so today it is a very special day for me because when it was my last birthday on 29th feb 2016 I didn’t even knew what I would do with my life and again today is my birthday, and my life is completely changed and thus I want to thank you from my heart And I know, till my next birthday my angry army will be with me And our Angry Army will be more bigger than this and if you liked the video, give it a like and share it and if you are new to the channel, and if you want to see similar series, then subscribe it i will meet you again, on a new video with a new topic Till Then….. (Outro Music)

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  1. Cool!
    Which year born?
    It's amazing to have a birthday on Leap day…Special greetings to you from me
    And also thnx for this video. Keep it up👍👍

  2. ☺😂😂😂😂😂☺☺☺😆😆😆😇😇😇😇😅😄😀😃😊😇

  3. करोना वायरस भारत में तो सदियों से है!
    रात को कई कमरों से आवाज़ आती है "करो ना"।

  4. सुहागरात के बाद पति ने पत्नी से पूछा, "कैसा महसूस कर रही हो?"
    पत्नी (शरमाते हुए): आप ने तो मुझे कॉलेज के दिनों की याद दिला दी।

  5. 1:30 naguu ka reaction made me literally roll on the floor😂😂😂😂😂😂😂the way nagu said it😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Happy birthday bhiii🎇🎁💫🎂🎂🎉🎉🎀🎀💖❤️❤️😇😌😋😜😅😎🤩😘😍🔥

  7. Bro congratulations for your leap year birthday and congratulations in advance for 4 Million Subscribers and I wish that you will have 40M Subscribers in your next birthday.

  8. Bhai Tere sabhi vdio ekdam hit hai

    Aaj Tak koi bhi project fail nhi hua👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
    Happy birthday 🎂🎉🎉

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