The Pack Moves Into A New House During A Blizzard | Ruff Life With Lee Asher
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The Pack Moves Into A New House During A Blizzard | Ruff Life With Lee Asher

August 22, 2019

All right, so… We are… very packed up. We had to get the hell out of here. There is a huge blizzard. We’re expected 3 feet of snow today. Which, um… They’re going to close the roads pretty soon. So, I got the tire chains on and we’re all packed up. Last time on Ruff Life. What are we doing today? We’re rescuing more dogs! What’s today, baby? Oh my God. Tony, welcome to the family, big brother. Look at her. We just got our house. Yes. It’s our first house. We’ve been traveling in an RV nonstop. AirBnBing at different places all the time. I can’t believe it, dude. How are you? We just wanted to show you our old living situation. This is where we’ve been living for the past year. As you guys now know, we just got a house. But we want to give you a little tour, so come check out the RV. Freezer, refrigerator. Never used that TV once. Never used this stove. Except for – this is where we feed the dogs. Everyone who helped support our rescue mission, they would sign the door. This is the largest the RV can possibly get. Luke is using his special powers. Yes. Yes, Luke. Good job, man. The dogs would just sleep all over. Here. Here. The bed. Cali really likes to sleep in the front seat. That’s right, now a little bit on the gas. Right foot on the gas. Good, buddy. Yeah, this was our home. We’re very excited about our new home. Thanks for checking out our crib. Get out of here. Yeah, we’re going to go do fun stuff. We are rocking and rolling, Queenies. We’re almost there. We’re not almost there. We’re not even close. So, I packed up all the snowboards, packed up all of our stuff. Hopefully, I packed Luke’s, the correct belongings. We’re driving separately, Lukey and I. It’s OK, Tony, it’s OK. And these roads are just so crazy. I don’t like it. I hate driving in this stuff. I don’t care. Judge me. I’m such a baby, but I hate driving in terrible conditions when I have my dogs in the car. It makes me super nervous. Yo, dude, the storm’s about to hit hard. We’ll just do it later. Here, take this, Molly. Start shoveling. You guys like it? You like it? We’re going to get new couches and stuff, don’t worry. And we’re going to take the carpet out. Don’t worry. We’re gonna take the carpet out because I know you’re going to pee all over it, Queen. Nothing can go wrong on moving day. So, today is moving day but there’s a huge blizzard outside. It’s only getting worse. And we have been told by a significant amount of people to stay indoors. Are we going to stay indoors? We’re not going to stay indoors. We’re not going to stay indoors. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go for a tour. Let’s go. That’s why we did this. This is why we got the house, guys. This is why we got this house. This is why we got this house. Come on, Tone Tone. Tony-Too-Toned, Bo Bo. No, but seriously, guys. It was very difficult to get this house. And it’s so beautiful to go from an RV to this but we got this house specifically for this land back here. It’s really a dog’s paradise, which means it’s my paradise. Look at Tony now. Only two weeks ago he was living inside of a shelter at the SPCA. Any time a dog lives inside a shelter they barely go, they barely are able to go outside and experience life. They’re barely able to be a dog. Look at Cali. Cali, what are you doing here? What are you doing? What are you doing? OK. Come on, guys. Wow. Check this out. What are we doing, huh? You know, I did my rain dance the other day and I think it was too aggressive. Wow. I’m cold. Come on, guys. That was fun. That was fun. Yeah, that was awesome. We still need to move in our stuff, so let’s go, yeah? Let’s go do it. The Most important thing about moving, you gotta move your stuff. You know what I mean? Luke, you sleeping in this bed tonight? Or am I? These are my favorite pants, who the hell put these here? This is you. You’re a cheese puff. You’re just a big cheese puff. Don’t tell the others. Bo, grab the snowboard. Lillie, grab the cupcakes. Stella, grab the suits. ‘Cause we’re going swimming. Hey, what’s up, man? Stella. What’s going on right now? I don’t know. That guy’s just walking into our house though. We’re moving into our new house and some dude just basically, just walked in. Great uh, great attack dogs we got. Come on in, sir. You got any food? I think that’s the utilities guy. I don’t know, his name is Frank. He has a really troubled past, he’s a good guy. One more important thing. None of you all pee on this. It’s official. Don’t turn away, love. Don’t turn away. Don’t turn away, love. All right, guys. What do we need, Luke? We’re definitely going to need some new floors. New floors? New floors. I can’t wait to get rid of the carpet. How do I put this nicely? My dogs think that the carpet is a forest and a forest for dogs is like a playground and a playground to dogs is like a bathroom. Yes, like a litter box to cats. Yeah! That really is what it is, dude. It’s like a litter box to cats. And they’re just peeing all over the place. And it’s all Penny’s fault. You just love pooping on the carpets. We also need a couch. Yeah, let’s get a couch. I want like, an L couch, like a big sofa L, comfy couch. No, we’re, we’re adults now. And we need fancy couches. This isn’t college. We’re gonna bring the dogs with us. They’ll help us pick it out because they have to love it too. Are you going to let the dogs on the couch? No…Yeah. I always say, “No dogs on the couch.” It literally takes me five minutes to change my mind. They’re just so cute on the couches. I can’t take it. All right, guys. Here we go. Hey, guys. Stay tuned for the next epsiode. If you like what you see, don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe below.– Thanks so much, bye. Bye.

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  1. I'm absolutely captivated. Wish I could do this. I've done human baby rescue (Romania) animal rescue (dogs, cats, birds and one monkey) so this would definitely be my dream. Do you guys have a video explaining how you were able to do this? I'd like to copy it.

  2. Great house!! Nice big fireplace in living room. Dogs will love that when they come in from a cold rainy afternoon and basically pass out in front of the warm hearth. That chihuahah can be house trained—outside first thing in the morning and after any meal. Please don't let your new house get a funky doggy odor. 🙂

  3. I love you for rescuing nine dogs!🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕☦️☦️💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 I rescued 4 and live in a military trailer on 120 acres for my dogs.🙏🏻

  4. I’m getting a puppy in 9 weeks from a breeder that is accredited but after we get the dog we are going to donate toys (I have another pupper that is Spoiled with toys because my old dog passed away sadly and she was also spoiled with toys and we kept them) and money to a shelter because although I am buying instead of adopting, I still care for pets in shelters. I’m getting a Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and poodle mix) because my dog (1 half years old) has separation anxiety and we think 2 or more dogs is better, they are pack animals. Well enough with my rambling, just remember if u do buy a dog from a breeder (me), donate to ur local shelter (also me). PS DON’T HURT UR DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I hope that you have enough money if any of them get sick …or start a donation page because vet are expensive

  6. Omg those dogs are so happy and they are so lucky to have you guys, I love every single dog , you’re guys are amazing for rescuing these beautiful dogs 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕
    All the best

  7. I am just amazed by how these dogs follow you everywhere even though they barely know you. Animals sense good people.

  8. I cannot begin to tell you how breathtakingly beautiful your babies are and that home of yours is gorgeous. I happen to LOVE snow and I must admit, I'm a tiny bit jealous. May you, Luke and your babies enjoy your wonderful, new home…

  9. I am like screaming this is me in the futer yassssss OMG IM SO EXSITED I MEAN IM ONLY 12 BUT STIIIILLLLL NEVER GIVEE UUUPPP

  10. Rescued my boy and he is not the first and definitely not the last one. Nothing like giving them a loving home and watching them glow up

  11. Life Goals! If you guys do any fundraisers in my area I would totally volunteer to help. Lets save animals!! You two should totally do a fundraiser calendar together with dogs. Dogs that need to be adopted. And a picture of you both with your furrbabies too.

  12. You guys have such big hearts, you give out so much love, you deserve great rewards in return. I hope to see many more videos of you and your pupper family in the future, seeing your life makes me happy (despite my jealousy, I want more dogs myself but we don't have room, it would be selfish.)

  13. Just wondering what do u do with all those beautiful furbabies… Because I'm looking for a little girl….. I'm in north Alabama and I would love to have a little g..please respond..

  14. My ideal life… i wish i could meet a man who would love pets as much as I do and he does. I am in Switzerland… if anyone is around…😁

  15. Keep me updated on Tony’s weight loss journey because I know he’s going to be losing pounds 😂 so cute I’m so happy that all these dogs are always having fun!

  16. I love to see how Tony's tail is wagging so much more in this video than the last one! that's such a good thing to see

  17. I had 14 puppers and a cat for a number of years. All rescues and foster failures. Lord I was much younger then. LOL, Now just 2. And I want more!!!

  18. Lee & Luke , both of you are Listed in the Book of Heavenly Pet Dimensions!!! Mucho thanks for your Compassionate Hearts!!!

  19. the weather makes me think that this would be a good place for those two guys to start adopting huskies. then they could go sledding in the winter. =)

    huskies are adoptable pretty often because a lot of people who ignorantly buy them can't handle their high maintenance character, aren't they?

  20. Congratulations on the new beautiful home!!! A Dog's Paradise is a purrfect name for your new place!!!! I am SO HAPPY for you all!!!! You all deserve this great new place to call home!!!!
    July 20, 2019….

  21. I'm SO PROUD OF THESE 2 !!! YOU'VE COMPLETELY INSPIRED ME (im lIKE TONY) Yet I. The free world…Thanks AGAIN for your ENERGY!!

  22. Can't believe how absolutely jealous I am!
    I so wish I could have that many dogs living out in the country! That would be a dream come true!

  23. Is my second time that I followed you. You both have a good heart, and I love humble people. Thanks. ❤️❤️❤️💕💕🐾🐾🐾

  24. Neighbers be like is this guy filming a movie or something when is the filming finnishes, so the dogs are gone Hahah

  25. Even though I wish I could quit my job and rescue as many animals as possible , I'm glad someone is doing it; and for that, I thank you!❤🌹🤗🐕🐶

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