The PJ Masks Transforming Towers  with Assistant and Paw Patrol
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The PJ Masks Transforming Towers with Assistant and Paw Patrol

August 18, 2019

– [Child] Family fun for everyone! (wooshing noises) (lightening crackles) – Take that, transforming
towers, he he he. (mysterious music) (electronic sweep) – [Woman] Anyone home?
Welcome back to our channel! We have something super
cool for you today! (electricity sparks) Whoa! People at home, did you see that? The transforming tower, it’s all glitchy! – C’mon guys! We have to stop Night Ninja
from taking over the city! – [Woman] Um, excuse me you guys. – Oh, hi! What’s going on? – [Woman] Well, I’m pretty
sure there’s something wrong with your transforming tower. – Well, um it looks pretty good to me. – [Woman] See what I mean? – Huh, that is super strange. But, we’ve got to go! We’ll just have to take our chances. – [Woman] I don’t know, Connor. Okay. The music is starting. You guys are going to get
in the machine, aren’t you? You betcha! – I’m Maya! – Connor! – And Greg! – We’re the PJ Masks! (doors slap close) (doors slap close) (record screech) – [Woman] Oh no! I didn’t think that was a good idea. – What’s (buzzing noise) going (buzzing noise) on? (buzzing noise) – [Woman] I tried to tell you guys, it’s just a little glitchy! (tower sparks) (electronic sweep) – [Woman] Okay people at home, if that happened to the PJ Masks, I wonder what happens if we put our other friends into these glitchy towers? (static noises) – [Woman] Okay, people at home. Let’s try Nemo. Let’s put him into our
machine and see what happens. Oh goodness. (door slaps close) (door slaps close) (Woman gasps) Oh no! Look! Nemo looks like a cartoon! Oh boy. This machine is so wacky. Um. Let’s try someone else. (upbeat tune) Okay Rubble, are you ready
to take your chances? – Rubble on the double! I’m not scared. I’ll give it a try. – [Woman] Okay Rubble. Here we go. (door slaps close) (door slaps close) (Woman gasps) Oh no! Rubble’s a cartoon as well! Oh, people at home, this is so cool. But it’s also sorta weird. Who should we put into our machine next? (electronic sweep) Okay, Bingo. We’ll try you next, We’ll put you into our
wacky cartoon changer to see what happens! (door slaps close) (door slaps close) (Woman gasps) Whoa, people at home! Bingo turned into a cartoon as well! Oh boy! There’s something
super wrong with this machine. (door slaps) – I’m all fired up! I’ll give it a try! – [Woman] Okay Marshall! You wanna try, we’ll
definitely let you try. Let’s get you in here. Alright Marshall, hold on! (door slaps close) (door slaps close) (Woman gasps) Whoa! Marshall’s a cartoon as well! Oh no, we’ve gotta fix this! (electronic sweep) Oh, hi assistant! – Whoa, awesome! – [Woman] Wait, wait! (upbeat tune) (door slaps close) (door slaps close) (record screech) – [Woman] (gasps) Oh no, people at home! The assistant turned
into a cartoon as well! (electronic sweep) (fast wind noise) (fast wind noise) – [Woman] (gasps) Gotcha! – Romeo, did you do something
to the transforming towers? You bet I did! (evil laughter) – [Woman] Romeo, we need you
to fix the towers right away! – Okay, but I gotta try it first! – [Woman] Okay Romeo,
we’ll put you in over here. Okay, get ready. (door slaps close) (door slaps close) (Woman gasps) Oh no, Romeo! You turned
into a cartoon too! – This is awesome! – Okay Romeo, back to your normal self. (door slaps) – Alright, time to zap
these babies back to normal! (zapping noises) – [Woman] Okay, assistant. Jump in again! (door slaps close) (door slaps close) (Woman gasps) – [Woman] (sighs) What a relief! People at home, while we go back and turn everyone back into their normal selves, we really hope you enjoyed this video! Bye! (upbeat music) – We’re the PJ Masks! – [Woman] (gasps) Amaya! (laughs) You were supposed to turn into a cartoon! – (laughs) Oh, sorry, sorry. I forgot! – We’re the PJ Masks! – [Woman] (gasps) Amaya! – (laughs) Okay, okay, okay. I’m done. – [Woman] I don’t know assistant. The transforming tower is super glitchy. (upbeat music) Assistant? – [Assistant] Uh-oh! I’m stuck! – [Woman] (laughs) Hold on.
We’ll get you out of there. – [Male Voice] Hey there everyone! Thanks for watching our video! Now, make sure you subscribe
to the Engineering family, so you can see lots of cool videos! In fact, there’s another
cool video right there! You can select and watch it. I think you’re really gonna like it. Team Umizoomi, Paw Patrol,
Surprise Eggs, Frozen, Blaze, Masha, There are so many videos to watch! Bye! (upbeat tune)

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