The pregnant horse: ep 2
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The pregnant horse: ep 2

August 11, 2019

(Sorry its upside down!)Hi everyone and welcome back to toy lover I’m doing the second episode of my new stop-motion Siries. Well my first ever stop motion series called The pregnant horse this is episode 2 When’s the baby due she’s actually do today really yeah Okay, I need to go to the hospital now hurry up get my parents, okay Meanwhile with Lilly’s parents Now you are staying right here’ no. I’m certainly not. Yes You are .fine You don’t have a choice your destiny here You’re treating me like I’m a yearling. Well, you need to stay here now go over with Spartan movie All right. I’ll get your mom and dad All right good Rainy Skin really got Spartan. Sorry What’s going on We need to get to the hospital now. You need to help her Okay. Well her dad’s in time right now. So he’s gonna stay here Yeah, I’m not staying here for my dog’s birth my daughter giving birth Will be fine. You can come just for this. Okay, good. Let’s go Hey mom, we’ll get you to the hospital. Just hang on lemme At the doctor’s office The baby’s coming Don’t worry Give you medicine to knock you out and we’ll get the baby out Okay All right, that was oh no, and I will see you so

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