The Prince and the White Horse
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The Prince and the White Horse

August 24, 2019

This is the ancient legend of a brave Mongolian Prince and a beautiful white horse
who saved their land and delivered peace. Bataar. Huh? Are you all right? Sue it’s you.
What are you doing here? Bataar, what do you mean-What’s the matter?
What on earth are you doing here outside of our house? I was just herding the sheep, looking for some good grass
and then all of a sudden I ended up here… It sounded like you were having a bad dream. Yeah, I guess I must have fallen asleep. I had this scary dream.
I dreamt I fell off of a horse. That’s because you can’t let go of what happened
at the Nardum horse race. I sure hope you win.
I decided not to compete this year. Oh. You won’t be riding?
Well I really need to get some practice. I wish Dad could teach me more.
He’s the best rider I know. But of course ever since he injured his leg he can’t ride anymore. I know Bataar, that’s because your father was injured
in the war ten years ago. My father died in that war,
and I can’t even remember what he looked like. You know you’re pretty lucky Bataar, you still have your father. You’re right. I’m sorry you lost your father. Why do grownups always have to fight in wars anyway? War brings nothing but sadness and suffering to everyone. Here. I want you to have this. Huh?! But it’s yours! And it was my father’s before me. He used to wear it all the time for good luck. He said that it was made from a wolf’s bone. A wolf’s bone?! My mother says that my father was an amazing horse back rider
and that he always led the pack in every race he was in. This is the charm he always wore around his neck. And if you wear this charm Bataar,
I know that you will win in the Nardum horse race too. I can keep this? Yes. It’s for you. Cuz… I trust you. I sure hope your father’s leg gets better Bataar. Thanks, That’s very kind of you Sue. My greatest dream is to become a doctor one day
and to fix my father’s leg. Then we can ride together again in the wide-open fields. Hello there Bataar.
Did you find any good grass for the sheep? Yes I did!
I took them over by the red village and I saw Sue there. I see… Let me help you. Father,I don’t understand
why we have to be enemies with the red tribe? Mm…Isn’t it lovely? There’s nothing like the golden rays of the sun
setting on the plains. It paints the entire valley in a heavenly golden light… The golden sun sets the fields ablaze reflecting heavens light in so many ways But it wasn’t always this way… There once was a time, or so the story goes when a brave Prince appeared and made peace with his foes He rode his white horse faster than light and brought our tribes together helping them unite As fast as he appeared he was gone again destined to return, but no one knows when Until that day arrives the legend will live on As I share it now with you and you will one day too. Father to Son This song is about the legend of the Prince and the White Horse. He is the one who brought peace to our land.
He’s the legend that our people will never forget. Long, long ago there was a great fire on the plains. But the Prince was the one who put the fire out
and that made him one of Mongolia’s greatest hero’s. He taught us the meaning of courage. One day he’ll return. He and the white horse will bring us peace again. Bye! I’ll see ya later! Oh! Wow… It smells so good out here. Huh? It’s a pure white horse… What a beautiful animal! Bataar, I’ve been waiting for you. What? Who said that?! It’s me speaking to you, right in front of you. Do you mean that you’re the one speaking to me right now?! Yes. My name is Toya and I’ve been waiting for you. For me? But why?… Because you Bataar, have a truly good heart.
That’s why I came to grant your wish. My wish? That’s right. For example, I can take you wherever you’d like to go. To a place where there’s plenty of delicious food. Or a place with lots of toys. Or a place with lots of money… Anywhere you’d like to go… Then take me to a place where I can find
the right kind of medicine to heal my father’s leg! I’m afraid there is no medicine that can heal your father’s leg. There isn’t?… I know! We can travel back in time! Do what?! You and I can travel back before the time of your father’s injury! But how can we travel back through time?! Well, it’s easy. Do you want to go? Yes! Of course! I’ve always dreamed of riding beside my father on horseback,
and now I finally can! Climb on! Okay! Hold on tight! Here we go! We’re going so fast!… Huh?… Who are they? That’s the blue tribe’s village. Listen men, this is very important.
We must win tomorrow’s battle no matter what! We must win for our honor.
Now fight this battle for me! We must conquer the red tribe! Are they going to start a war? Yes. We have traveled back ten years into the past.
Tomorrow the two tribes will begin fighting. I wonder why?… The kings of these two tribes want a war to decide
who is stronger and who is the leader should be. Your father will be one of the blue soldiers in the battle. I’ve gotta stop him! But how? How can I?! Why don’t you try talking to him first?
Perhaps he will be reasonable enough to listen to you. Father! Huh? Uh… Who are you? It’s me father! I’m your son, Bataar! That’s impossible, my son’s only a year old. Father, you have to listen to me. Don’t fight this war. If you do you’ll be seriously injured in the battle. Please! Don’t worry, We won’t lose. You see, I have a great advantage with my fast horse. The red tribesmen can’t catch me. I have come here from the future to warn you. This amazing white horse brought me here at the speed of light
so I can caution you! Ha ha ha! Very interesting. That sounds a lot like
the ancient legend of The Prince and The White Horse. Father, you’ve got to believe me! I don’t know whose child you are,
but this is a dangerous place for children. Go on home and stay inside with your mother. Haa! Father! Hey! It’s a child spy from the blue tribe! Wait! That’s not true! I’m no spy! I came to talk to Syhan.
I want to stop this senseless war! Shut up boy. Take him away! In honor of the King and Prince of the Red Tribe
let the festivities begin! The war will begin tomorrow at sunrise.
I don’t have much time! What can I do? What will happen if I perish here?
What will become of my Mother and Father? I can’t give up. I can’t give up for Sue’s sake! I have to live up to my name; “Bataar”,
which means “hero” in our language. I have got to be strong. Hey, Toya! Toya! Listen to me, I need your help! Wow! The Big Dipper looks so different… I am Syhan. Huh?! Who are you, Why’d you call for me? I understand that you wanted to send a message to the King. Yes, My name is Bataar! This may be hard to understand
but I have traveled all the way here from the future. Huh? Laugh if you must Syhan, but you will not live to see future! It’s true! You will die in this war! What are you saying?! You’ve got to stop this war for the sake of your daughter.
Sue loves and misses you. Please you’ve got to stop this battle before it begins! What is this, some kind of a bad joke?! Nothing’s going to happen to me. My daughter you say?
My child is still in my wife’s womb. But if we were blessed with a little girl we have already decided
that we would name the child Sue, which means ‘flower’. You shouldn’t play cruel jokes like that on adults! Listen to me! I assure you this is no joke.
Look at the charm around my neck. Fine. Hm?? Do you remember this? Why are you wearing this wolf’s bone? I gave it to my wife!
It’s a good-luck charm for protection. Are you really, telling me the truth? You have something to tell me? Yes Your Majesty.
I have many amazing horses that are extremely fast! I want your tribesmen to use my horses tomorrow morning. These are splendid horses indeed! Yes, these steeds will help us win the war! Come on Toya. Let’s go! With these horses we will win tomorrow! Everything will go well tomorrow as planned. If you believe in yourself till the end, it will. Are you ready Toya? Let’s go! Ahhh!! What’s happening?!! What’s going on?!! What’s this?! I don’t understand,
What is this we’re looking at? Look! That’s me!!
I’m lying dead there! No! My friend is injured! Oh no! Our prince has been slain!! He’s dead! No. I’m not dead! I, I don’t understand
what we’re seeing here before our eyes… Stop! Are you the King of the blue tribe?! I need him. Bring back my husband Syhan! Go! Dolji! Ahh!! Dolji no! Your Majesty, what was the purpose of fighting this awful war?! It doesn’t matter who wins. No! Nothing good can ever come from war!
Everyone suffers needlessly! Hm… Toya the legendary white horse, has brought you all
here to the day after the war was ended. If you choose to fight this war, this is what will happen to you! Now that you know the outcome do you still want to fight?! King of the red tribe! And King of the blue tribe! Don’t you realize it takes far more courage
to prevent a war than it does to fight one! Whoever makes that choice… …Is the man of true courage and honor! HE is the powerful one! Bataar, what you are saying is true.
I don’t want my family to be killed in this war. Nor do our enemies! None of us want our families destroyed. Yes you’re right. Uh… We are all human beings with families we love and want protect. Then why don’t we have a race instead
to decide who the King should be? Well, that’s a good idea! Ha ha! Fine, I know that I won’t lose! And please allow me to take part in the race as well! However, if I am the winner, then you must allow me to be King. You have our word. Come on Toya. Let’s travel back in time to yesterday again! The one who will become king must reach the mountain valley
and be the first to return back here. Agreed?! Yeah!!! Bataar… What’s the matter Toya?!
If we don’t catch up we’ll lose! Yaa!! I won’t lose! There’s no way I can catch up to them. Ah! I shall be victorious! No, I will win! Bataar… I know Toya.
You must be tired. Listen to me carefully.
I am the legendary horse that lives in your heart. My front legs represent your hope,
and my hind legs represent your courage. It is your wish that allows me to fly! So please, believe in your wish and don’t give up hope! If you wish deeply for the happiness of others,
it’ll give me wings for flight. Yes…I’m not racing to be the winner. I’m racing for my Mother and Father
and for Sue and everyone else’s happiness! But I must win.
If one of the Kings win it will only lead to another war. Toya, I understand now.
I must win so everyone can live in peace! All right, Bataar! Here we go!!! Here they come! Who’s leading?! I can’t tell! Who’s in the lead?! Mm? Huh?! Mm… I can see Bataar! Huh? I must succeed, for everyone’s sake! Good job, Bataar.
Congratulations! He’s the prince on the legendary White horse! Hail to our new King! He won the race fairly.
We must keep our word. You are now our new King. That was our promise. I understand but… …But I have something to tell you all! I do not wish to be your king! Hm? Your Majesties, if I may, I have a request for both of you. Go ahead. Thank you. I’d like both of you to assure your people
you’ll never solve anything by fighting, and that the two of you will make every effort to work together
to ensure peace and happiness from now on. So be it Bataar. From now on if there’s a conflict, we promise to work it out peacefully with one another
and to protect the lives of all our people. I give you my word. You have my word too. Brother, can we be friends again as we were before? Of course! This will be a lasting peace. This is wonderful Toya!
Now let’s go back to where Sue is! Haa! The Red and the Blue fires that could have destroyed
the peaceful plains of Mongolia were put to an end that day and a new history was born. For many years to come, the people who lived there,
lived in peace and harmony. I can’t believe it! Father’s riding again! ‘N Sue’s Dad’s alive! Yes Bataar, that was your wish. Mm! Toya! Thank you so much! Hm? Bataar! Hm? Hey, Bataar! Bataar, you’re home!! Oh, Bataar my son! Bataar! We have been waiting for your return.
Welcome home son. Bataar! Thank you young man! Ten years ago when war was just about to break out
between our two tribes, you were the legendary Prince on the White Horse
who appeared to stop the war! It was you Bataar! Thank you. – Huh?
– Hm… Here! Mm. You know I’m very proud of you Bataar.
I’m going to help you win the race this year at Nardum. If you’d like you can ride with me son. Oh, father can I?
That has always been my greatest dream! Haa! Haa! That a boy! Haa!! I will not lose!

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