The Right Companion: Bull Terrier
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The Right Companion: Bull Terrier

October 23, 2019

for the bull terriers is general idk if they could call on the
English Bull Terrier he comes from England obviously he is a
Terriers bread at one time for pit dog and later on more for rattled he was bred to go and
kill rats other players and they were put him in a pit kill rats I am now and obviously that
was much more face your dog than it is today
and I’m talkin 150 years ago where i’m talking about
the pic fighting for today there much more does I’ll tend to become a
much better pet or an all dogs were read for a certain
reason whatever reason they have they do keep that heritage for ever or herding dog to keep that there’s
a warning to heard things in they’d everything’s in a coward a sheep
before but you got me off heard them up okay they do it they have
herding instinct test at a loss and the dog do that but the
bull terrier self you gotta wash in with other animals things like that with
people is great you know ninety-five percent of them are
fantastic dogs with people you know this love story people think that English
Bull Terriers the pit bull he is not the pit bull I the pit bull as more look at more
almost like a box-shaped eddie’s gotta stop in a space where the ball terror has it distinctive
a shaped head you can’t missed the look the ball carrier they come in love the
colors as the white one obviously then there’s the brindle and white black and
white I read why so there’s a number different
colors you can get into them white is probably the call you see most
is not a very big tall dog but gains a lot of muscle he has more
muscle power for pound profit and now the any other dog out there they love kids at the washington says he
could come by at a dog show you’ll see them wagging her tail barking at everything
just to see the kids I love the children I don’t consider mystery novels a German
Shepherd or something like that amber secure enough time until he will be
trainable I have one at my house right now he was
13 April and his father was 15 at his grandfather was 16 so you know it all
depends again with the kinda care they keep an
keep them off the roads of you gonna call myself a purebred dog treat it like
a paradox and treated like a family cuz that’s really what he is I don’t consume the smartest one out
there he doesn’t have a great stubborn streak but he makes a great pet because
it just happy all the time you know the call on
the climate the tears well

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  1. A bull terrier looks like my late Amstaff with a different head. they are around the same size and don't act that much different. If a Bull terrier is hard to train how did I train an Amstaff so easily? Can you raise a child? If not, don't get a dog. Teenagers should not get large or aggressive dogs because they have other things on their minds. The dog comes first and is your responsibility.
    I love all of the comments about how well one breed fights compared to others. Idiots.

  2. you meaN THEY CAN BECOME 16 YEARS OLD?our ozzy was only 5 yrs old when we had to put him to sleep because of cancer.and i heard that thats the normal age like between 6 or ten yrs that they can is that possible?

  3. @ciscokidd08 thats if they are not trained, just like a pit. A Dachshund can be mean and aggressive.

  4. @SgtCrocodile but its good to have a dog that can kick ass eh ? look at my pack they can kick arse !

  5. The English Bull Terrier shares much of the same ancestry as the American Pit Bull, Amstaff and the english Stafforshire Bull terrier. The Bull Terrier is one power house of a dog. Don't under estimate them hands down.

  6. Come on people, these dogs might be great companions but anyone who isn't blind can see that they are UGLY. This breed ate one too many rats and now it looks like one.

  7. @Besboshnik cos your so perfect? I reckon they look pretty dominant, has the look of a mafia boss, silent and lethal looking

  8. @1RedThumb1
    i hate u type of people that judge people who's judge dogs on their looks! fucking annoying

  9. My Bull Terrier is friendly with horses, bunnies, chinchillas, cats, people and other dogs 🙂 Good puppy sosialization is the key!

    She does hunt birds tho' 🙂 Se my channel for a funny video of her, If ya like ^^

  10. i'm GOING to get 1 when i move out. (my mom will kill me if i bring home another dog).

    i own a female pit bull terrier. had her since a pup…large dogs are easy to train.

    ONLY problem is finding somebody who is breeding, since they are UK dogs. you may even have to go out of state to hunt down breeder.

  11. Quality Bull Terrier puppies available at the Four HorseMen Kennel for responsible owners.

    Visit us and check out the pictures and videos at: 4horsemenkennel(dot)com or on our youtube channel.

    Puppies born on June 2nd, 2011
    3 females ( 2 coloured, 1 white), 5 males (2 coloured, 3 white).

    father: Madjoker Fire Starter (Quest Uriel x Abracadabra Timar Anima Villis)

    mother: Giselle Belongs to Wildside (RJCh.Kato del Dolcezza dei Movimenti x RJCh.Siska from Black and White Gipsys)

  12. To you who said bully's are ugly
    They are so ugly they are beautiful !!!!!!

    Shame I can't say the same about you…..

  13. I have heard good things about the true "Bull Terrier".

    Unfortunately, PITBULLS give your breed a very bad name. I recall reading that there is some Bull Terrier in the pitbull stock, which by just seeing the names, it sounds like it's true.

    Just keep the breeders breeding for good temperament and health.

  14. Does any one on here own a bull terrier???? My bull terrier is aggressive with my pitbull, always starting fights for food and his jaw very strong. He is awesome with people and plays aroind with all kids and adults.. JUST NOT GOOD WITH DOGS

  15. English Bull Terriers can be like that with other digs esp if its another male dif its another dog that they've been brought up if since both were puppy then there ok, also bull terriers arent to be botheres when eating like most others lol they like to eat there food without sharein lol

  16. Mine (7 years old) never bit a single human.. great with humans as told in the video. Also VERY loyal and pretty stubborn.. but oh boy does he have his insticts – he HATES other male dogs, has gotten into many fights and haven't lost a single one(boxers, german sheps – u name it) – Can be quite scary but again, loves humans.

  17. The only breed I couldn't control, maybe it was that certain bully. I had a very hard to time teaching this breed, I would say 8/10. I own a Presa/Pitbull female now and training has been super easy.

  18. Superb dogs – great characters. I have yet to meat a nasty one – they all seem the same, just eager and fun 🙂

  19. Bull terriers were bred for putting their heads in your pocket or handbag and stealing anything remotely edible, hence the long pointed snout. On a more serious note, these adorable clowns will warm anyone's heart and put a smile on any face. Ask a child to draw a dog and I'll bet you they draw a perfect bully every time.

  20. This video is 100% accurate! My 4 month old Bully absolutely loves everyone especially kids. If he hears kids playing even a few houses down he will try to pull me toward them like a runaway train. At the park when he sees kids he will go straight for them over other dogs and adults. Just socialize them as a puppy by bringing them around every animal and human you can along with get your puppy from a reputable breeder or rescue. Hell my boy has shown 0% aggression towards any living animal.. .

  21. No offense to Staffordshire Bull Terrier owners but the English Bull Terrier is as good if not better nanny dog with kids! Their love for kids is in their dna I could never imagine a kid not wanting one as a best friend.

  22. I have three, one male and two girls. They are excellent with other dogs, in the park, or at the shows. All three from different breeders. I think it is how we have socialized them. The male is intact, and is a nothing but a gentleman.

  23. Thats the correct way raise them but most of the time people dont manage that so they wont share or let people take there food……its always important to teach them straight away from the moment there 4 weeks old or when you bring them home….goto lay the ground work and you'll have a much calmer dinner time later on lol

  24. My mum's favourite breed. So comical and very friendly, at least the ones I have met.
    My GSD use to play with a female. Boy, did they have fun! The BT's owner said my dog is one of few who doesn't mind her rough play.
    If we were to get one, I'd start off with the mini BT. 

  25. I enjoy the comments, especially from people, trolls, who comment on how ugly they are. Make it fun for us BT owners, tell us what dog you think is better looking. We bullies owners aren't blind, and consider our breed the best looking. I find most of the toy breeds rather useless, and carrying your dog like children makes them less of a dog. I have had Afghans, Boxers, Skye Terriers, and more. Bullies make me laugh and give so much love. They will be the last breed I ever own, they are that special.

  26.  The Bull Terrier is not a breed for anyone, its unique personality and his strength requires an experienced owner and a owner that really enjoy this unique breed. Deeply studies the breed before you think about coming to have a Bull Terrier. (Please click on my name to watch videos of my dog, thank you.)

  27. I love their walk… (1:25). It's not the elegant dance of an Afghan, is it? 🙂 They gotta accommodate that impressive chest! I love everything about these dogs. And one day I WILL have one, dammit! They're all beautiful, but my fave is the fawn mini. The tri-color is lovely too. And the brindle. The white too. 😀

  28. One month ago we lost our first bull terrier, Nostalgia. She was with us for 5 1/2 years and was about 1 1/12 when we rescued her. She was sweet, loving, loyal and perceptive to what each person she met needed. It was incredible to watch. Over the years I continued to see how beautiful and perfect she was. They are gorgeous dogs because their personalities match their looks. We miss her greatly and are looking for another one to adopt. We have a red heeler who is very lonely without her sister and to be honest…so are we. They are magic!

  29. that bull terrier is real stocky I wish mine was a little thicker but he's more lean which I know it's normal as well but man what an impressive bull terrier in this video

  30. Very useful video. Thank you. Very, very bad subtitles that make almost no sense. You might want to consider correcting them.

  31. My bull terrier was the most wonderful companion, perfect with children,cats and was mostly OK with bitches but would fight other dogs, he was a rescue dog that had been abused and had at least 5 homes before I took him. amazing pet that I couldn't recommend enough.

  32. I trust these dogs but pit bull is not saft to have. They should all be castrated and not be left of a leash. I hear everyday that children be attacks and sometimes killed the owner should be hold responsible for these attacks

  33. Can someone tell me. I have a cat he is 6 yrs old. I really want a bull terrier but is it good with cats? Will the bull terrier hurt or bite my cat? Please I really need your opinion please please😣😣

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