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August 23, 2019

The goal of the right horse initiative
is to massively increase equine adoptions in this country and to make it
a preferred method to acquire a new horse. Everyone agrees that we need to
adopt more horses here in the United States and that horses in transition are
an at-risk population and it needs to be addressed. The average horse has seven
different owners during its life. Any time a horse can no longer meet its
owner’s needs it could be at risk and this initiative is about helping those
animals through that transition to their next home. Point of the whole initiative,
and I certainly endorse it, is to elevate the status of rescue horses or horses at
shelters because a lot of people think they have no value that’s why they ended
up there. It’s also to increase adoptions across the country through
educating potential horse owners, through retraining and refitting the horses, and
through collaboration with the horse industry. We bring in 100 to 125 horses a
year that have been seized by law enforcement for abuse and neglect. We
take them rehabilitate them and train them while they’re here. Through the
right horse initiative, we’re able to take in an additional 100 to 150
horses from local adoption centers. This initiative is going to bring light and
educate the equestrian world that all adoption horses are not injured, are not
damaged goods, they’re actually all have something that they can bring to the
table and have new careers that they can go into. There’s a lot of really good
horses out there that are available for adoption and the right horse initiative
allows these horses a second chance to have a purpose, to be useful, and to get
back into community and make a difference. The most important thing
about horse ownership is finding that perfect horse for you, the very right
horse. It’s not based on color, it’s not based on breed, it’s based on the right
horse for what they want to use that horse for. I think that that’s one of the
good things about this initiative is that there’s all kinds of people and
there’s all kinds of horses and we can match them up. It’s time, the
time is now, for stakeholders to come together and to support the horses that
are in transition in this country.

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