The Rocking-Horse Winner by D.H. Lawrence (Summary) – Minute Book Report
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The Rocking-Horse Winner by D.H. Lawrence (Summary) – Minute Book Report

August 11, 2019

This is a story about a boy named Paul who
lives with his father, mother, and two younger sisters. They live a pretty rich lifestyle,
though both his father and mother don’t make a lot of money. This creates financial
pressure in the house, which drives Paul’s mother to wanting more money. Paul’s mother wishes that she were more
lucky so that she could have money. Paul tells her that he is lucky, but she doesn’t believe
him. Secretly, Paul has been betting on horse races
with a pretty good success rate. Bassett, the gardner, makes the bets for Paul and they
have both made a lot of money. Paul’s uncle, Oscar, finds out about the horse betting and
wants to be a partner in their endeavour. At first, Oscar is skeptical that Paul can
pick the winners, but after a couple of big wins, he is convinced. Paul decides to give his mother some of his
winnings through their lawyer. When his mother receives the money, she decides to stretch
the family even more financially by spending more money. This stress affects Paul as he
is now driven to make more money for their ever-growing lifestyle. Paul grows sicker by the week and he begins
picking the wrong horses for the races. Fortunately, he only bets small amounts and doesn’t lose
a lot of money. As the Derby approaches, Paul is beginning
to break down. One night, Paul’s mother comes home late after a party and discovers
that Paul is riding his rocking horse, screaming the name of the winning horse. Paul admits
that after riding his rocking horse, he knows which horse will win the race. Bassett and
Oscar make their bets for the Derby accordingly and await the results. In the end, Paul dies and leaves behind a
large amount of money for his family because he bet it all on that final race.

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