The Rocking Horse Winner  (Subs Español) (Anthony Pelissier, 1949)
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The Rocking Horse Winner (Subs Español) (Anthony Pelissier, 1949)

August 10, 2019

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] are you looking for me you bastard aren’t you suppose I am I know what about you you’re going to work for us aren’t you mother says you’re a handyman in spare time Gardner and you used to work for uncle Oscar and you hurt your neck in the wall can I come in that’s right come in I say what’s the bet money come in then come in I’m pool how’d you do I’m very pleased to make your acquaintance master Paul so you want to know what about my knees Hey all right I’ll tell you now the Batman is an army officers personal certain at one time during the war I was your uncle Oscars about them and do you know I couldn’t wish to work for a finer man but you seem to know all about me anyway it’s what I heard mother didn’t Annie she said she only prayed to heaven you turned out all right I think it’s smashing having someone new what’s that is it you that is did you win I did I say smashing he was all hot that little horse inky boy was his name boy inks brought out a champion I love that little horse did you ever win the Darby me no now never on your life oh you’re just a lad what you might call a stable boy I didn’t get a chance to writing the writers often was all out anyway fine a master fine time when I did out and tell you I used to have trouble with my weight though I grew too tall I ate too much in all the time I’ve been about your size I never could resist plum Duff I remember with treacle do you like plum Duff I don’t think I’ve ever had you’ve been missing a great treat you have well what with one thing in another not being able to keep me waiting down then the walk I mean alright to give up all my fine plans for teaching Gordon richest a thing or two and Here I am now what was it he call me handyman spare time gardener wasn’t it and very thankful oh him have the job – I can tell you are you interested in horses master Paul Paul there you I’ve been looking everywhere for you good evening bastard I do hope he isn’t being a nuisance nobody no Monsieur show him off as soon as he gets in the way come along darling you ought to have been in bed ages ago I’ve been calling for you didn’t you hear me no mames I do hope you’re going to be very comfortable here Bessette are you really sure you’d rather be out here than in the house your fries My dear man actually so worried about you I’ll have a fire going in just a moment ma’am I’ll be as snug as a bug in a rug thanking you all this time well if you’re really sure your preferred oh my say I wouldn’t care what would you Paul yes my darling bed good night Bethany good night ma’am night last fall was so nice that you could come to us before Christmas you made it very cozy I do hope we know your way to the kitchen good night come on good night Pierre st. [Music] Merry Christmas very Merry Christmas to your children they were you look the most responsible member of the family better have that oh thank you sir good night all of you I like better mummy dear darling good Richard do shots a girl’s a terrible bra how long have you been her go on you only about five minutes where’s nanny I gave her the afternoon up she wanted to do some last-minute shopping she won’t be back to late so I’m having to put children to bed did you have any luck about the job yes and no don’t be maddening but you don’t want to know we dressing you could be more infuriating yes of course we happened now this passion of yours are dressing up would be a splendid idea if only we could afford all the other things that go with it it wasn’t my idea but they’ll dress you know they will they always do you better hurry up and put the children to bed you very much time Richard will you tell me how things went at the office today when you come down again yes [Music] come along darlings time you in bed so let’s say your prayers I’m just gonna keep my t smother you to gel concentrate gentle Jesus good night darling good night mommy mother please leave the door open so thank you the fire figuring in the nursery you still want a night like pool it’s your age I believe it’s ready cuz you won’t see father Christmas well that’s that I must say their new trouble up with me anyway don’t think what nanny makes all the about what are you looking for bored I want to see if bests lights turn fast he’s a friend of mine I was at the bank today wherever drawn again badly what do they expect it’s Christmas time no the manager was distinctly unpleasant how unseasonable walking all the same what are we gonna do oh nothing nothing we can do this of course you happen to get a better job you won’t haven’t by any chance have you are you still not prepared to discuss it with me tell me Hester just what difference do you think another jobs gonna make more money darling isn’t what I’m learning enough children running this house anyone you don’t I know it well I do everything I can to make it go as far as possible I can’t work miracles we must have more money Richard somehow we’ve simply got to have my money that’s all let’s do it Richard did you get the job I don’t know yet I think they were favorably impressed oh darling that’s wonderful why didn’t you say so it’s just gonna make all the difference think what we can do with that extra money we have the dining room done up first I want a mess of new clothes you want to get yourself a new overcoat you look terrible and I don’t know black thing I suppose we really ought to get Matilda’s teeth fixed now we can afford it what’s wrong now seriously darling you got a chanst I don’t just go mad I’m back madam hello nanny did you get all your shopping done yes thank you madam well the children will write perfectly wonderful no trouble at all they’re asleep now quite as mice I’m glad they were no bother good night Madame and thank you I can’t think why you always have so much bother with him nanny forgot their bills darling nothing but bills bills bills are you monkeys what’s going on here they’re supposed to be did nothing wrong but you should your prayers better today have you really what about you oh yes nanny have you know what off you go do it once [Music] [Music] you [Music] oh man I’ll book you who’s upstairs with us now I mean now are you hmm Donny do stop jumping up and down no you can’t Bessie can bring it up to later Oh mommy why not now best then the kitchen finishing his pudding I know he is I saw him please let me ask him he’ll do it for me I know you will please mummy please well alright asking nicely now there was a great deal of talk about you at the club yesterday evening Richard it was remarked I think I’m right in saying in your favor that you’d be most thoroughly converted converted to that modest faith which so disconcertingly insists it is more blessed to give than to receive how much did you lose not a great deal I’m delighted to hear it Richard you didn’t deplorable rice gambling personally I adore it darling must you do that now thank you ma’am same for you Basset fish make better get off nice day for Smasher though yes thank you ma’am brings more log in don’t let me pass are you good yeah thank you oh I wish I still had the energy to enjoy Christmas all the complacence ever that matter what are you talking about your privilege my dear Richard oh it might have waited Richard what have you done heaven’s sake tell me what this is all about nothing very original I lost a lot of money playing cards I gave a cheque he’ll have to be honored the day after tomorrow I think I told you about the bank manager you remember he was unseasonable you fool Richard you fool how could you Esther this is not the moment of you to indulge in your undoubted talent for amateur dramatics relax and you too richer the chick will be on it I’ve seen to that and no one other than ourselves and the back matters you don’t even know anything about it have you written him yet no prob no well why don’t you get up on him right now now why not here grab hold of these no no no master Paul that won’t do at all you’ll have to go a great deal faster than that or you won’t be in time for your own funeral this here aren’t no ordinary horse you know now this is a champion on this one you could ride halfway to the moon and back if you knew how yeah let me show you the way of it first of all you’re riding too long see or take these leathers up a bit like that bass right now you put your foot in there work through the ions that’s right when you really get the confidence to this animal master ball he’ll gallop with you on his back around every racecourse in England as it thrilled a dance boy and if you speak speak nicely to him and sort of whisper in his ear they’re in a race he wouldn’t win for you and him only half trying now gather up the Rings up shorty get him short that’s it now get him collected just let him feel the pressure of your knees on his shoulders you’re right now my deaf elope believe me I don’t want your things I assure you the gesture was purely selfish I’m fond of my club sometimes I find myself even liking the members it would be extremely toss I’m having to give it up are your account that’s right mine why some I clean don’t know now getting going yes like take me to the front now I shall like no I’m coming alongside now no I’m talking to wick girl Bessette let’s take him up to nursery right after stable will you know right but of course naturally Oscar Wallace am richer don’t make any mistake I’m not a philanthropist and I expect to be repaid how Richard home whatever made you do such a thing you you did ah now what on earth does he mean by that ever since we were married we lived above our incomes because of you we’ve lived like millionaires anything you wanted we’ve had a holiday abroad and you dress or taking this house let’s doing it up and furnishing it even during the war you manage it I don’t propose in front of my own brother to be made the scapegoat of your idiotic behavior there are many difficulties I know that’s no excuse for you to behave as if we were responsible for the national debt however extravagant I may or may not have been that doesn’t make me in any way responsible for your card debts or for the beastly way in which you try to settle it over and I can tell you this vision I’m simply not going to give up everything I love everything I believe in all the things I could never do without that’s all over can we afford it can we somehow yes Mathis more money somewhere that must be indeed but where for instance that’s the children’s education to worry about richard has a new job not yet that’s gonna put in a good word for you whether I knew or not is beside the point all this hysteria have an enjoyable my dear Hester is a waste of energy and positively exhausting particularly since you’ve been exciting yourself over comparative trivialities trivialities Richards problem is sour it had to be I would also undertake to help him to get this new appointment but I’m warning you both of you of the seriousness in your position if you persist in gambling Richard silly a question of time before your laruen man I’ve been very unlucky Oscar it’s not a question of luck my dear fellow you’re a bad card player that’s all there is to it as for you Hester you might get a shamelessly extravagant and proud of it I’m speaking now not as your brother but as your trustee if you do not make a determined effort to live not within your income it will be asking too much but at least within calling distance of it the idea of giving up everything you love may only to easily become a reality nonsense Oscar you exaggerate I seldom do I had a fuse to be frightened by you after you simply must have more money that’s all there is to it under the trust you had every available Binet but that’s absurd we can’t go on like this forever we must have more money not for me Hester not for me it’s immaterial where it comes from we needed Oscar we have to have it and sooner or later we must get it we must have more money that’s all there is to it there must be more money [Music] I must be money [Music] must [Music] would you write sit down yes I’ll sit over there Thanks I say is that a very important envelope Lisbon oh very yes I expect my little be awfully pleased to get it weren’t you well that’s very difficult to say she may of course and then again she may not she burns most of religious people do it any good to burn this one is it special I’ll say tit very extra super special that’s what I call it mrs. Richard Graham yes I’m from Portland Duffy is a writ good day to you madam I suppose we won’t go for a walk now only why not don’t be so lazy what’s we’re going for a walk do it’s good come on forgot this why show the afternoon was his good afternoon well then why don’t we keep carve our own why do you always have to use uncle’s or Elsa taxi because we are the poor members of the family well well let’s face it because your father has no luck it’s not money mother no poor not quite it’s what causes you to have money oh if you’re lucky you have money that’s why it’s better to be born lucky than rich if you’re rich you can always lose your money but if you’re lucky you’ll always get more money oh well you should follow the lucky me I’m lucky I should say why well I don’t know poor no one ever knows why one person’s luck in another unlucky don’t they know at all aren’t you lucky either mommy used to think I was before I was married now I think I’m very unlucky indeed why no man perhaps I’m not ready anyhow I’m lucky are you I can prove it can you darling if we’re lucky we’ll keep on getting more money don’t you I suppose so that’s what you said and I’ve got my name my money balls lots of it I keep on kicking so I must be lucky mustn’t I I’ll get to you if you like mummy all of it can have it all you’ll need it don’t your mother tell me how much have you gotten your money box lots of it yes but how much over pound twenty-two and seven months last time I counted and you really give all that to me yes yes of course listen darling that’s very very sweet of you I don’t need any money so badly that I take it away from you I’d never never do that however badly I needed it so just you forget all about it and go on putting your pennies in your money box until you have hundreds and hundreds of pounds put away would I be a millionaire then no not quite I can’t imagine hundreds and hundreds of pounds to have such dust as well not new to anyone at oh no sir mrs. Graham’s taking master Paul out for a walk they’d all be back any moment now good if it’s any interest to you read it Brown Jug won the 230 ahead from solitaire and the favorite sir nowhere would you believe it now Just My Luck and minds and yet you know Bassett there must be some way of beating the book sort of infallible system sir something like that well sir I never yet heard of a horse it was a certainty it didn’t finish so far down the course he was all set to win the race coming up behind him – that’s a VRS it mugs I’ve no patience with us you know something soon no you’re right [Music] hello darling you’re back Harry aren’t you yes I wasn’t feeling so good let Paul enjoy your walk yes thanks father no there’s uncle Oscar hello uncle Oscar have you come to tea hello young fool I brought you a present hey our thanks awfully what a wizard whip it’s exactly what I wanted uncle’s good be careful young believe has the head of every clown the god Oscar darling huh terribly sweetie him he’s been asking for something like that for ages how are you I’ve been waiting for you Hester I Richard no work today oh no work today nor tomorrow either [Music] you must have a master worries to be looking like that master Paul what’s the trouble oh nothing what you reading I’m trying to make my fortune and if I can find the winner of the four o’clock racer don’t care sir this afternoon I’ll be well on my way towards doing of it you know I’ve got a fancy for overseer but this year safety-pin might be a bit of a danger what do you think about it I don’t know I don’t know anything about it well I have a guess then you never know you might be lucky oh I am lucky I know I am I think you are all right good old boy all right why is it to be overseer or safety pin don’t say anything I’m magic in it safety pin safety pin it is name now we’ll just pop down the road and put my money on I won’t be gone long that’s it yes master Paul nearly five shillings no what do you want five shillings for I’ll give it you back next time I open my money box honest I will will you well I might if you don’t mind telling me put it on safety pin for me will you will you pass it now look here Master Paul I want to put it on that you do I’m no I’m lucky no one prove it please please all right then mind you only this once no there can’t be any harm in it just this once but you’re not to tell a single soul now do you understand that see that’s wet see that’s dry cross my heart if I tell a low E see that’s wet yet dry across my heart if I tell a lie ba Baba is in on safety pin to win doing good old boy rich Hester Ritz how do you first to pay them a lost job Richard are you gonna get another I lied violent to get you that one now heaven help us comes this appalling news from our web make no mistake Hester I’ve checked on it and let me tell you this you’ve made such an incredible muddle between the two of you it’ll be a miracle in my opinion if the estate isn’t declared bankrupt bankruptcy you have children Hester and something must be done at once if only for them well there it is a fact now we only need to know one thing just what exactly are you going to do about it just what exactly are you going to do Thank You Oscar there’s so much to thank you for isn’t there Richard’s done his best but what can I do how does one think an elder brother for being brotherly all a trustee for being a trustee after all you’ve learned us nothing more than we must have should we for instance thank you for making conditions Oscar we’ll do what you say because we must will cut down we’ll scrimp and save and live carefully and do all the ghastly boring and proper things you say we must but I don’t honestly think we can thank you for it but I’ll tell you one thing we can thank you for your unbearable superiority believe me darling that made the necessity of begging from you infinitely easier you see Oscar there’s so much to thank you for I don’t pay any attention to it Oscar doesn’t really mean of course she means it my dear father I’m delighted she does she ought to I would oh go away Oscar good night Hester and remember this is the last time I’ll ever lend you money I mean that you better make the most of it never never again you can stop looking upon me as your private bank after this there are no more funds you better go to work my dear you may at least do a little better than Richard what do you suggest I do heaven knows you have a runaway talent for spending money that’s about all but there must be something you can do goodbye Oscar and thanks again thanks most awfully safety pin well what do you expect that’s a stupid kind of a name for a horse anyhow now let this be a lesson to you master Paul you keep away from the horses and you’ve got every chance of growing up to be a happy man I lost the five students didn’t I pass it that’s right uncle Oscar can you lend me some money let you sir no well do you want with money I will not see and supposing I’d rather not lend it’s a secret so difficult Oscar something tells me your mother put that idea into your head but it isn’t true Paul you can take it from me happen KRR don’t spend it all what’s thanks uncle Oscar I do think like you always say good night Paul good night message tonight sir this all for me then no well what I want you do with it then master ball back another loser for you but we might get a winner this time Bassett oh no you don’t remember what I told you just the ones that’s all bojong lost cos lucky Bassett I know yes you will back it for me I want you to oh I will will I and if that’s not asking you too much master Paul what lie back it on I don’t know yet good night better you want banana if I could just have a word with you madam what is it man it but it’s all right what is it good evening sir good evening Nana well it’s master Paul madam I don’t know what to make of in these days Manny whatever do you mean but carrying on something terrible he is frightened his sisters to death but how nanny well sir it’s the rocky nose really he’s always on it but that’s not very frightening no madam but it’s the way he rides it in a sort of frenzy you ought to see him very unnatural I call it sort of analysis [Music] I don’t like it madam he’s giving beyond me I don’t know what to do with him I do it brilliantly all right anyhow come on carry Gasca yes that lighter it sounds a fascinating experience it’s no laughing matter so believe me just you wait and see [Music] no no Jimmy where’s his luck no take me [Music] [Music] well I got there where did you get to where I wanted to go your app study right Paul never stop till you get to that’s too late what’s his name yes botany there’s all right to that my nice person well he’s got different names you ask me who school sander Nina found her in l1 ask it how do you know he’s always talking about racing the facet message to tell me come along darling oh what a shame that promised to be the most adult and enjoyable conversation I’ve had for a long time can I don’t ma’am good night darling shouldn’t ride that silly old horse quite so much if I were you but what is Nana dreadfully and frightens Darren Tilda goodnight uncle Oscar good night mummy for heaven’s sake don’t encourage Alaska nannies quite right he’s getting awfully difficult oh he’s all right he’s a nice boy Nancy him doing about sander II know he’s such a funny boy Oscar I don’t seem to be able to get anywhere near him to see him on that horse I’m not surprised that he’s upset please Nick Oh getting crust with him isn’t it time he was out of the nursery world why not give him a room of his own if I do the trick you never know you encouraging me to spend money Oscar you don’t need any encouragement as a matter of fact my dear girl he didn’t cost you a penny to go the right way about it for one of his own he could have the old box room is rather attractive up there I think about it since I’m staying with Magnani case how would you like it if I took him out with me into the country tomorrow it’ll do him good he probably needs a change oh that’s a wonderful idea would you ask her you see I’ve got to be away from her morning anyway it’s my committee meeting to the charity ball well you see sir he comes and asked me and I can’t very well do listen tell him Kaiser is he ever ask you to put money on a horse Bessie well I wouldn’t like to give him away sir he’s a good sport I think he gets a lot of fun out of it I’d rather you asked him yourself sir if you don’t mind oh really uncle Oscar oh there you are that’s right shoving her back jumpy it’s a perfectly lovely day we must miss a minute Dorian [Music] Oh tell me something do you ever have a bet well I leave that to best uncle Oscar I just get the winner Oh two people I suppose you have minded John’s gotta win over this afternoon good would Paula bride all eyebright will Lynne daffodil nothing what’s known about it uncle huh you want it to go any further will you I promise Bassett what’s Bessie’s got to do with it we’re partners I promised him on a ride it was only between me and him you won’t let it go any further will you don’t you worry I’ll keep it to myself daffodil how much is Bassett putting on oh let’s set 20 pounds as it says we ought to keep that in what he calls reserved hectic palms in reserve just how much is he bidding we handed uncle it’s between you and me isn’t it all right ha ha oh it’s between you and me all right don’t you worry about that but just where is this 300 Betty keeps it I told you with partners 300 pounds or pennies pounds I think Paul I’ve got an idea good ones only 40 minutes away how would you like to go racing this afternoon see the real thing all right uncle Oscar I’ve never been racing before I say well come on then let’s see what you make of it what exactly does this mean what do you want 40 pounds lady you better judgment in it against you for this pretty isn’t it don’t be impertinent read this house at once oh come off it lady I’m in position I don’t understand what this means how dare you yeah don’t get tough lady it only makes it more difficult for the both of us you leave this house or shall I send for the police Turner stop acting silly lady it’s a waste of time you know I’m the bailiff I know I’m invaded he is the order for possession now how about the 40 quid bailiff that’s right funny men in the Bentham I am you know and we ain’t so funny for the last time will you go away no lady I won’t not without the 40 quid I’ll write your check no good cash or nothing that’s the way it is don’t expect me to keep as much as 40 pounds in the house do you I don’t expect anything lady I just stay put like yet the money stea that’s right all the time day and night night and day makes you think she’s told Porter doesn’t it but it’s absurd I haven’t got enough time to get to the bank before it closes can’t your husband get the money and bring it home with him no she cannot you realize I have an engagement this afternoon and the people are coming to dinner here this evening important people all right lady I’ll keep out of the way I won’t disgrace you you don’t mind my asking lady but you haven’t over getting this money have you not at the moment I mean right away well I only asked I wanted to have some idea of how long I might be stayin how long would you say couple of days we 10 days maybe you’ll be out of this house by this evening not without the money lady you’ll have every filthy penny better get me a taxi once will you I’m in a great hurry and tell cook I’ll have to borrow her housekeeping money if she’s got me left [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] mr. so let’s see what you got here mr. Sanders I was given your name never mind that how much you want for it well I’d rather hoped you’d make make an offer another 20 quid the lot 20 pounds mr. Sal Doris do you realize this dress alone cost me a hundred pounds I do 20 quid but it’s ridiculous these shoes cost me 20 pounds these things must be worth more than that yeah to me alik ampoule I better put 20 quid on MERS myself and I’ll put something on for you on anything you like how are you faster daffodil but that’s the winner of all right daffodil it shall be a buzzers come along oh you asked me to make you enough uh-huh what’s your proposition well I thought 50 pounds be too much you’re joking it’s just that I see that’s it man there’s the best I can do no they’re worth far more than that I won’t sell them for 30 pounds are trying to cheat me naturally how much you got to have I know you want the money quick that’s why you’ll come to me you want cash don’t you know check okay today how much 40 pounds throw in the fancy case and I give you 40 whoa the case is worth far far more than their besides it was given to me I’m very fond of it good day maybe who they all right mr. Saunders brought it bands with a lot go I’ll get the money upon death the bill back up there on our side the best sitting on his race [Applause] come on she’ll never get looks like don’t ever do better now okay uh forty pounds don’t you count no mr. Sarah Doris I trust you thank you [Music] [Applause] where to now I changed my mind driver it’s a lovely day I’m going to walk you’re going to what I’m going to walk driver a lady ain’t you forgotten something he was too generous I couldn’t take all this money from you really I couldn’t [Music] now what am I to do with these wellfest doors keeps them uncle we’re collecting them for mother before you’re not really serious about passing all this money I am yes I am but it’s between you and me uncle isn’t it I mean on the bright no it’s all right all right I think I’ll have a word with vessel tell me about it what’s all this nonsense about you and young Paul having a bit on the forces begging your pardon sir I aren’t just exactly clear what Master Paul’s been saying well he says you’re partners or something that you’ve been making a packet of money is it true well sir is it true message well it’s like yes here sir you see master Paul would get me talking about racing events spinning yarns you know sir he was always keen on knowing if I’d made a bit R if I’d lost well that’s about 18 months ago and how since I took me 5 Bob on safety pin for him and that lost then the luck turned with that 10 shillings he got from you we put that on single ease ever since then has been pretty steady all things considering as did it pretty steady you see us all right when we’re sure that’s when we aren’t sure we go down yes that’s all very fine but when are you sure as master Paul sir that’s just as if he had it from heaven like daffodil a day at Goodwood that was as sure as eggs did you have anything I’m David oh yes sir how much I did all right sir I might have you I did all right for him too sir yes but how much better 1,200 pounds sir 1,200 pounds that’s right 1,200 pound Paul Paul come here a minute will you all right Bassett where’s the money well that’s safe enough so I keep it locked up where no one can get at it master Portland have it any tiny like you asked for it I don’t believe it well that’s all right you master Paul’s they even see it if you like I’ll show it to you it’s amazing but I still don’t understand what exactly are you sure well sometimes I’m absolutely sure like about daffodil when you’re sure like about daffodil what makes you so sure Poole well I don’t exactly know I’m just sure it’s just like he had it from him sir yes I should just arrest think it was you still want me for a partner oh yes I’m Cara don’t we pass it you’re lucky and you’ll bring us lots more up I know you will all right I should we getting the rest of the bargain want you to put some of that money in a bank oh he suggested that in the master Paul’s of it well we’re a bit superstitious like the two hours we’d rather not break the luck if you don’t mind I suppose you know best but still well goodnight you both I must go I’m late we’ll have another talk later in the week good night uncle Oscar thanks all of you for a wonderful day and I say you aren’t anybody about our partnership with you it’s a secret between three of us isn’t it on the right hand close guard we’re partners aren’t we then we mashek hands on it I won’t tell a soul on a bright but next time you’re sure don’t forget I want to hear about it will you can I bet it you Nisan Oscar Oscar darling that’s what I probably missed you do have a lovely day how was Paul curious things just happen to me Hester I wonder if you to understand have you ever been told something fantastic something impossible something that just couldn’t happen and yet seen the evidence of it held in your hand is it for instance nanny tell the children a fairy tale and suddenly was able to produce a leprechaun out of her apron and put it on the table in front of them are you talking about sound nothing marrying a very important must you rush off like this yes I must I’m late as it is you haven’t tell me about poor did he enjoy himself is he sick or anything Oh oh yes he’s all right we had a splendid day together here’s your money thanks lady Navin asleep hope you don’t mind Tariq work hours 40 pounds collected hurry up and go away you want your discharge paper don’t you lady oh by the way there’s just one other little matter nothing to worry about of course an extra seven and six seven and sixpence what for my services I don’t have this for nothing you know do you miss it do you have a nerve to stand there and tell me this lady I do most decidedly seven and six a day we get no 7 and 6 no discharge labor but I haven’t any more money with me oh that’s a pity minute anyone to tell her about Goodwood hello mommy and have you any money only I’ve run out of change that you’re talking dirty to crap all untrue visits George money I’ve got some class – I’m too tired I don’t know madam I don’t think so I got some upstairs in my purse that I dunno or just for me I have lots and lots of it whoever’s right all we got god I simply haven’t got the time or the patience to play silly games we’re gonna stop it here we are what a bit of luck med and see how crowns I remember now coat them to make the sweepstake money Thank You Nellie you’re an angel stirred mania thought she was too busy I told you remember I told you is too busy to play but I wasn’t playing any I wasn’t playing thank you good day lady no offense meant none taken I hope good luck I’m a poor misguided ass that’s what I am lively spark has got about as much chance of winning the ledger as a carthorse not as much chance this is probably one of the most costly and movers ago wages ever known lively sparks huh no one’s ever heard of the animal but I’m joking when uncle I don’t care how sure you are do you realize young fella this very minute a considerable sum of money is going west I must have been out of my mind a thousand pounds Paul a thousand pounds well you don’t even know the meaning him fortunately we are at least spared the agony of seeing the disaster don’t worry uncle now you sparkle win I’m sure of it to follow the gold penny Lee plays the lead Lou pebbles will they’re so a falling flower great riches mascot now bloom Eva’s gone to the front and penny leaves under the whip and so is Great Bridge and here’s one coming right on the outside it’s nicely making a late run a hundred yards to go and his people never look together and live this bar sketching them 50 yards in their neck indictor three of them maybe I’ll finish now it was a most exciting race this talk is definitely one you’ve done it you’ve done it lively Scott it was it better life yes uncle you see as absolutely sure of him Paul I don’t think you realize you won 10,000 pounds have our uncle is that a lot it’s enough I wish I knew how you did it it’s a secret what are you gonna do with all that money well I started it for mother she said she had no luck because father was unlucky and I thought a berry like it might stop whispering what might stop whispering oh I hate our house for spring what is it whisper well uh it’s always short of money you know uncle and then it whispers let people love it you behind your back it’s all that is well I thought if I were lucky you might be able to stop it well what are we gonna do about it I shouldn’t like mothers no I was lucky why not she’d stop me I don’t think she would oh I don’t want us to know all right Paul we was trying to help over that na it all have easy enough I tell you what I’ll get five thousand pounds from Basset and hand it over to a web who’s he your mother’s lawyer I’ll get him to right turn let her know that all that a distant relative or someone has left to 5,000 pounds to be paid annually on her birthday a thousand of time well that’s a good idea that’s where she’ll believe it for a moment viv I know your mother she won’t ask too many questions as long as she gets a thousand pounds every November November the 12th quite a birthday present I trusted will make it all the harder for later I hope it makes the happy uncle just make the husband whispering was never [Music] where on earth is he he’ll be yes sir any moment now I hope you brings it off this time a dobby’s any a week or two there it may have escaped your notice my dear Basset we need a winner Vanessa we need a flock of it’s very serious person very serious indeed we be losing steadily since last November it can’t go on I wonder what makes him sure I mustn’t over the Darby I must have a winner I’m must be sure oh I wish I wish your well how about it pull now listen to me you’d better give it a rest even though we’ve been losing steadily throughout the season there’s still a bit left of a gimme I suggest we lay off for a month or two until polls absolutely sure again tell is it what are you there’s nothing to worry about here’s the message oh no nothing at all but you don’t understand I’ve got to know I’ve got to be sure something there won’t happen if I’m not I know it will what do you mean Paul something terrible is the house uncle it’s not getting any better like we thought it would it’s getting worse we’re spring again hey yes uncle I messed up it whispering I want to beat mother happy now can’t because almost be like Emma don’t worry uncle everything bill right I’m bound to noon time of the Derby I am really then everything will be all right I know it will you’ll see get him girl vessel is it that bad that’s not for me to say sir don’t be a fool mess it is it well sir tell you the truth just lately I’ve been getting master worried about the whole affair the boys not himself that’s just like something were driving him to find a winner he you don’t enjoy it no more you can get no fun out of it like when we started no now little fellas not happy I don’t like the sound of it better I don’t like the sound of it at all no sir nor don’t re I’m thinking that’s an unhappy kind of a house for him to be in just now oh they are men with last I’ve been telephony all over London for you with my nanny what’s the matter supposed to pull Medan what’s he done now well he hasn’t done nothing madam ease in I’ve got him in bed ill what’s the matter with him well not exactly ill no there’s nothing really to worry about you second party during the afternoon just before tea I’ve had the doctor or what does he say but he couldn’t make him out really said he needed absolute rest in quiet but there wasn’t anything organically wrong as you might say he hasn’t got a temperature or anything like that our telephone and what I’ve seen Paul Hutchins disturbed him madam he’s asleep now the doctor gave him a drafted before he left perhaps her right now what exactly did the doctor say well he couldn’t say for sure madam he mentioned something about his nerves but said there’s nothing to worry about so long as we kept him quiet who didn’t get him overexcited he was very insistent on that don’t get him upset he said hello dr. Nicol this is mrs. Graham yes it’s about Paul mm-hmm then John agrees anything immediate to worry about yes I see his brain but I don’t understand I see it of course we weren’t upset him but an extremely yes I understand I’m I said what is he much better these last two days he’s certainly much calmer he still looks awfully picky you ready yes I say you look magnificent seems to be the only word in a very nice word – I’m just getting up say good night – poor shopping more than a couple of minutes well don’t be long of all nights you don’t wanna be late tonight are a naughty boy your wouldn’t miss leap ages ago oh but your promise mother what did I promise promised you’d come and show myself all dressed up did I when out to see me what do you think of me I think you look wonderful mummy that’s more than could be said for you are you feeling all right yes thanks mummy dr. Nichols says I’m much better he says I’m getting better every day yes I know Paul how would you like to go away for a holiday me but I can’t I’ve been thinking instead of waiting for Nelly and the others wouldn’t you like to go down to the seaside now I can’t possibly go before the table mummy not possibly why not you can go down tomorrow morning and still go to the Derby with uncle Oscar in the afternoon from the seaside besides all this horse racing isn’t good for you you’ll get far too exciting you’re all nerves far better to go to the seaside and forget all about it I’ve got to go now my darling good night please mummy I don’t ever let mommy as long as you don’t send me away – laughs the Derby it’s in your way miss house do me yes you are a curious child what makes you care about this house so much segment please mommy don’t make me go away – laughs the Derby please mummy please darling all right don’t get so excited you don’t have to go to the seaside class adhabi who don’t want to when he was promise me that you won’t let yourself get so upset and he won’t think so much about horse-racing either will you know I won’t do much about that mother I mean why good mad darling I’ll put off the light and go to sleep mommy I wouldn’t worry if I were you if you were me and I were you I wonder what we should do but I don’t want you to worry could you needn’t you do know that don’t you you walk to water then I’ll see about it I gotta sleep yes Tom it’s after 9:00 we’ll be late Shh don’t make so much noise you’re just getting off to sleep a strange cry you still get so easily upset he ought to be at school that’s always the matter with him then fast darling Richard do you think everything’s gonna be all right of course darling he’ll be all right in a week or so no need to know Oh tonight I’m sure it’ll be a great success evening recipe me ma’am hello Beth same except like old times ten reps in tomorrow now worse luck I had a bit of a gyp given to me yesterday bit more governor Syosset I can’t see him coming know any other favorite myself and a favorite don’t stand a chance Oh Gordon’s gonna win this you’ll walk it Miffy dealt I’ve got my eye on a nice little outsider Malabar Malabar syoss it’ll run rings round him well I don’t believe myself any outsiders gonna win this race there’s over half a dozen of them to choose from not one on the downbeat good Breen penny plain crackerjack sorry LC and Malabar now now the favorite will win this one there’s nothing the beaded [Music] could organize don’t smooth until cutter often darling how I am being able to give you a better thanks to their relative Esther I want to [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] come on they’re going to make an announcement how is the most one success what’s the matter [Music] hello man is that you other children all right and Paul is he alright as far as I know madam shall I run upstairs and have a look at him no no don’t bother it’s all right go back to bed besides we’ll disturbed you we’ll be home very soon good night good night [Music] [Music] good doesn’t matter [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] any change no was the doctor been yet not yet he didn’t leave till after four I’m expecting him now what does he mean by Malabar it’s a horse running in the Derby kept repeating it all night long I’m calling for Bassitt his eyes will die bluestone try to get up once I think he had some idea here’s the doctor now that’s it come here a minute will you as a little fella getting answer he’s still unconscious its Malabar an alibi huh apparently he’s been repeating it all night he was calling for you – what are you gonna do on Monday what you told me you want me to do right I know it [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hello is that Ladbrokes this is mr. kressler speaking nom de plume Club I want 250 pounds to win Malibu yes that’s right Malabar Winn [Music] [Music] [Music] it’s very urgent capacity you mustn’t even come in for a moment [Music] last Pool Master pool he came in first alright malabar came in first a clean win I did as you told me we made over 70,000 pounds have no we got over 80,000 walk together malabar came in all right master portal he was a good ol boy [Music] [Music] you think I’m lucky mommy I knew didn’t I know I you and a ball came annoyed I never told you mommy if I can ride my horse and get there and I’m absolutely sure absolutely I mean did I ever do you I am lucky what the devil is that noise it’s Basset I told him to get rid of that rocking horse I told him to get it out of the house my god Hester you’re 80 odd thousand pounds to the good and a poor devil of a son to the bed but poor devil poor devil he’s best gone out of a life well he has to ride a rocking horse to find a winner you [Music] [Music] I was just gonna bring it in to you ma’am bring what invested the money ma’am that’s in this here box we used to know best if you give to me dumping it anywhere near me I won’t have anything to do with it that’s yours ma’am he wanted you to have it make you happy he said yes and what what am I gonna do with mrs. Graham Byrd Bennett Bassett – what’s a rocking horse okay [Music] now master Paul wouldn’t want me to do this he wanted like that at all has something all be done with it mrs. Graham I’m a poor man I’ve been brought up amongst poor people I can’t bring myself to burn good money how can you call it that good money it’s blood money dreadful evil money how could anybody ever touch money like that go on Basset burn it no no I’m I’m thinking I’ll take you to your lawyer mr. Webb mr. Russell wave in it you probably know what to do that must be some use for it would be able to save a few lives with it cost one forget it mr. Graham you came out here to say something amazing that right wanted to see the end I just wanted to be shot at God God for good you won’t never see the end of a man nor won’t I as long as ever will live we remember and we’ll know just what it is was done [Music] you

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  1. Such an abundance of warmth, kindness, and immediate openness between the oldest child and the new handyman at the very beginning! Rare in any film. Must read the short story to see if it originates there. ?❤️?

  2. what a strange and unsettling story. read it for a class. as i was reading, i felt like i had heard the story before. pretty sure i saw this film a loooong time ago and forgot. upon rewatching it can confirm this. was really weird to see this again, as i had pretty much blocked it out. the film is good but the story is better. d.h. lawrence has so many gems

  3. Fabulous cast and characters. How tragic. Loving son. Spendthrift mother. Father too busy to notice. Heart wrenching.

  4. John Mills-such a superb actor-always completely inhabiting the role to its fullest. His portrayal of Michael the village idiot in "Ryan's Daughter" was possibly his finest role, one which garnered him the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

  5. La película, dentro de su fantasía, nos da una buena lección: nada es gratis. Me ha gustado mucho, gracias por compartirla

  6. This is the second time I've watched this film and I believe I enjoyed it more this time. Thank you for sharing, it's a brilliant story and the acting is out of this world.

  7. All about the most destructive force in human beings the five letter word GREED. Love, civility, decency, and compassion are
    totally destroyed by its' horrible power. Not a subject we want to delve into in times like these. A powerful work. A think piece.

  8. Love John Mills and Valerie Hobson.
    D H Lawrence an excellent storyteller.
    A really 'English' film n a good one at that! Sometimes not an 'easy' film to watch.
    Thankyou for posting.

  9. The turning points of the story was in multiple areas. I can't decipher which was more potent. I think the point where Paul begins to hallucinate while looking into the horse! That was funny. But it was also sad because the boy was sickly obsessed with getting his mother "more money!" Thanks posting!!

  10. What a very strange movie. The house whispers and the rocking horse is possessed. A psychological thriller. Another great flick kindly provided by our awesome YT uploaders. Thanks!

  11. "life of a boy named Paul, who thinks he has amazing luck after realizing he can predict racehorse winners by furiously riding his rocking horse until he reaches a trance-like state"  "The Rocking-Horse Winner" explores the impact a mother's own frustrations and sense of failure can have on a sensitive and intelligent child who craves her love."

  12. Very good. Conclusion…. Greed and the hunger for money is killing everything and taking away all that is pure and good.

  13. Very faithful to the original story, but enhanced a bit. Wonderful film. I've seen it several times and it always holds up.

  14. I read this actual book when I was in elementary school. How wild to see this film posted here. I've never seen the film before. I look forward to watching.

  15. I hate the ending. The mother is so self-absorbed that she won't even accept the money that her son gave his life to give her as his gift of love. She's so cold and heartless it's gut wrenching. She could have done positive things with that money besides squandering it on clothes, shoes, and home décor. You mean there were people less fortunate that were going hungry that she couldn't have helped? What arrogance and complete lack of sensitivity. And I didn't like the burning of the horse, either. He was whipped, ran all the races, and gave them the information they wanted (had they used it properly) and its reward was to be burned. No, I didn't like the ending very much.

  16. Quality negative. Excellent lighting,sets, acting the lot. Interesting to see the cars at the racecourse, saw them at the excellent Coventry Transport Museum yesterday. Free admission. Earliest bicycles, motorcycles, cars through to present day. Good for all ages, a really great day out for friends from abroad who thought it superb and all the family.

  17. What a great movie. Very touching at the end. Perhaps the mother learned something about herself, finally…but maybe not…the handyman had to say it, and all she could do was to hear it and cry… This was one of those movies we'd always hear about in high school, and watch clips of, but in those days it was hard to find these old movies and watch them. This is the first time I've seen it. Thanks for posting.

  18. Valerie Hobson was a superb actress and played the mother role very well with an equally aloof spenthrith father the fact that their hideous unawareness of Paul's descent into illness all the more tragic

  19. Wow. Turned out way different than I thought. Excellent movie, excellent message. For the love of money…..

  20. Valerie Hobson is best in “Kind Hearts and Coronets.” Aristocratic to the bone. Did you know she was married to John Profumo of Kristine Keller fame?

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