the Runaway the legendary story of a wild horse
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the Runaway the legendary story of a wild horse

November 20, 2019

Prince: I am so glad that i got away from those humans but i still got to run prince: UH OH DID i just hear a gun shot prince: maybe they can help Prince: excuse me can u guys help I’m trying to get away from humans and find my girl my human Ewa starlight: sorry i cant i have to help Lilly prince: thanks anyway 🙁 Lilly: GOOD LUCK WILD HORSE Starlight: GOOD LUCK WILD HORSE prince: THEY SHOULD GET MY NAME ITS PRINCE prince: Maybe some wild horse from everwind feilds can help me find ewa prince: WHAT THERE NOT HERE i’m getting scared they should be here maybe its because its winter season and theres not food or water prince: OUCH Prince: Maybe the baroness will help Prince: Almost there prince: its a risky shot ill do it anyways

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