The Scorpion King  VS The Mummy | The Mummy Returns
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The Scorpion King VS The Mummy | The Mummy Returns

August 14, 2019

Ok, now i am a beliver! JONATHAN:
Rick !!!! RICK:
Jonathan!!! RICK:
It’a a SPEAR!!! RICK:
The gold stick thing!! It’s a spear! JONATHAN:
Really!? JONATHAN:
Doesn’t look like a spear! RICK:
NO! It become it opens up into one! JONATHAN:
Yeees and …? RICK:
Jonathan! It-opens-up-into-a-spear! EVE:
Rick!!! RICK:
Eve!!! EVE:
Jonathan, wait!!! EVE:
Jonathan, throw it! Kill the Scorpion King! Send his army back to the underworld! JONATHAN:
Stay aside Alex, i am a professionial! EVE:
Go to Hell! And take your friends with you! ALEX:
Eve! NO!!! Get out of here! Just get out of here!!! RICK:
Hang on Rick!!! RICK:
Let’s go!!! RICK:
All this hole damn place is gonna get sucked out! Move on! Go! JONATHAN:
Go Alex, camon! EVE:
Rick, we’re trapped! IZZY:
Izzy!!! IZZY:
Camon, camon! Get your moving! Hurry up! Hurry up! I haven’t got all day!!! IZZY:
pull him up! pull him up! JONATHAN:
Pull me up, pull me up!!! JONATHAN:
Wait, wait! Let me down! Let me DOWN! RICK:
It’s not worth your life, you idiot!!! JONATHAN:
Yes it is! Yes it is! JONATHAN:
Ahhh!!!!! Pull me up, pull me up!! IZZY:
Woah!!! Woah!!! YES! YES!!! IZZY:
O’Connel, you almost get me killed! RICK:
You ve not been shoot …? EVE:
Izzy! Thank you! EVE:
Thank you! JONATHAN:
YES yes yes yes hehehe!!! IZZY:
O’Connel, who the hell you’ve mess with this time, eh!? RICK:
Oh you know, the usual: mummies, pygmies, big bugs…

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  1. Imhotep had a torturous supernatural existence, but you can tell that nothing felt worse to him than when the woman he thought loved him, abandoned him

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