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The Shetlanders: The Shetland Pony Breeders

December 7, 2019

It started that we spent all our holidays here in Shetland, instead of going to Spain or Greece, we always went to Shetland to see Shetland ponies. Each time we went home, it was so sad to leave Shetland. I said to Tore, I could easily move up here and stay here. I didn’t expect him to say yes to that. But after a while he said, maybe we should do that, so we did. Sold everything and set off to Shetland. The first thing we felt when we came to Shetland, we were not used to everyone you meet by the road, waving, stopping, speaking. It was a welcome right away. When you meet a car (and they wave), you think ‘Do I know them?’ The folk in the community are so great, they are. I’m getting closer to them, because I’m doing care for the families and the old folk, and they are really, really good. I was also thinking to breed Shetland ponies, why not move to the place they come from, and breed them in the place they are originally from. We have learned from different foal breeders, on the islands. From the south end to the north, how they think the ponies should be. It’s just fantastic to get all of this old information about how well bred a lot of the old lines in Shetland are. We try to breed perfection, and it is about making something beautiful. This will be like a model at a show, who will show herself beautifully. Do the hair… and we do the same with the horses. Sometimes a judge will ask me ‘so what shampoo have you used today?’ We never agree about how things should be, because when I look at an animal, I try to find the faults, before I can see the beauty or the good things. Bjorn sees the long hair, the beauty first. That’s just the way we work on our own. We can argue a lot, which ones to keep and which ones to sell, which ones to take to the shows etc. We are a good team. When it comes to hairdressing and ponies, yes, but I am not a perfectionist in other things. Very messy. Not in the house!

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