“The Showdown” – Bird vs. Jordan McDonald’s ad – 1993

September 2, 2019

[ball hits court] [Larry Bird] What’s in the bag? [Michael Jordan] Lunch. Big Mac, fries. [Bird] Play you for it. [Jordan] You and me? For my Big Mac? [Bird] First one to miss watches the winner eat. ♪♪ [rock] [Bird] No. Dunking. [Jordan laughs] [swish] [Jordan] Get in there! [swish] [swish] [swish] [Bird?] Get in there. [swish] [Bird] Nothing but net. [music stops] [Jordan] I think we’re gonna be here a while. I suggest you go get a Big Mac. ♪♪ [rock resumes] [Larry Bird] This is for your Big Mac, right? First one that misses? [Michael Jordan, resigned] Watches the winner eat lunch. Got it. [Bird] Off the glass. ♪♪ [Rock – same as previous] [Bird] Get in. [ball bounces off glass, then swish] [Jordan] Nice shot. [swish] [slight laughter from Bird] [swish] [Bird] One knee. [swish] [Jordan] Which knee? Get in there! [swish] [swish] [swish] [Bird] Off the floor, off the scoreboard … off the bang board, no rim. [ball hits floor, then scoreboard, then backboard, then swish] [Jordan] Over the second rafter, off the floor, nothin’ but net. [series of swishes in rapid succession] [Jordan] Through the window, off the wall, nothin’ but net. [hits wall, then swish] ♪ What you want is what you get ♪ ♪ At McDonald’s today ♪ [Jordan] Off the expressway, over the river, off the billboard, through the window, off the wall … nothin’ but net. [swish]

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