The Smart Way to Pack Your Horse’s Hoof
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The Smart Way to Pack Your Horse’s Hoof

September 1, 2019

Hi, I’m Danvers. I’m the Hoof Health Consultant
here at SmartPak. Today, we’re going to talk about taking care of wounds and insults to
the bottom of the foot. In order to pack a foot with a sole pack material,
you’ll very often want to put a glove on and try to protect your skin. I don’t want you
to use something that would be caustic and burn your skin, so that’s not the reason for
it. The reason is staining and smell. So, if you’re using something caustic, I don’t
like that idea on these feet, so definitely using something mild that is going to, in
this case, going to be a sole toughening agent. So, what I’m going to do here is simply, and
in this case I’m going to pack the entire bottom of the foot. Work it down into the sulcus of the frog and
basically fill this cavity. Now, I’m trying to make sure that I keep this
confined to the solar surface. If I start getting it on the outer wall my tape is not
going to hold very well. So, I want to make sure that I keep it on the solar surface of
the foot and I have a clean surface to tape to out here. At this point, I’m going to mound
just a very slight amount here that will flatten and squish. I’ll remove that. And, in this case I have a
fairly quiet horse, so I don’t have to worry about having a blanketed pack already, I can
just put on a strip at a time, come across with that strip. Put another one here, just overlapping as
I go. And I’ve got it locked in where I want it
to be. I’ll compress it a bit, spread it make sure that I’ve got everything packed around
and moved around and take a couple of outer wraps. Again, I’m avoiding any contact with
the hairline or the skin. Lay that in and I’ll take a few reinforcing
wraps, primarily at the toe. At that point, that foot is wrapped. It should
stay reasonably well, even in a turn out situation.

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