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The Story of R.O.B. the Robot | Gaming Historian

August 15, 2019

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  1. Hello everyone! Most videos on R.O.B. make fun of him, but he was vital to the success of the Nintendo Entertainment System. If you learned something new, please share this video out! Thanks for watching and have a great weekend!

  2. These videos remind me of Ken Burns’ documentaries, but for video games! These are really informative and very entertaining!

  3. I would want a R.O.B just to put on a shelf.

    sure i have the amiibo for him but it's not the same

  4. The best part about Gyromite? Squashing the professor or almost squashing him. We laughed so much. Suburban kids+boredom in their lives= Early video game violence for laughs.

  5. I actually didn't know about R.O.B., and I've even had a copy of Gyromite all this time. It was very unusual in how it required the use of both controllers, and it took a while to figure it out, since I didn't have any instructions. Nintendo sure came up with many strange accessories, but that might have been an important part of their products' successes.

  6. ROB lives on in my garage attic. The spinners are long gone, as they gave a few minutes of fun firing of Crossbows & Catapults disks – which was a few minutes more fun than Gyromite ever was.

  7. Game companies today need to take a lesson from the games crash of 1983. They're teetering on the edge as it is. If something isn't fun, and it's just designed to sell DLC, is it really a game?

  8. I Don't think it was R.O.B. when Gail Tilden first opened that package. In Japan, it was called the Family Computer Robot and in America, the first proposed name for it was to be OTTO before they settled on robotic operating buddy or R.O.B.

  9. Rob hatching from an egg.. Rob hatched from an egg… I draw a blank.
    Well either way, Rob is still to this day, Nintendo's mascot in my book.

  10. Yeah uhhh…….. he turned every game into Stack-up and Gyromite then tried to destroy the city. Kind of evil.

  11. my friend in grade school had it and i envied him for like 10 seconds until i played the games and realized i hadn't missed on anything (I got the regular set with SMB)

  12. You can cut the controller in half and do the same with the other 1 and us the (a)(b)button on 2 players controller and use the (d pad) on 1st players controller and play

  13. I remember seeing ROB saying that shit looks lame and expensive I want the regular system that came with just Super Mario Bros. I was way more hype for that because it was in our budget.

  14. I always wondered why R.O.B. was such a big deal. I didn't realize he fucking saved the video game industry.

  15. Gotta love that gyromyte music in the beginning. Lol I remember having that game and it was sooo bad! Guessing that's why my order sisters left that as the only untouched game in the stack. 😂

  16. Not that i don't respect their effort in creating something new but this looks so painful to play i would had guessed this contraption alone would crash the gaming industry.

    Everything feels and looks cluncky and like a chore.

  17. When you accidentally read the title of this video as Destroy R.O.B….. and that was only when the video popped up in my reccmmended….

  18. R.O.B saved not just Nintendo, but the entirety of gaming as a whole. He deserved to be in Mario Kart DS, no matter how odd it was.

  19. Consumers always know what they want. Unlike the slimy critics. Never listen to critics or “reviewers”

  20. HM… the Trojan war, lets see where this goes?
    2 mins later.
    is my ears graced with the voice of antdude? yeah!

  21. My dad originally bad R.O.B, but some kid in the neighborhood we use to live in stole it and the kid's dad was worked in the Sherriff's dept. along with my dad only higher up, he didn't even OFFER to pay dad any money after it was stolen and sold. I bought this I forgot when, and after seeing what I'm suppose to do, now I'm wondering if he'll work. I sooo wanna see him in action really bad! This was a year before I was born too!

  22. if nintendo releases a modernised and souped up ROB as a homage to the origional ROB that would be swell

  23. Liked "Short Circuit" it was a good movie, makes sense the similarities and why kids wanted to play the NES. Funny how there flops actually get people interested in there main console, whereas third party flops are a different story.

    Crazy how many flops actually benefited Nintendo in some way.

  24. Captions: 7/10
    All other videos on this channel have some of the best captions I’ve ever seen, but this one is just lazy.
    Punctuation is rare and wrong, and that can be confusing.

  25. ROB outlived his usefulness a year and a half later and was replaced by Super Mario Bros then a legend was born 🙂

  26. I wonder if the other R.O.B. games would have been any more fun than those first two. My guess is, probably not. By the time my family got an NES R.O.B. was long gone. I think it was 1987 or early '88 and by then we had the single cartridge with Mario & Duck Hunt with the Zapper and the Power Pad, which was yet another gimmick. Sure Nintendo retired the robot, but they've always got another add on or gimmick.

  27. We need a rob 2.0 for switch but he his a CPU that plays games with you and comes like a labo or small plastic shell that moves for fun

  28. The very first NES commercial I saw was in 85, when I was 14,and R.O.B was the main draw along with the games for it… but by the time I actually saw one it was way obsolete…disapointing, buty sure sold me!

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