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The Subject of Horses

August 18, 2019

Gram: Again…what you just told me about a horse trailer. Em: Oh, I just wanted the horse trailer for Christmas. because, I don’t have any and I don’t have a person… I used to have a person but my sister is always playing with it. Gram: A what? A person? You mean like a doll? Em: twice as big as the horses. I need one like that big. so I can ride the horses cause I got saddles I got for Christmas. I still have em. Gram: So who were we watching last night on YouTube? What was her name? Emma Cook Gram: Who’s Emma Cook? Em: Well, she’s my cousin. Gram: She’s your cousin? Emma Cook is your cousin? Gram laughs: Where did you ever get that idea? She’s just another girl that’s named Emma. It’s not your cousin She’s just a girl named Emma that’s a month younger than you, You were born in February, she was born in March. and, how is she the same as you? Em: because she has the same name Gram: What else does she have? Em: Horses Gram: She loves horses. What else is the same about her? Em: ummm, she loves baseball. Gram: What else does she have the same as you? What does she have the same as you? On her head. On her head. Em: What’s that? Gram: What does she have on her ears? Em: Oh yes. A cochlear implants Gram: She has two cochlear implants too. But you know what? You got your cochlear implants when you were a year old. But she didn’t get her first one until she was two years old. What was she showing on her video last night? Ummm. A horse. Horse book. And it was….she showed an Appaloosa A Paint and an Arabian I think and a Palamino horse Gram asking a question You were saying you wanted a horse trailer, right? She was showing she had a horse trailer. Em: With a truck on it. Santa should give me that for Christmas Gram: Who?
Em: cause their expensive All Breyer Horses. But sometimes they can be on for sale. My daddy got one on sale. Gram: Which daddy? Em: Daddy Justin Gram: Got a Breyer Horse? What is a Breyer Horse? How big is it? Em: It’s about that big, but I have a Breyer Horse twice as big. It’s about that big when it’s standing up. Gram: If you had a horse that big, It wouldn’t fit in that trailer she was showing, would it? Em: Huh? Gram: Well that trailer she was showing on the youtube video wasn’t big enough to hold a horse that big. Em: No. It was like that big. when standing up. So… Gram: How many Breyer Horses do you think she could fit in that trailer? Em: About four. Gram: Tell me some more about Breyer Horses. Em: Breyer Horse, their umm, like, they’re really hard. So you have to be gentle with them. And…. like you find… um, this isn’t a Breyer Horse but there is Breyer Horses like that big. laughs Gram: So they come in all sizes. Em: Yeah. and I have a horse about that tall. Gram: what kind of horse do you have? Em: I have a pink, or a Paint I have Arabian And I have a a Pinto and I have a Palamino Gram: You have that many Breyer Horses? Em: And a Mustang and another Palamino So that’s 8 – about 7 Breyer Horses.

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