The Toy Master’s Unicorn Trap!
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The Toy Master’s Unicorn Trap!

October 27, 2019

– [Announcer] This video
is sponsored by Feber. – [Child] Tic Tac Toy! – [Toy Master] This is the Toy Master. I’m waiting for you, Addy and Maya. Time to be hypnotized. (upbeat country music) – You did a great job
at horse riding, Addy. – Thanks Maya, I sure love it. Isn’t my horse so cute? – She sure is. – Ready to get headed home? – Sure thing, Addy. – You should really try
horseback riding lessons, Maya. – Horse riding? Unicorn riding! – Unicorn riding? I don’t think that exists. – Well, if it did, it would
be the best thing ever. – Oh yeah. (upbeat guitar music) – Just a few more minutes
’til we get home, Maya. – It would’ve been so much
faster if I had my unicorn. – Oh Maya, you gotta stop
with the whole unicorn thing. (upbeat guitar music) (girls laughing) – Look Addy, it’s a dream come true! There really are unicorns. – These are the new My
Lovely Unicorns, Maya. How in the world did they get here? – I have no idea, but I’m riding home after I brush its mane. (upbeat pop music) I wish I had pink hair like my unicorn. – Check it out, Maya, I
braided my unicorn’s hair. Did you see all the hair
accessories it comes with? – Yeah, I’m putting a clip
in my unicorn’s hair, too. (upbeat pop music) – Look Maya, the unicorn
does say “Ride me!” on it. – Then hop on and let’s go home in style. – Doesn’t this just seem odd though? We just stumbled upon
these on our way back from horseback riding lessons. – I don’t know and I don’t care. I got my unicorn and
that’s all that matters. (Maya shouts) – Well hold on, don’t leave without me. (upbeat guitar music) (girls shouting) – You just use the
reins to steer it, Maya. (girls shouting) – Ride it, cowboy! (girls shouting) (Addy giggling) (Maya shouting) – Stop! Do you think they could go backwards, too? – I think you just pull this to reverse. (Addy shouts) (girls laughing) – Let’s keep going forward, Maya. (Addy shouting) (light rock music) – Now we’re going faster! (girls shouting) – These’ll be fun to ride
inside the house too, Addy. – For sure. Turn right here, Maya. (techno music) – What’s going on? – I don’t know. I tried going right. – Where are we going? – I have no idea. I’ve never been across this bridge. (girls screaming) (eerie techno music) – Let’s try to go in reverse. – Its not working. It’s like someone else is
trying to control our unicorns. – Well, I guess we’re
just going on a ride then. (dark hiphop music) (fast electronic music) – [Both] Whoa, we stopped. – What’s happening? (chiming) (fast techno music) – Whoa, did you see the horn light up? It made magical sounds. – Yeah, why do you think we stopped? Are we supposed to get off here? – I guess so. Let’s go explore and see where we are. – Where do you think this trail leads? – I don’t know, but what is that? – No clue, let’s get a little closer. (upbeat techno music) (wind whooshing) – Wow, this day is getting
stranger and stranger by the minute. (wind whooshing) – Whatever that is, it’s mesmerizing. – It sure is. – [Toy Master] Addy and Maya, this is the Toy Master speaking. You must obey my commands. – [Both] Toy Master, obey commands. – [Toy Master] You will
return to your house, gather new toys and bring them back to me. – [Both] Yes, bring them back to you. – [Toy Master] Go now. – [Both] Yes, go now. (upbeat techno music) (gentle music) – Okay, one pinch of oregano. Here we go. – So, are the girls gonna be back from horseback riding lessons soon? – Yeah, they’re usually home by now. Oh, I think I just heard
the front door open. Hey girls, dinner will be ready in about half a hour if I can
just figure out this recipe. – Where are the birthday
presents for the triplets? – They should be on the dining room table. Oh, no no. Would you girls mind wrapping them for me? I haven’t had a chance yet. That would be a really big help. Oh, wait a minute was that
garlic salt or garlic powder? Ah, what is it? (ominous music) – Oh, the wrapping paper
is in the closet, girls! Okay, garlic powder, not garlic salt. (gentle guitar music) (ominous music) – [Both] The Toy Master,
for the Toy Master, for the Toy Master, for the Toy Master. – [Toy Master] What toys have
you brought to the Toy Master? – I brought the Playmobil Aquarium. – I brought Magic Tracks
and Party Pop Teenies. – [Toy Master] Well done, Addy and Maya. Now put the toys on the
ground, and take one step back. (dramatic music) (zapping) Now I need more toys. – [Both] More toys. – [Toy Master] You will
go back to your house and gather more toys to bring me. – [Both] Back to the house, more toys. (dramatic music) – It’s actually coming together now. (phone ringing) – Jason, would you mind taking over this pot for a few minutes? Aunt Betsy’s on the
phone, and I really need to take this call. – Sure honey, I’ll be right there. (phone ringing) – Thanks! (phone ringing) (phone beeping) Hello, this is Agent Lucy
with the CTIA speaking. – [Boss] Agent Lucy, we
have an urgent matter here. I’ve received some intelligent
reports that indicate Addy and Maya have been
hypnotized by the Toy Master and are currently delivering
toys to him as we speak. – Just one moment, please. (upbeat techno music) They’re gone. (upbeat techno music) I suppose that could be possible. What do you need me to do? – [Boss] The girls should
be returning home soon. Follow their every move. We have reason to believe
that they will be headed back to the Toy Master,
and we need you to gather any intelligence that you can. – Yes sir, I can do that. – [Boss] And Agent Lucy? – Yes, boss? – [Boss] Actions such as
these from your daughters are severely hurting their
chances of ever becoming junior toy spies with the CTIA. – I understand that sir,
however, they mean well, and given the chance, I’m
sure that they can prove that they are worthy of being toy spies. – [Boss] Well, we’ll see about that. – Yes, sir. (phone beeps) – Hey, so I’m gonna run
over to Aunt Betsy’s house and help her hang a picture. If you could just keep an eye on Collin, we’ll be back in a bit. I’m gonna take the girls with me, okay? – Can’t you just help her
hang the picture tomorrow? Hello? (upbeat techno music) (intense strings music) – They must be getting more
toys for the Toy Master. (intense strings music) – Toy master, Toy Master. (intense strings music) – Ooh, I gotta follow them. (intense strings music) – [Both] For the Toy
Master, for the Toy Master, for the Toy Master, for the Toy Master. – Well, they are definitely hypnotized. I better get my camera ready in case the Toy Master makes an appearance. (intense music) – [Toy Master] What toys have you brought the Toy Master now, Addy and Maya? – Two Shopkins Mini Packs. – Really Rad Robot and Build or Boom. – What in the world is that thing? I’m glad I’m getting a
video recording of this. – [Toy Master] Well done, Addy and Maya. Now place the toys on the
ground, and take one step back. (zapping) – Wow, I wouldn’t have believed that if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. I gotta get back and call
the boss immediately. (dramatic music) – [Toy Master] I need more toys. You’ll return to your house
and bring every single toy you own back to me immediately. – [Both] Every toy for the Toy Master. – Yes, it looks like some
sort of hypnotic spiral just in the middle of the woods from which a voice is projecting. It’s highly likely that the
voice belongs to the Toy Master. – [Boss] And were you
able capture video footage of the spiral? – Yes sir, there should
be audio footage too. I’d like to run a voice analysis on it as soon as I get back. – [Boss] Very good. Release the girls from
their hypnosis then, and don’t say a word to them
about what transpired today. I’m still not sure they have what it takes to be toy spies in our agency. – Yes, sir. (smart watch beeps) – Oh girls, hold on just a second! I have a treat for each of you. Open up wide. (upbeat music) Notice anything different? – These are delicious, Mom. – Yeah, they taste better than usual. – Phew, well I did add a
secret ingredient to them to make them extra delicious. How was horseback riding today? – Awesome.
– Oh, it was great. I tried to convince Maya into taking horseback riding lessons,
but she wants to take unicorn riding lessons. (Maya giggles) – Now, that would be interesting. – It’ll be awesome. – Hey Mom, did you get the presents for the triplets’ birthday tomorrow? Well, it looks like I’m gonna
have to run out tomorrow now and do some shopping for them. – Oh, bummer, we wanted to help wrap them. – Well, you two could definitely
help me with that tomorrow. But listen, I think Dad has
dinner ready in the kitchen, so why don’t you go grab something to eat. – Oh good, I’m famished. – Perfect. (upbeat music) Girls? Jason? Perfect, everyone’s in bed. I’m gonna see the footage
I got of the Toy Master. (upbeat techno music) I think this little baby
should get me a promotion and the girls to be junior toy spies. (upbeat techno music) Okay, open file. (upbeat techno music) (Lucy gasps) – [Toy Master] Nice try, Agent Lucy. You may be spying on me,
but I am also spying on you. (Lucy gasps) – The Toy Master. (upbeat techno music)

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