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  1. Decision Framework to switch to marginally wider tires of similar treads:

    1) less rolling resistance BUT just on less than perfectly smooth roads?
    2) less rolling resistance even at lesser pressure?
    3) marginally heavier?
    4) less body fatigue for biker?
    5) less mechanical stress on bike itself?
    6) better grip and cornering?
    7) more ability to take on rougher roads though not gravel?
    8) more puncture resistance at even lesser pressures?

    How much wider than 25 mm can you go before rolling resistance starts increasing? 30mm? 35mm?

  2. I went from commuting on 25's to 28's and finally to 32's on my cross bike.The fat tires ride SO much better on the screwed Detroit streets I ride on vs the skinnies I'll never go back.

  3. Set arbitrary standards, force everyone to accept them, and break the standard and go back to what they were doing before while charging a premium for it. That's the bicycle industry of late.

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