The Ultimate Hoofpick Review
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The Ultimate Hoofpick Review

August 21, 2019

JESSICA: Hi, I’m Jessica from the Barn Team,
and today I’m reviewing the Ultimate Hoofpick. This product has the perfect name, because
it really is the ultimate hoofpick. I love it because of the quality, the durability,
this awesome handle, and the leverage you get with this pick is unlike any other one
you’ll use. If you were to hold this up against any old
plain hoof pick that you’re used to using, you’ll notice that it’s probably quite a bit
bigger. It’s a really solid piece of steel. It’s longer. It’s wider. The handle is more
substantial, and when you start picking out feet with this thing, you’re like, “How could
I ever use anything else?” This hoof pick is honestly perfect for anyone
who owns a horse. If you’re serious about your horse’s foot
care, you need this hoof pick. I’m Jessica, and The Ultimate Hoofpick is
the best quality hoof pick you can buy.

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  1. I have teo of these. it is an amazing product! I have one issue with it. there is no hoof brush!

  2. i was so unsure about buying this since it was 16$ but omg i am never giong back to another hoof pick. i do with it had a brush though!

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