The Unicorns: The Mythical Horses – Mythological Bestiary #09 – See U in History
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The Unicorns: The Mythical Horses – Mythological Bestiary #09 – See U in History

October 18, 2019

The Unicorn is one of the most famous mythological creatures that ever existed The animal is depicted by a being a horse with a single horn in the centre of its forehead and so it was named Unicorn which means only one horn these amazing horses are characterized as being docile beings, but extremely temperamental Domesticating them was virtually an impossible task. Even though they escaped any attempt of approachment done by men the unicorns could be receptive to virgin maidens with the pure heart These maidens could touch them and even ride them if the animal allowed For this reason during the Middle Ages the unicorn became a symbol of purity and chastity it’s mythological origin is unknown the unicorn does not appear in Greek mythology, but Greek authors recorded them in their beasty Aries the Creature is also mentioned in China India and in the Middle East But his popularity grew in the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance Mostly due to its connection to the image of the Virgin Mary Mother of Jesus Christ’s works of art from that era to pick our lady with the unicorn on her lap hence symbolizing the purity of the conception of Jesus During that period it was believed that the spire shaped horns of the unicorn had magical and curative properties Taking advantage of those superstitions deceitful fishermen sold the fangs of normals as unicorn horns Even the Queen of England is with the first have one of those fangs believing It was a unicorn horn But since we are talking about the kingdom of England the unicorn is part of the Royal coat of arms of queen elizabeth ii and in many other coats around the world nowadays in pop culture The unicorn ended up being a meal of Voldemort who drank its blood to preserve its life in the book series Harry Potter We also have the unforgettable uni from Dungeons & Dragons who seemed to have as her single role a tendency to always get in trouble precisely when the heroes were about to go home the Unicorns are also among the favorite creatures of girls age less than 12 So there is no shortage in the market for toys with the figure of this creature But even those older than 12 are enchanted with the spell of the unicorn.

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  1. I remember hearing that in Medieval times, it was believed that to capture a unicorn you needed a naked woman. Personally, I think it was just medieval guys trying to get women naked.

  2. I'd say the myth of the unicorn was inspired by the rhinocerous or by the whale with the amazing horn known as the narwhal that looks remarkably like the horn of the mythical unicorn even down to the twisting pattern on the horn.

  3. I love t our father in heaven i wish for you jesus makw my unicorn and i will ride them and i will take care of them

  4. Love the picture at 34 seconds in. That's a great movie and one of my favorite movies as well.

  5. Honest question, why aren't virgin males deemed 'pure' enough for a 'unicorns' acceptance? Why only maidens?

  6. If pop culture unicorn for Little Girls. What about Boys? Will Teenage Boys love pop culture dragons?

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