The Witcher 3: STUPID HORSE! A Neebs Gaming Original Cartoon
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The Witcher 3: STUPID HORSE! A Neebs Gaming Original Cartoon

August 21, 2019

* whistle! *>>Roach: Hey, all right. Let’s do this!
>>Geralt: Come here, Roach.>>Yeah. I’m here.
>>No, come to me.>>I am here with you.>>No, go around the fence.>>Oh, arou– okay. Around the fence, okay.
Give me a sec. [hoofsteps returning] Oh. No, I’m sorry. I– I can’t, it’s impossible.
>>It’s not a– it’s a fence.>>Yeah, I’m sor– I cannot go …
>>The end of the fence is right there. Right there. So walk to the end of it,
and then just go around it.>>It’s impossible for me to do this right now.
The fence is impossible. Can we find something else?>>Okay, alright. I’m gonna walk
down the road a little ways. I’m gonna whistle for you again, and then
I want you to come to me, okay?>>Ooh, I like this plan. This is good. [approaching footsteps] * whistle! *>>Roach: [O.S.] I’m still here.>>What?!
>>[O.S.] I’m still here, I can still see you. Okay, I g– I gotta go further. I gotta go further to whistle. Okay yeah, got it. [footsteps]
* whistle! * [trotting]>>Oh. The trees!
>>Oh god … !>>Trees! Do you see this, Gerry?
>>Yeah, I see the trees Roach. Go around the trees.>>Go around them? What?!
>>Yeah, I need you to come to me. I’m on the road.>>I feel like we’ve done this already.>>I feel like we do this ALL THE TIME!>>I feel like you’re getting angry at me.>>I– and I apologize. You’re right. I’m gonna calm down. I’m a Witcher.>>Okay.
>>I’m a Witcher. Witchers are calm inside.>>I have an idea. Let’s burn down the tree.>>I– I’m not gonna burn down the tree. I can’t.
>>Burn all the trees that are in our way.>>I can’t. I cannot burn down the tree.
>>You’ve got flames. I’ve seen them.>>I can’t set the woods on fire just so you can get–
This shouldn’t even be a conversation! Why is this a conversation?
>>I know what you want me to do. Go around the tree.>>So give me a second. Give me a sec.
>>Okay. I believe in you.>>Roach: [O.S.] This is impossible.
>>It’s not– it’s not impossible.>>This is worse than the fence!
>>How?>>This is so much worse than the fence!
>>How is that worse than the fence?>>Let’s try the fence. One more time.
>>I’m not going back to the damn fence, Roach!>>Try it again.
>>I’m not!>>Alright, since you’re so good at going around things, okay, maybe I should whistle, then you can come to me.>>One: that’s ridiculous. Two: can you whistle?>>Hold on …
* snorts * No, no I can’t. That’s the only hiccup in this plan.>>[O.S.] Horse problems, huh?
I know just how you feel, pal.>>Oh, yeah, is there something wrong with yours?>>Dovahkiin: Yeah, fifth one I bought this week.
Let me ask you: can your horse kill itself?>>Roach: *gasp* Can I?!
>>No, he can’t.>>Oh, good.
>>Consider yourself lucky. Half the time, mine glitches out and gets himself killed. * hehe * * nickers *
* whinnies * * whinny * * snorts * * whinny *
* whinny *
* whinny *
* whinny *
* whinny * * whinny *
* whinny *
* whinny *
* whinny *
* whinny *
* whinny *
* whinny *
* whinny *
* whinny *
* whinny * * aaand liftoff * * incoming whinny * * SPLANCH * Another 500 septims just pissed down the drain. ♪ [Master of the Feast – Kevin MacLeod] ♪

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  1. Jokes on the Dragonborn, he hasn't gone far enough down the Dark Brotherhood quest line and got Shadowmere.

  2. How the fuck did i miss this one, I've been watching you guys since the early bff vids.
    Glad I've watched you patreon vid. Good luck with that one and have a fucking amazing summer guys.

  3. You know the thing is that I just recently played through the Blood and Wine DLC and there's a quest in it where Roach talks and she sounds and acts kinda like this. Weird.

  4. i rode down the mountains of skellige with roach and he did it straight down galloping on two legs like a badass Metal music video. Roach for life!

  5. Lmao! Leave it to Neebs Gaming to pinpoint the MOST ANNOYING aspect of The Witcher 3. Using Simon as Roach was a stroke of genius.

  6. Lmfao is Simon the horse? That is PERFECT considering this is him with holes in every minecraft video. XD Love you, guys keep it up!

  7. I bought Witcher 3 yesterday, and Roach is the SINGLE most annoying thing in it- Red Dead nailed how to use a horse in-game, but Witcher, for all it's brillince, hasnt. Even to the point where I try to run everywhere rather than use him. And why do attacks while on Roach take so effing long?

  8. This makes me think you guys should do a full episode dedicated to the bugs of Skyrim. My favorite one is the flying horse bug. Saw it in a YouTube video of funny Skyrim bugs and glitches. The funniest part of watching videos about bugs and glitches in games isn't the bugs or glitches themselves, but the way the player responds to them.

  9. Its one of the greatest games of all time in my opinion but the horse is a pain in the ass!!! he's just so retarded XD

  10. 99 dislikes. Never have I been so tempted to hit the dislike button, the urge to make it a rounded 100! Yet, I cannot , shall not, will not …ever! Hit the dislike button on a Neebs gaming video, no matter how much the OCD need arrives.

  11. I really wished CDPR just borrowed Agro or D-Horse's code. Roach was very annoying throughout my platinum run.
    Hell, AC:Origins horses were way better than Roach!
    btw nice video man.

  12. ive just got told about this video now by my boyfriend saying its a bit exaggerated but this video gives the idea of how the horse in witcher 3 wont go around the fence, I found this video so funny I couldn't stop laughing, im glad I got told about this video and watched it lol. love you guys, appsro kisses and world peace.

  13. This should be a cartoon. If this was a cartoon then adults would also watch it. This would be 100 times better than teen titans go.

  14. HAHAHAHAHA i know its late… i just bought witcher 3 wild hunt 2 weeks ago…anddd damn this scene…especially the.."i believe we do this all the time!" part LOLOLOLOL! Good job guys hahah sorry for being late though.

  15. I seen this once a year ago having not played the game, thought it was funny though. Two weeks ago I bought Witcher 3 when it was on sale….. this is stupid accurate.

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