The World According to Tippi [English Subtitles]
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The World According to Tippi [English Subtitles]

March 5, 2020

I don’t know perfect princesses, just a little… I know a little bit about them. I’ve learned how to climb all the trees.
I’ve learned that… in Africa. So when I grow up and I’m not a baby anymore, I can do everything! And on top of that, I’m going to become Tarzan! ♪ ” Hoo hoo, magical and evil fishes.. ” ♪ ♪ ” Hoo hoo, magical and evil fishes.. ” ♪ ♪ ” Hoo hoo, magical and evil fishes.. ” ♪ This is my dad! Father: Hello Tippi ! Tippi: Hello mommy! This is my mommy! Mother: – Hello my love! ♪ I’m the king of the swing ♪ ♪ Oh, the jungle is at my feet ♪ ♪ Of power, I am at the highest ♪ ♪ And yet I must envy you ♪ Everyone wants me to tell them
about my life, all the time… And I’m tired of explaining it to them. They live in the anxiety of cities. Me, I live in nature. I love heat and I hate the cold. For this, you have to go to Africa, first! It’s far, very far.. in the clouds, at the other end of the world. That’s where I was born! Me, I couldn’t have been born in France! If I’d been born in France, I wouldn’t have lived with the animals. Since I was a little girl, I’ve been on holiday! I was on a holiday trip in Africa,
with mummy and daddy! Them, they never hurt animals! They take pictures, make films
and books about animals. Me, I know the animals well. But you have to be careful because
not all of them are nice. As a father, the exceptional
thing I see in Tippi.. is that sort of disproportionate energy that she has.. and that allows her, indeed,
to make contact. Like with this leopard Jenbee, etc. which I can’t have as I need to
build a cage to take pictures or to film her But she has this control which is a kind of mix of innocence and energy. For me, the most impressive animal is Jenbee. A dangerous leopard. There you go, he can gobble up a man entirely and he loves women and little white girls! Man: Tell me how you can be friends with the leopard. Tell me your secret. Man: Come on, I told you my secret, tell me yours! Tippi: – Well … I pet him and then we become friends then we play together, several times and become real friends! Man: But why does he let you pet him? I’m sure if I meet him, he’d want to eat me! Tippi: Because you need children. He doesn’t eat children. Children that can’t fight get eaten Me, I know how to fight! So… I know what to do. But I don’t want to fight! Man: – You just have to show
that you don’t want to fight? Tippi: You just need to not move No big gestures, no stick,
just not a knife or a rifle, nothing! You just sit down, and he’ll see you don’t want to hurt him, and that you’re not afraid of him. Jenbee! Come on! Here! Jenbee! Come on! Jenbee! Come on, Jenbee! He wanted to play with me, because I was chasing away the flies and helped him get some air, took care of him! He knows now that I’m not afraid of him! I should be careful because he’s a lot stronger than me. When she finds her context, she’s got to be in control of things and events etc. I think it’s her main strength. Tippi: – It’s vast! I’ve never seen that! Me, I know the nature, I know the paths and I know where I’m going. I never get lost. Never, never. It’s the power, it’s the Magic! I’ve got no friends here as I never see other children. My friends are animals. It scratches her. Where it’s soft, so she doesn’t hurt herself! I need to remove all the pebbles She’s going to hurt herself! She’s digging faster than me… We shouldn’t kill animals. If we kill them, they won’t ever be any again.. and it would be very sad. We won’t be able to take pictures of them again! They’re not afraid of pictures, but of rifles! They know they’re going to get killed, that way! But I don’t kill animals! I’m a child. I’ve got no weapons! Nothing! A child in the jungle. Those who are very scared and don’t know what to do… ..they kill animals. Tippi: There are 3 Giraffes that I tamed. One looked at me, then the other two! They are already my buddies! Lions, on the other hand, can’t look at me! Certainly not, they want to eat! Father: Yes, yes.. Man: What’s that power of yours? Tippi: It’s Power.. All the power than can tame animals and protect them so they don’t get
hurt by snakes or lions. It can protect everything! The magic spell is to think of the God of Animal’s Love so that they don’t die. To protect everything, the sun, the sea… every light that exists… God protects! Tippi: Where? Ah yes, I see them! I see them with the binoculars Mother: Look Tippi, Ostriches Tippi: – The male is chasing the Ostrich! To kiss her, to make love to her! Tippi: Oh yes , we can see them, 3 , 4 … Mother: Look at this herd Tippi! Tippi: Wonderful! All animals are wonderful! Tippi: Mom, I want to go and caress them!
Mother: They are beautiful! Mother: Cape weaver’s nests are here Tippi!
There are thousands of birds! Tippi: You know, birds can go very far to the end of the world! Tippi: I don’t see any herds Mom! Tippi: Hum, it smells like elephant. Mother: Does it smell like elephant? How does it smell? Tippi: Well… elephant’s poop! Tippi: There’s a lot. It’s a herd! Mother: Don’t move at all Tippi. Tippi: But I want to be comfortable! Father: Don’t move Tippi, just don’t move Tippi.. Tippi: It’s wild! Father: Do NOT move.. Father: There’s one coming… Maybe they’re going to say hello to each other Mother: It’s amazing! Look at them! Tippi: They want to kiss each other.. Tippi: Go Daddy! He wants to charge us! Very dangerous! Get out quick! Father: You know Tippi, now we’re going North At the very north-west end of Namibia It’s called Kaokoland. The Himba people, their wealth comes
from goats, cows and bulls. They’ve got no money! When we arrive at the Himba’s, I become like them! Because there’s not much water, they have to pump it from the well, so the goats, cows and bulls can drink! Because they’re thirsty ! When there’s no water, no grass, when there’s nothing to eat in the village, they walk very, very far before they reach a river, where there is food and water… and when they are done, they come back
to the village with all the food ! They milk the cows, drink the milk, eat the meat. Their clothes are made out of animals. They eat the meat, cut the skin away,
and make clothes with it. The Himbas arranged a party for me! They love children and are really nice with me! They covered me in magic powder
so that I become a real Himba! After that, everyone put some makeup on especially the women and the little girls! Men, on their side, sang and played music. The magic powder smells bad, and it’s all red! It smells like goats! It’s made out of stones, magic stones, found in a secret cave… We’re partying, they’re applauding me, inventing songs! and I’m dancing in front of everyone ! But only the women are dancing, not the men! It’s really nice! They really are magnificent people. Father: – Look Tippi, all the jackal’s tracks.. Tippi: – Jackals got themselves thorns everywhere ! Father: – Yes, look at these, they get into your feet. Father: – Look how sharp they are! Father: – Oryx sometimes get them stuck
under their hooves and they don’t like it at all! – It is just like you, the soles of your mocassins
aren’t thick enough … and when you walk on it … Tippi: – It hurts! Father: – Very, very much! So I’m going to carry you. Father: – We’re going to follow the jackals – They’re going to lead us… .. to the cheetah. Tippi: – Do they want? Father: – I don’t know, we are going to see. Tippi: – Hey look the jackal is coming! – They showed us the direction! Right? and now we can follow him… – You see, it’s the jackal that leads the way now! – Follow the path, will you?! Father: – Let’s see the jackals over there… – Let’s go! Father: – Look how beautiful he is.. Tippi: – Yeah, the one with a big belly, there’s a baby in there! – Rigth? Daddy? Father: – A female? Tippi: – The one with the big belly is a female and the male is this one! – You see? – That’s his wife. – There are also some male cheetahs. Father: – We’re going to try and get as close as possible – It’s not going to be easy, because they’ve already spotted us… – They’re already on alert, they saw us… but we’ll try anyway.. Tippi: – You see? The secret of cheetahs Father: – Is it there? Tippi: – Yes! Father: – You see, they gather here.. – They always have a tree, where they gather, from here they can see far .. and they leave marks all around! Tippi: – To mark their territory! – They climb up the tree
and leave scratches everywhere.. – Look! there’s a big one up there. Father: – And this one is beautiful. Tippi: – I’m going to show you something else…
Father: – There’s another one? Tippi: – I’m going to show you… – The Tree of the Heart, Sidereal center. Father: – Oh my… Tippi: – Daddy we’re getting there! Father: – Here we are Tippi,
at the heart of the Bushmanland. – We’re going to meet your friends again, the Bushmen! Tippi: – We’re going to settle our camp beside them! Father: – Close to a water point. This is my river! I’m going to fish, for example with a stick, thorns and bread! If there are fishes! In this water there’s got to be fishes. Father: We’ll put it here We’ve spent more time living in the Bush,
in very difficult situations, than the Africans usually do. With the exception of Bushmen! And she’s fascinated by them, because they possess an extraordinary science
of nature, elements, etc. And so, Tippi was introduced very young to the Bushmen,
that taught her – I think – certain things… It seems like she knows their language,
don’t know what she understands, and what she doesn’t. Maybe it’s just vibes. Or the way they act in general. But I think she’s really learned a lot from them… The sorcerer chose a place close to a Baobab Because he knows how to find the right place so that the bad spirit of evil isn’t around. We’ll help them build a house. To do so, we take branches from a tree, put them under the earth, and then we put grass over it all. Well, what do we want for Tippi ? Happiness ! So, we’d like her to follow that path,
because she would certainly be very happy of it. And she’s way more equipped than we are,
since the beginning. Bushmen don’t have matches to light a fire! They very strongly rub two sticks together,
and then, it makes fire. Bushmen are always laughing. They do theatre for children. They imitate animals, and act crazy to make the children and women laugh. Tippi: – They are a family, living in the Great Cycle of Life. Mother: – Oh, really? Tippi: – And I am part of this great Cycle of life too,
because I am a Bushman. Mother: – And how could you be a Bushman?
Tippi: – Because I have my clothings! – I am entirely like them! – But they’re not the same colour as me, – But me, but me… – But me… I’m still… white! – Because I can’t become black. You always have to offer something,
when you’ve got new friends. So I’ll offer the Bushmen an Ostrich egg ! I took only one egg, because the ostriches need the others, and there’s enough for the whole camp. It’s a great gift for the Bushmen because
they like ostriches eggs a lot ! With an ostrich egg, we can make a giant omelet! We can make necklaces, bracelets, anything we like! Mother: – So, once you’ve read the words in the column,
you invent a sentence, with all these words. – Go on! Tippi: – Ok, very quickly! Right?
Mother: – Do it very quickly then! – You know what to do, build sentences with the words! Tippi: – They’re coming! They’re coming! Mother: – Who?
Tippi: – The Bushmen, the children! – No, I don’t want to wait! Mother: – Tippi! Tippi: – They are coming! They are coming! – Should I go? Mother: – Do you want to?
Tippi: – Yes! Mother: – Go on then! Tippi: – Is it ok? In order to eat, we have to pick onions and roots. Because of heavy rain, there are no wild animals around. The hunters couldn’t bring anything to eat. But my pals are really strong! They know all about nature! Even the children help me to recognise the plants. They know more than 200. Tippi: – We dig.. we dig very deep – We already did that with my friend Tuï.
The Bushman hunter. – And then we cut it with a knife. They do have knives! – But no forks, they only have knives. Mother: – So there must be a lot of birds if they… Tippi: – There are millions of them!
Mother: – Really? Tippi: – There are millions, hundreds!
80 millions of birds! Mother: – If there are too many birds, that’s bad!
So it’s fine for the Bushmen to eat nestlings! – So there will be less adult birds that will eat the grass.. Tippi: – Otherwise there would be 50 millions of birds! – There will be too many! It would be a disaster!
Nothing to eat anymore! – And as the rain doesn’t fall much,
there will be nothing left to eat! – All the animals would die
and nothing left to eat for the Bushmen! Mother: – Exactly!
Tippi: – Nothing… Nothing… Tippi: – We take the baby birds to feed
my Bushmen friends. Tippi: – Well, that’s why we have to eat them,
you understand? – And then we pierce their ass, like that! – We take out their doo-doo. All of that, we don’t eat it. – But the nestlings, we keep them
and put them into the fire and when they’re all dry, they…. eat them! Mother: – And you? Did you eat some?
Tippi: – Yes! Mother: – Is it good?
Tippi: – Delicious, it’s meat. Life with the Bushmen is only happiness, Only games, bursts of laughter… They’ve got no orders, no hierarchy, no chief. It’s only tenderness, poetry and innoncence. With the children Bushmen, we play a lot! But what I prefer is playing in the water,
because I love it! They need nothing. So putting Tippi in contact with the Bushmen
is an extraordinary teaching. They possess the language of nature, They speak to the Wind , the Moon, the Sun,
the Sand, the Herbs, to the Animals.. You have to know that a Bushman
puts himself very low in nature’s hierarchy. For him the hyena is more important than him
or so is the jackal. And they have dialogues with every
living thing in this environment. So it’s obvious that nobody can teach Tippi,
so many things, with so much wisdom and magic! With the ostrich’s eggshell, we make all the jewels. With a big rock, we cut it into a circle, with a stick , we make a hole. We pick some strings,
so we can make bracelets and necklaces. The Bushmen taught me how to do all that. Today , with my friend Tuï,
I’m going to learn how to use my bow and arrows. Then, we’ll all go hunting together. Hunting is tiring because you have
to walk for a very long time… Even when we don’t catch anything to eat, we make fire, tell each other stories, and laugh! The Bushmen are magic, they speak with the Moon! Now is the full Moon party! And tonight every Bushman is going to dance. I like being with Bushmen, they scream,
they sing while dancing and the way they dance is funny. At first, they dance normally,
and then they become crazy. From the Bushmanland in Namibia,
we’re going to continue across the Kalahari desert in the direction of the Okavango Swamp,
the Okavango Delta, in Botswana. And there Tippi will meet her other friend,
her great friend: Abu the Elephant. Tippi: – It’s Okavango Daddy! Father: – It’s a river which, instead of leading to an ocean,
goes to a desert, so it’s got no destination. – And then it evaporates. – It takes months to get there.
4, 5, 6 months… sometimes less! -It’s rained a lot this year, so it fills faster.
That’s the reason why the water isn’t clear.. – But when it’s full, the water will stabilize,
and it will be crystal-clear. Tippi: – Like a diamond?
Father: – You’ll see 3 or 4 meters deep Father: – We’ll be able to see the crocodiles,
they’re everywhere around here! Tippi: – Everywhere? Everywhere? Father: – Yes, if you plunge into the water now…
Tippi: – Yes? Father: – Well, you know what could happen? Tippi: – They’d gobble me up?
Father: Yes! Father: – Though, Hippos,
if we see one, we give way to him. Tippi: Alright! Tippi: – And if we see crocodiles, what will they do?
Father: – Nothing, we just watch them Tippi: – Are crocodiles edible? Isn’t it good to eat?
Father: Yes! Tippi: – Can we eat one?
Father: – Yes, of course, but we’d have to catch it first… Tippi: – Daddy, a crocodile ! Father: – Here’s the most dangerous place.. – And when you get closer to the bank,
it jumps out of the water to catch the goat, the antelope, or you! Tippi: – And then how am I after that, as a skeleton? Father: – A skeleton at the bottom of the river,
that’s for sure! Tippi: – Hippopotamuses are funny. – They fear nothing. – He’s like the president, he’s the boss of nature. – He is the one who commands!
He is the boss of the nature: it’s the Hippo! Father: – Look Tippi, up there, a Fish Eagle,
let’s use the fish! Tippi: – He’s got it! He’s got it so fast! Tippi: – Is Abu around here? – I want to see him so much! – I can’t wait, I’m going Mommy! Tippi: – Abu! Hello! Abu is my own brother, my elephant brother. – Come Abu, come! – I’m having fun with him, this… extraordinary animal! Mother: – He’s so big, how can you play? Tippi: – He won’t step on me,
he’s being careful, he sees me! Mother: – But where do you sit? Tippi: – There, on his neck ! Mother: – And where do you put your feet,
he’s got big ears! Tippi: – I put my feet in his ears ! – So I can’t fall! – Everybody does that ! Mother: – Does he always stands still
when you try to climb? Tippi: Yes! I started with a rope, and then without ! Tippi: – I wasn’t even holding on to anything! – I didn’t fall, even with my arms in the air,
even if was running! Mother: – So he was walking with you on top of him? Tippi: – Yes! But I had to cling on to him when
he was sitting or standing. – I was clinging on to his ears. – And I was seeing everything from up there! Mother: -You were seeing all the animals?
Tippi: – I was seeing very far, I could see every bird…. – It was nice. Tippi: – It’s nice and comfy ! Mother: – You get a lot of air!
Tippi: – Yes! But… but he’s really hairy! Mother: Oh, really? Mother: – You can’t tell an elephant is so
hairy when you see him. Tippi: – Yes, he’s got short hair! Mother: – How does it feel ?
Tippi: – But it scratches. Mother: – It does?
Tippi: – But it doesn’t scratch me, because I’m used to it. Tippi: – It’s feels soft to me.
Mother: – Maybe his neck is the softest part of his body. Tippi: – Yes, but no the rest, it scratches, it hurts! Tippi: – But I’ve got a friend who climbed on the elephant’s ass! Mother: – Really? Tippi: – Well, that was more dangerous,
I felt like he was going to fall anytime. Tippi: – We played, splashing water around with his trunk!
Mother: – Really? Tippi: – With his foot and trunk, he can splash water.
Or he can pump it and throw it back at me ! Tippi: – And I splash water at him too! Mother: – And does he like water? Or it bothers him?
Tippi: – He loves it ! It’s a game! I was very nice during the shooting of the film. I was a bit fed up with it, it’s true, but I had to obey, otherwise the film would have been lousy… I did it so that everyone can see me on tape,
that way, I won’t have to explain anything to them ! ♪ I’m Tippi,
Tippi from heaven ♪ ♪ I’m Tippi,
the little girl from Africa ♪ ♪ And I live in Namibia,
Playing with my friends ♪ ♪ Who are all animals,
because there aren’t many children there.. ♪

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  1. Wow. She has a gift. I don’t know people with a Gift like this—animals don’t attack her and behave. I know of people good with dogs or birds, but not leopards, snakes, etc.

  2. 子のこは、神様に唯一神に選ばれた人なんでしょうね。にわかな人は沢山いますけど、これは本物でsね・・。凄いわ・・・・・・。

  3. I'm like her in a sense I never get lost in the woods never it's so simple for me to walk 3 miles in a unknown direction and if I want to I can take the same path out

  4. Hello, my name is is Dmitriy, I am producer at MIA Rossiya Segodnya, Russian News Agency. We are currently making a small editorial documentary about Tippi Degre and want to ask for a permission to use some of your footage from this video. Please let me know if you are ok with this. We will give proper credit and state any extras if required


  6. Que Dieu vous bénisse, petite fille, même si vous êtes adulte aujourd'hui, vous avez donné le pouvoir et la sagesse de Dieu d'apprivoiser des animaux aussi sauvages et d'avoir une telle philosophie. En la regardant bouger et l'entendre parler, nous apprenons beaucoup d'elle, ce petit et charmant ange.

  7. People saying she understands animals body language etc lol no she doesn't.. I agree this is beautiful and amazing.. the reason they all accept her is because she's an innocent child lol if she was an adult she would have to know how to interact with them..

  8. 言葉で表せないことがティッピの人生に詰まってる。もし会えるのなら死ぬ前に会って彼女の魂を感じたい。

  9. Me gusto bastante. demuestra que. La niña tiene algo especial un don regalado por la naturaleza obtenido por su inocencia y amor y todo esto tambien fue posible gracias a sus padres.gracias

  10. Pour rentrer en contact il est en haute vibration d’amour et elle regarde avec amour aucun geste brusque et surtout control de son énergie qu’il dégage positive pas de peur par de stress qui pourrais agresser l’aura de l’animal qui est très élever aussi
    Si elle peu approcher ces animaux c’est Pasque elle leur envois des vibrations hautes d’amour et de bienveillance ce qui les apaise au contraire d’une personne négative qui ce rapprocherai de ces animaux et dont leur vibration basse négative agresserai Laura de l’animal qui répondrai de fasson violente visible à une agression invisible


  12. And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. – Matt 18:3

    Now let us take Christ's yoke upon us, and learn of him. He says his yoke is easy, and I believe it. He says the burden is light, and I believe that, too. When you are wearing Christ's yoke, all your complaining and dissension will cease. When Christ's disciples fell into controversy by the way, he asked them, “What was it that ye disputed among yourselves by the way? But they held their peace: for by the way they had disputed among themselves, who should be the greatest…. And he took a child, and set him in the midst of them: and when he had taken him in his arms, he said unto them, Whosoever shall receive one of such children in my name, receiveth me: and whosoever shall receive me, receiveth not me, but him that sent me.” Now let us be like children before God. Let us be teachable, willing to learn, and then the Spirit of God will cement our hearts together, and we shall be one in Christ Jesus. Then the Father will love us, even as he loves his Son. Let this thought fill the soul with thankfulness, and go on your way to Zion, making melody in your hearts to God. You are called out of darkness to show forth his marvelous light. Go forward, rejoicing in the righteousness of Christ.

  13. 7:40 She’s moving rocks so the snake doesn’t hurt itself? I’m sorry but I would probably be scared and run

  14. Wow.I wonder if this all seems like a dream to her now? What a magical experience. Her family is pretty outstanding to allow her to experience life without any preconceived notions. Seems like the only way we are supposed to exist.

  15. You can tell she has felt the freedom we all long for being in the city, that moment when she closed her eyes and felt the breeze I literally felt that

  16. I knew the Ultimate Tamer existed, why didn't I hear about this sooner? More people should know about this girl's talent!

  17. Took my 10 year sister outside in the city after watching this film, I said "look at the animals and nature…" She looked up …

    … and a pigeon shat on her

  18. Great upload, thank you. Children today with their PS4S or XBOX 360 or whatever the latest consoles are, have no idea of the happiness and enjoyment that can be found in the simplicity of the natural world.

  19. I don’t understand the sensation … is it because she’s white ? Millions of brown people and tribes children have lived amongst the animals and the wild creatures ..

  20. Just came here from barcroft tv, and I'm amazed. I would like to see the science on how this girl is able to communicate with these animals.

  21. So this little girl is a grown woman now.
    She has become a film/documentary maker and a firm nature protector and working on a film right now called 'A journey in the bush'.
    You can find her on facebook as Tippi Degre.
    There are several projects she is working on, on which you can donate in order to help her along.

  22. What a stupid story. She was not raised by wild animals, her parents took her and posed her with tamed animals and as far as snakes go, you do not see her picking up a pit viper, most snakes are harmless. I used to pick up King Snakes as they only went down gopher holes to eat gophers. You read the story about . her you know it is all set up and she calls herself African? yea right. Mogli in real life…too faked to even read her story.

  23. I've watched this film several times alreadyand every episode of it is heartwrenching and beautiful, but the fish eagle really, really takes the biscuit….

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