The World’s CUTEST Horse, Acro Dance Performance, and More | The Rybka Twins
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The World’s CUTEST Horse, Acro Dance Performance, and More | The Rybka Twins

August 14, 2019

– [Both] Hey guys! – I’m Teagan.
– I’m Sam. – And we are, – [Both] The Rybka Twins. Welcome back to Squared! (bright playful music) – In today’s video,
we’re actually vlogging our entire weekend because
we have a really jam-packed, exciting, adventurous weekend. (upbeat techno music) Last night, we saw Legally
Blonde: The Musical and today, we went to the races. – And then tonight, which
is why we’re dressed now, we are going to Aladdin. – Yay! – Tomorrow, we have a public dance exam. So this vlog is basically the weekend. – Before we get on with the
vlog, be sure to subscribe. – If you haven’t already. – And give it a big thumbs up! – [Both] If you like it! (“Reveille”) (bright playful music) – Going to the races
because our brother actually has a share in a horse, so
we’re gonna see it race today, which is really exciting. And hopefully we actually get
to go up close and personal with Double Bubble, the horse. That’s his name, by the way. – It’s a she. – For Christmas, can I have a horse? – [Woman] No. – P.O Box? (laughing)
(horse neighing) – If you would like to send us a horse. (bright playful music) So guys, at the moment, we’re
just about to actually go and meet Double Bubble,
which I’m very excited about. – Oh, this horse is right there! – I hope we get to touch it! Sam and I have been obsessed with horses ever since we started
watching The Saddle Club. If you guys know what that is, you’ll know exactly what
we’re talking about. – Alright, I want one as a pet. – Like I legit asked mom for a horse every year for Christmas
but I never got one. – This is only a tiny
horse but she’s quick. – [Sam] Double Bubble. – Oh my god, look at her eyelashes. That is goals right there.
– Eyelash goals. (orchestral music) (announcer speaking through intercom) (loud cheering) (upbeat music) (“Friend Like Me”) So excited because everyone has said how good Aladdin has been. – Everyone’s like, “It’s amazing.” Some people are going more than once. We actually got these tickets
as a Christmas present, so we waited since Christmas– – For this
– To go. Yay! (“Friend Like Me”) (playful mysterious music) – Where’s my genie? (“A Whole New World”) ♪ I can show you the world ♪ – So guys, we’ve just
finished watching Aladdin and oh my gosh, it was amazing! For those of you who have already seen it, you’ll know exactly what
we’re talking about right now. – Yeah, maybe it’s the amazing costumes, or the glitter and glam.
– The costumes! Oh my god! – Everything put together. Whoever directed that show, kudos! – Yeah kudos, seriously. The Genie seriously, I know
I keep saying seriously but seriously it was so good!
– It was good. – It was amazing. It’s such a feel-good musical. I just love that everybody
on stage actually looked like they were having the time of their life. (playful music) – [Sam] So right now, I am
packing my suitcase for tomorrow. (upbeat music) – So you guys, it’s the very next day and today, we have our public exam. Our bag is packed. – We’ve had breakfast
and we are ready to go. – Sam and I have to do three solos. So we’re both doing the exact same genres. We’re both doing a jazz
solo, an acro solo, and a ballet solo.
– Yeah. – And we’ve been
practicing every single day for the past week and a half for this. So the day has finally come!
– Let’s hope it pays off! (upbeat music) (“Turns All The Lights On” by T-Pain) (upbeat music) – Yay! I’m all done. Sam’s got one more solo to go. Good luck, Sam! – So guys, that’s the end of the video. We really hope you enjoyed coming along with us this weekend. – This whole weekend, because
seriously, it was jam-packed. – I know, we were just
like here, here, here. And we didn’t even
include after the races, we actually went to dancing. – It was just so busy
and full of stuff to do. – Yeah, and all this week–
(both laugh) – So guys, to see yesterday’s
video on Squared, click here. – See more from us on
Squared, click here and subs– Wow! And to subscribe to Squared, click here. – I already got Oreo on my teeth. And if you’d like to see more from us, we do post in our personal
channel every single Thursday. The link to our channel will
be in the description box – [Both] Below! – We’ll see you guys next time on Squared! – [Both] See ya!

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  1. I love you both so soooooo much. I smile every time l watch you .you inspire me to keep doing what I love. Thank you both. ❤❤

  2. i have seven horses and i love them , but i do have to say that horse "double bulbe is way to young t be recing its bone arent full grown

  3. I love you guys so much your weekend was so busy and double bubble was adorable I love it girls 🤪🤪😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕

  4. Omg you girls are amazing. You are beautiful and always in a perfect form. I can also do acro but not as good as you. You are incredible. I love you

  5. I saw Aladdin when it was in Brisbane, and it was A-MAZ-ING!!! Near the end of it tho, there was a malfunction with the magic carpet, and they couldn't finish the performance😞. It was one of the best theatre productions I have seen!!!!

  6. I am a full time rider, I own a horse named starlight, and yes I go that name from the tv show saddle club.U guys did really well. U guys are so talented.

  7. I have 2 horse names lily and shadow, I have been riding for 11 years! You guys should do another acro on a horse challenge video, and could you give a shout out to me please… that would be the world to me!😊

  8. I actually own three horses, A white one named Blizzard (he), a light brown one named Coral (She), and a Little foal named Thunder (he). I used I used to own another dark brown horse named Thomas but he sadly died and Coral and Thunder are his family. And your brother’s horse looked just like Thomas and it was nice to see Thomas again even if it isn’t him. I literally cried. This video is now my most favorite. I’m glad you made this video. Thank you for making this video and reminded me of the happy times I’ve had with Thomas! Thank you so so much, you guys are awesome and you put a smile on my face! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

  9. You guys should really try equestrain vaulting. It's like acro on a horseback, while the horse runs around in a circle 🐎💕🤸

  10. You Girls Are BeAuTiFuL And It's Amazing Video U Guys Ever Made!! 💕💕💕💕💕💯💯💯💯💯😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘

  11. i do horse riding lessons every year and i have been doing it for a year and a half also i can jump 45cm high

  12. Not trying to hate but if you actually knew anything about horses you would know that the horse racing is really abusive and cruel to horses. Thousands of horses die each year bc of the poor treamtmant they give the horses. They don't care about the horses. They just see money signs running down the track. Please don't support that cruel industry. It's terrible! JUST STOP OK!!!!!! My God. Everyone hates the industry. But just stop ok…ok

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