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  1. “Oh my god this is the whole game” -Mark the moment he knew that the game crawled out of the depths of the abyss

  2. Whaaat, I fell asleep, and I dreamed I was building a skyscraper for 3y and when I woke up the mark video was ended, what a nightmare…

  3. goddamn! Time is really doing you well! You look better now than you ever have! I'm not gay but you're look'n handsome bro

  4. Worst game?
    Four words: Ride to Hell: Retribution. So bad, that it was removed from steam to avoid further panning and cancelled three more games with that was planed with ride to hell.

  5. * Easy/fast tutorial at the beginning
    * Less realism (example: make the phases faster/easier)
    * Less technical options
    * More criative options (like planning how the building will look)
    * Some silly minigames/sidequests (so the player doesn't keep waiting like that)

    Fun for buyers and it might be easier for the developers.

  6. So, I just watched… this… and I'm traumatized, to say the least.
    I feel sorry for Mark.

    Why did you recommend this to me, YouTube… why…?

  7. Its like they played sim city, saw the build animation and thought "hmm.. thats satisfying
    Lets make an entire game JUST about that"

  8. Mark if you were looking for a game that everyone was excited for but was terrible is sonic 06 it is soo bad

  9. In the beginning don't play/watch if you have something to do

    Me on my living room cough at 1 am still having to finish cleaning yeah ri- 😴

  10. I was a bout to fall asleep but then he vigorously said strong Christopher. Thats my name so thinking my dad was calling me i freaked out

  11. Markiplier: goes deep
    My volume: wtf is he saying???

    (Another one, why not)
    Mark: So here is Skyscraper simulator, enjoy.
    YouTube: Lego set advert plays

  12. This quite literally one of the most entertaining videos on marks channel is this Is the most I've ever seen him try to comprehend what the fuck he was looking at cause of how much down syndrome the devs of this game had.

  13. The issue with this game is that it’s too real. My dad is a contractor and on many occasions i work as one of his constructors. Now I haven’t actually worked on a real sky scraper however I have worked on smaller things such as doctors offices, school wings, etc. That’s why this game didn’t work. Its beyond boring and slow.

  14. I can't be the only on who watches this video when their insomnia kicks in and they can't sleep, like when mark starts playing the game, I'm out Within 2 minutes

  15. I'm not even 10 mins into the video and I can say: If you're looking for an as-realistic-as-possible experience this is a great game!

  16. THIS GAME is about mental illnesses: it's about waiting through nothingness and loneliness and when you build your life up from the bottom up like the sky scrapers just you take meaning less risks that you have to be afraid of because you become 'bankrupt' which represents you dying
    And no matter how high and big you build your skyscraper it will come to a end.

  17. The workers names remind me of call of duty bot names combined with a default name on a flash game combined with a default name on a mmorpg mobile game

  18. I say that watching this whole video was worth it. It was a lot more fun watching Mark's confused reactions than watching the gameplay itself.

  19. There’s a game called something like Conan the pig. Please play it. It is tagged with psychological horror.

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